"Summoners War" Giant B10: Unorthodox Monsters

Updated on September 5, 2019
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Monsters to Use for Giants b10

First things first, If you need help beating Giants B10, I'm going to recommend the cookie-cutter Giants team. This is the team that almost everyone will tell you is tailor-made for beginners. It will give a slow safe clear for farming. After that, we'll have some fun.

  • Veromos (Fusion)
  • Bernard (Tutorial)
  • Shannon (Tutorial)
  • Belladeon (Light Secret Dungeon)
  • Darion (Light Secret Dungeon)

Ok now that that's out of the way lets discuss some fun off-meta picks that can speed up clear time on Giants or open up new fun teams for farming.

Orochi: Wind Ninja

Orochi brings a few neat things to the table. Firstly it's his Leader Skill of +30% to wind allies. Since most players will have a Bernard laying around to pair with him this makes for a speedy team. Ramahan (Wind Inugami) is another natural pairing that can be easily skilled up.

Outside of his leader ability, he also has a kit that seems perfect for the Water Giant. His first skill is a dot, his second skill reduces the attack bar of an enemy by 50% and his third skill is just wild.

Orochi throws 6 ninja stars. Each one can apply a dot if it lands as a critical hit. With a decent crit rate or a crit rate leader skill, you can expect to be landing 4–6 dots on this skill. This means you can build a relatively safe team and watch giant slowly wither away. As a fun bonus, his 6 hits will almost always cause the Giant to Counter (Giant counters every 7th attack). This can be a good way to draw out that attack so another squishier ally won't take the hit.

Orochi is a fun pick that opens up a few Wind-based teams due to his leader skill but also can fit into any team trying to bring in some more damage over time.

You can build Orochi just about any way, as long as he's fast and has some crit rate. Some players have found success building him as a tank. As a starting point I would recommend Swift/Blade.

Natural Pairings: Ramahan, Lushen, Belladeon, Bernard, Raviti

Su: Water Rakshasa

Su has only recently become viable after a mid-2019 update. Before that, she was heavily overshadowed by her sister Hwa. A unit that despite type disadvantage still does well in giants.

Her kit offers a few notable things that can be good in giants. Her first skill decreases enemies speed and scales off of her speed, her second skill can reduce enemies attack bar and land damage over time effects on critical hits, and her third skill hits hard and stuns. What makes the third skill really good is that it will do bonus damage on units who are immune to stuns. Meaning on Giant 10 she can do a lot of damage, especially for a unit who builds speed. This also works for pretty much every boss in the game. Oh, and it heals her for half the damage. So being just a little fatter then your average damage unit will keep her alive for some time.

For newer players, I would suggest building her if you get the chance. She can really help you get over the hump of Giant floor 9 because of her typing.

For runes, I would suggest Swift/Blade, but Fatal or Revenge could work as well. Make her fast and make her hit hard.

Natural Pairings: Lushen, Stella Hreasvelg or another brand/defense break unit

Decamaron: Dark Salamander

It's amazing more people don't use Decamaron considering he's given to players through the tutorial. I think a lot of people write him off because his abilities are fairly basic. Honestly, though, I love this guy. He's one of my favorite underrated monsters in Summoners wars.

Attack break and dots are pretty much a requirement for players starting Giants or those who just don't have good enough runes, Decamaron has both. It has a 50% chance to attack break on first skill and a beautiful 3 turn dot on his second skill. His passive also allows him to do bonus damage based on the enemies Max HP. This means on Giants B10 Decamaron will do about 3–5k damage on each attack. Keep in mind this is while building absolutely no damage at all.

The Salamander family is mostly 2–star units so you will have no challenge maxing out his skill. I wouldn't recommend taking him past 5–star, though. He serves his purpose just fine at level 35. He just needs to be tanky enough to take a hit or two after that you want as much speed as possible. I would suggest building him Swift/Guard but Violent, Shield or Energy all work well here. He's really a case of stats over sets.

Natural Pairings: Erigar, Bernard, Veromos

Priz: Light Elemental

Priz is pretty much here as an alternate to Darion. I would not recommend using it unless you don't have Darion or you have another tanky attack breaker on your team. As one last condition, Priz works best with a critical hit rate leader.

Last things first, Priz has a twisted version of Darion's passive. Priz's passive reduces damage to allies from Wind, Water and Fire attacks by 25%. This is actually more then Darion's 20% but Darion reduces all damage. Darion brings a lot more to the table but in the case of this one thing, Priz wins.

The rest of what Priz has to offer is pretty basic. His first skill will do damage over time if he lands a critical hit and his second will do damage based on enemy Max HP. With some modest testing, I've found you can do about 10-20k hits depending on buffs, runes, etc

Like Decamaron, Priz is very easy to skill up and he really does need those skill ups to work. I've run mine on all sorts of builds but generally, you need him to be girthy and land critical hits. His passive only works if he's alive so I'd suggest an Energy/Blade set up for most players.

Natural Pairings: Chilling, Aquila, Talc


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