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"WSOP" Rise to Glory Album Guide

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!

Rise to Glory is a feature Playtika added to WSOP to give you extra things to collect.

I will explain what Rise to Glory is and why you should care about it.


What Is WSOP Rise to Glory?

Rise to Glory tells the story of a player named Ace. He starts as a beginner poker player and wins the WSOP.

The game tells you the story in tiny pieces at a time. You get more of it as you collect the cards in the collections.


How Do You Unlock Parts of The Story?

You have to unlock collection cards.

You collect nine normal cards and one legend card. The legend cards are harder to find.

The cards give you a tiny blurb of text that tells a small bit of the story. The legend cards are comic book video stories.

You can get duplicates, and this slows things down.


Is the WSOP Rise to Glory Album Story Any Good?

From what I have seen far, the rise to glory story is pretty much what I would expect. Here is this nobody guy who goes on to win everything. Yay!

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This kind of story might have been interesting in the early 2000s. This time was when poker was starting to boom.

But now? I can’t say I am quite excited about it.

The story might be interesting when viewed as a whole. But you collect parts of the story out of order. So it is hard to get an idea of what the whole thing is like.

So far, I am not very interested in the story. I just want the free chips.

I feel there are enough real-life stories to read about,

Chris Moneymaker is a good example.

He entered into the WSOP Main Event after winning a qualifying satellite tournament and went on to win the whole thing. A satellite tournament is a tournament that qualifies you for a more expensive event.

Is There a Reason to Care if I Don’t Want to Read the Story?

So you might wonder as I did. What if I don’t care about the goofy poker story. What do I get out of this?

You can get extra chips by collecting the cards. So that is a good reason to get them even if you don't want to know the story.

If you collect every card, the game gives you 4.2 billion chips. That is more chips than I have, and it would be a huge boost to my bankroll.

You also get tiny amounts of chips for finishing collections.


What Duplicate Cards Are For

As you collect cards, eventually, you will start to get the same cards again. At first, it would seem as getting duplicate cards is pointless. But worry not!

If you save up enough stars from collecting duplicates, you can exchange them for chips and new cards.

I am not sure if these new cards can also be duplicates, though.

I recommend saving stars for the 360 option. While doing this will take longer, it has the best value.


How Do You Get Cards?

If you want to get the most cards, then play the game more often.

  • Complete Quests
  • Improve your club rank
  • Play cash games.
  • Play daily blitz every day.
  • Play during certain events.
  • Play tournaments.

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