"War of Crypta" Lore and Character Guide

Updated on June 29, 2019
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Multiplayer Battle in War of Crypta
Multiplayer Battle in War of Crypta | Source

"War of Crypta": Character List and Lore

War of Crypta is a player-vs-player (PvP) web-based and mobile multiplayer game that features unique, evolvable and tradeable heroes. Characters can be unlocked in the game or purchased from the marketplace. Depending on when the hero was created or bought they will have different skins or backing. All of the current heroes from War of Crypta are shown below. Their presale Enjin backing, lore, and skins are included as well.

(WoC) Iratus - Leader of the Centrized
(WoC) Iratus - Leader of the Centrized


Enjin Backing Value: 6000 ($215)
Rarity: Legendary

Born into royalty among the Centralized, Iratus is as evil as he looks. And even though he inherited the throne from his father, his leadership makes his whole bloodline look like kittens in comparison.

A rumor that's whispered among other Centralized is that Iratus killed his father to take power, but however the thrown was relinquished, it came in the wake of an argument over intergalactic domination. Even as a young child, Iratus had always been fascinated by how much power Crypto held. And knowing that there's a stockpile of it on thousands of planets across the Galaxy, he pushed for the Centralized to go after it year after year . . . to avail.

Being ignored is frustrating to anyone. But to someone as evil, motivated, and powerful as Iratus, frustration can be downright world-ending. He used it to gain a reputation for unrelenting brutality and unforgivable apathy for anyone he went up against, even his closest cohorts. The more disinterested someone was in fighting, the more Iratus wanted to fight them. The better at fighting, the more Iratus wanted them dead.

And the moment he took power, his long-imagined intergalactic conquest began, leading the Centralized in the extraction of the highly-coveted Crypto from hundreds of planets.

Next stop? The planet with more Crypto than any other – Crypta.

(WoC) Dark Dragon Daagon
(WoC) Dark Dragon Daagon


Enjin Backing Value:10,000 ($360)
Rarity: Legendary

Formed from a ball of highly-concentrated Crypto crafted by Iratus himself, Daagon burst from egg as ferocious as his master. Horrifyingly devious from day one, this flying demon is the gnashing of teeth and the burning eyes of Hell you never wanted to dream about.

From appearing out of the corner of a dark ceiling to grabbing at ankles from under beds, Daagon was a natural at terrifying. Any other dragon born among the Centralized became their master's pet first and Daagon's plaything second.
But once Daagon made his first significant evolution, Iratus decided to begin experimenting with their partnership, sitting on the back of Daagon as they scorched planets down to a smoldering ball. No Centralized was able to defeat them, then no one was able to walk out of the ring alive.

Then Daagon became the adult dragon he is today. Now, no one dares to challenge them, forcing them to take on armies that number in the millions on their own in order to stay sharp.

Now, Daagon and Iratus are headed straight for Crypta, the home of the only comparable tag team in the known universe.

(WoC) Corvo - Mysterious Survivor
(WoC) Corvo - Mysterious Survivor


Enjin Backing Value: 300 ($11)
Rarity: Epic

Corvo did everything within his power to defeat Iratus and the invading Centralized when they came to his planet. He put up a great fight as well. Then he was betrayed by a fellow citizen, Spectra, allowing for Iratus to take what was left of the crypto and head to the next planet. All that was left of Corvo's home, of everyone he knew and loved, was just enough crypto to power a ship to take after the Centralized forces.

Planet after planet, Corvo was just moments too late to help, and each world destroyed by the Centralized reminded him of his own.
While traveling, he trained and meditated. He thought about those he lost, and vowed justice against those who took their lives. But most of all, Corvo had his sights set on Spectra, whose last breath will be taken. So help him while he stares at a photo of the home planet they once shared.

Then the Centralized and Spectra reached Crypta, which slowed them to a stop when they realized they're about to face the most resilient and powerful planet they've come upon; giving Corvo enough time to catch up.

Upon arrival, Corvo immediately joined Crypta's forces and quickly proved himself an unbelievable fighter, giving him the opportunity of a lifetime: destroy Iratus and the Centralized, enact revenge on Spectra, and make up for not being able to save his first home by saving his new one.

(WoC) Spectra - Cruel Beauty
(WoC) Spectra - Cruel Beauty


Enjin Backing Value: 220 ($9)
Rarity: Epic

It's one thing to look at the Centralized and see pure evil, but they were born into it. Their society breeds warriors who don't stop fighting until they're dead. They're crypto pirates who destroy whole planets with total apathy. These are disloyal comrades who stab each other in the back just to sit in the front seat.

But Spectra's evil is something truly special. Many say hatred was growing in her heart while she was still in her incubation pod. How else would you explain her viciousness the moment she was born? But Spectra quickly calmed down, learning that when you're cunning, you end up getting more out of others. She developed charm and humor, and got her far on her own from a young age, even going so far as to con her way into the dojos of her planet's most respected fighters.

When Spectra reached adulthood, she learned the power of flirtation, leaving the weak in her wake and facing the strong head on. Think those nails are glamorous? So have many. But just wait until she strikes. In combination with other-worldly martial arts, those razor-sharp talons have destroyed enemies and traumatized witnesses.

Then the Centralized came. They took her planets crypto, destroyed her home, tormented everyone she's ever come across. Her reaction? To thank them. They were impressed. They asked her to join.

Crypta, meet one of the universe's most horrific monsters: the beautiful Spectra.

(WoC) Goard - Walking Mountain
(WoC) Goard - Walking Mountain


Enjin Backing Value: 220 ($8)
Rarity: Epic

What would it be like to be punched in the face by a mountain? Step into the ring with Goard, and he’ll make sure you’re the first to know.

When the Centrized first arrived and realized taking this planet would be a real challenge, they began adding some soldiers to their ranks, starting with those who were already evil on Crypta, and then making a few of their own.

Goard is a case of the latter, a creature crafted by Iratus from the side of a Deskarus cliff and held together by some of the densest crypto in the known universe. This crypto’s energy is so immense, it not only holds his unimaginably heavy arms with ease, but it can swing them around with blinding speed.

I know what you’re thinking: just knock him over! But simply trying to push Goard off his feet has claimed more than a few lives. Goard may well be the Centrized's perfect warrior—he has no past, no prejudice, no lust for power. He is instead an amoral hunk of earth and crypto that wants nothing more than to make Iratus, his creator, proud.

So if you see him coming, you should probably hide. Running just makes him angry.

(WoC) Panshao - Bamboo Warrior
(WoC) Panshao - Bamboo Warrior


Enjin Backing Value: 210 ($8)
Rarity: Epic

When he’s not chewing pensively on the end of a stick of bamboo (that can always double as a weapon if it needs to), Panshao is training, warming up, or winning battles. His life revolves around his art of combat and weaponry, a method of blocking out his troubled past.

A wild cub, Panshao was abandoned by his parents for being too much to handle, but they left him with a small piece of Crypto to “help keep him safe.”
Reeling from the ultimate betrayal, a young Panshao took to the streets and became somewhat of a legend among the local youth, who feared him for his unnaturally superior power. You could argue that Panshao needed to abuse the power of the Crypto to survive, but it was a troubling corruption that caught the attention of a meditating Holo.

With the promise of becoming more powerful (and no longer having to fight to eat), Holo was able to convince Panshao to leave his life behind and study at his dojo. But even Holo’s way with words didn’t do much to quell Panshao’s frequent fights with other students outside of the ring.

Luckily, Holo has a way with actions too — by taking Panshao aside and helping him harness Crypto power beyond his ability to control it, a powerful blast of energy sent the young cub flying hard against a wall.

Panshao stormed out, feeling betrayed by a parental figure for the second time. But as he packed his bags to leave, he realized that Holo taught him a crucial lesson: he’s pretending to be in control by trying to control everything around him. What he really needs to do is control himself and from that day forward he focused on doing exactly that!

Panshao is now a master of every form of fighting performed on Crypta. He respects the Crypto power to the point where he centers his combat around using it just enough for what each individual move calls for. And there are few warriors who you’d rather have on your side, if for no other reason than he’d be a very powerful enemy.

(WoC) Equus - Caspad's Warrior
(WoC) Equus - Caspad's Warrior


Enjin Backing Value: 90 ($3)
Rarity: Rare

What would Caspad be without Equus's presence? What would Crypta be without such a tremendous reminder of the power and strength that comes from good, sincerity, love, and loyalty? For every ounce of evil the Centralized carry with them, Equus has the good to counterbalance. And if she's not proof that the power of crypto favors benevolence over cruelty, nothing is.

Equus is beyond famous in Caspad, loved for her talent in battle and her inability to ignore injustice. She sticks up for anyone, big or small, who could use a little support. If something isn't right, she'll be the first to point it out. And if you challenge the goodness of Crypta that she believes is a fragile thing that should be actively protected, she will take you to the ring. And win.

This is a fighter who can manipulate water currents at will, bringing millions of pounds of pressure onto enemies with a few precise swishes of her tail. The leaders of Node Cotus may be cunning. The monks of Pluj Swos may be wise. But no one knows or understands others like Balena, and she'll use that wisdom both to help those outside of battle and destroy those across the battlefield.

(WoC) Mech-Rex - Crypta's Mightiest
(WoC) Mech-Rex - Crypta's Mightiest


Enjin Backing Value: 120 ($4)
Rarity: Rare

Millions of years ago, Crypta's ancient warriors were said to be the most powerful, and their leaders are the most storied in existence, their victories and tragedies shared between generations across every region of the planet.

And no champion of that era inspires more awe and admiration than Mech-Rex, whose jaws and tail were so fast, so crushing, so relentlessly thrashing yet planned to the millisecond, a pair of arms would just get in its way. To most warriors, that's impossible to imagine.

If the Centralized were descending upon Crypta millions of years ago, they would be met a legendary army led by Mech-Rex, which gave the famous Mohary engineer Zolten an idea: create a robotic Mech-Rex, strength, speed, power, and all. The only thing missing? Ancient wisdom. But that's what Equus of Caspad and Mundus of Astrium are here for.

Mech-Rex is here for one thing and one thing only: to destroy every Centralized it senses, starting with an electronic roar that shakes the Crypta of past and present, and ending with Crypta staying in the hands of those who have protected it then, now, and forever.

(WoC) Devol - AI Defender
(WoC) Devol - AI Defender


Enjin Backing Value: 90 ($3)
Rarity: Rare

If the Centrized were to describe the last enemy they’d want to face, they would describe Devol, the nicest robot in the world. You need help catching the train or carrying home food? Devol, citizen of Crypta, has your back! He can lift you under your arms and carry you to where you need to be with his jetpack. It’s a lot of fun!
But if you’re a Centrized, you’re pretty much screwed.

Built by Zolten (same creator of Mech-Rex) to help and protect Crypta in response to the invasion. Devol won’t stop fighting until it’s smashed into tiny pieces. But good luck with that!

It’s powered by the purest crypto crystals for unending energy. It’s navigated by the most advanced and adaptive AI on the planet. And it’s weaponized and shielded with crypto-forged metals and crystal that may be the strongest in existence.

So on one hand, Devol is the model citizen every neighborhood wants to have on every street corner. And on the other hand, Devol is the Centrized worst nightmare—an unfeeling, near-unstoppable robot with no corruptible motivations. Boy, am I glad it’s on our side!

(WoC) Fafnir - Selfish Dragon
(WoC) Fafnir - Selfish Dragon


Enjin Backing Value: 5 ($.25)
Rarity: Rare

Fafnir is his own best friend, and it's been that way since the day he was born in Loclord. His entire childhood was spent partially inside his egg, refusing to part with it well into his teenage years. Eventually, it could no longer fit around his body, so he hid the pieces of his shell away somewhere in the mountain caves. And may the Ancient Warriors of Crypta help the one who happens upon them.

Because, while it's true that Fafnir is an uncomplicated dragon with simple joys in life, he's also the most desperately selfish being on this planet, and he loves a fight.
Fafnir can sit and eat alone with a big smile on his face for days on end, laughing here and there or crying and nodding in agreement. If all that existed on Crypta were Fafnir and a food dispenser, he'd be in paradise.

And for the most part, he forgets anyone but himself exists. If he's not shoveling as many chunks of fruits or meats into his mouth as possible, he's scratching his back on a pile of crypto. If you didn't know any better, you'd think the guy would be up for a snuggle! Except that if you interrupt his feasting, he thinks you want some of his food. Pester him while he's rolling in his crypto, and he'll assume you're a thief.

His mood is like a light switch, changing from joy to blinding rage without warning. His jaws are monstrous. His strength is incredible. His horns can blast through the strongest armor. And his big, bulbous belly might slow him down. It might even be the reason his wings can't lift him off the ground. But it also absorbs punches, bends weaponry, and files claws down to the nub.

Fafnir doesn't care who wins the War of Crypta. He won't join the heroes of the ground or the invaders of the sky. He'll just protect what's his. Unfortunately for Scruffles, no one's livelihood will be safe. And unfortunately for everyone else, he'll make sure both sides pay for it.

(WoC) Dromock - Wizened Leader
(WoC) Dromock - Wizened Leader


Enjin Backing Value: 80 ($3)
Rarity: Rare

Millions of years ago, a meteor shower of crypto smashed into the area of land known today as Deskarus, creating a scorched, volcanic, and brutal region that’s changed little since that day.

It also created Dromock.

During his mortal life in ancient times, Dromock was a heartless, fearsome competitor, known to escalate petty disagreements into all-out war. He would challenge elders and youngsters to fight without taking no for an answer. He would sneak into the homes of Ancient Heroes who beat him and kill them while they were defenseless. To say he lacked honor would be an understatement.

But when crypto shower hit, Dromock was right in the center, blasting him deep into magma and tearing him to pieces. Surely, nothing could survive that. And nothing did. Instead, something new emerged, a sentient, eternal volcano raptor fueled by fire and shaken by his near-death experience.

Then a hundred years passed, then a thousand more, and each passing day made Dromock wiser, more connected to the planet Crypta, and hungrier to see those who were like his mortal self pay for their evils.

A respected leader in Deskarus and one of the Council of Crypta’s most trusted advisers, Dromock has given too much and lived too long to see his world ended by the Centrized. And with blinding speed, endless fire, armor forged by space and time, and weapons on every finger and toe, this Ancient Hero has waited millions of years to make sure it doesn’t.

(WoC) Bastet - Foolish Leader
(WoC) Bastet - Foolish Leader


Enjin Backing Value: 65 ($2)
Rarity: Rare

The powerful leader of Egrium is a controversial figure elsewhere in the Crypta, as Bastet did not earn her throne through wisdom or combat. No election was held. Instead, she was given her place through birthright, a pair of generational royals that would be easy to discount . . . if not for two key facts: their bloodline has the highest concentration of crypto than any other, and they’re incredibly skillful fighters.

You see, Bastet is loved by those in West Egrium, where royalty and familial power are respected and celebrated. But those on in East Egrium blame the royal for the poverty, accuse them of sending law enforcement to terrorize them, and believe taxes are too high. So they revolt. Often.

However, Bastet no pushover, and her methods of stopping her palace’s overthrow is the stuff of legends. It’s well-known fact that, rather than call upon their Egrium armies, Bastet goes out alone, defeating assault after assault from thousands of rebel soldiers single-handedly, every time.

Is Bastet and her brother the worst leader on Crypta? They sure are. But you want her on your team. Thankfully, they’ll fight for Crypta to the end.

(WoC) Snarth - Whisper of Death
(WoC) Snarth - Whisper of Death


Enjin Backing Value: 50 ($2)
Rarity: Rare

Could anyone be expected to put up a fight without arms and legs? Well if you asked Snarth, he’d tell you appendages just get in the way . . . then tear off someone’s arm in front of you to prove his point. It’s his way of getting on your good side, which limits the company he keeps, but those who listen to his whispers are blindly loyal to the death. Is it hypnosis, or is it a silver tongue? To find out is to follow him to your grave.

Needless to say, the Centrized liked him immediately.

Because its eggs need lava to incubate, creatures like Snarth must enter this world by bursting through hardened stone. It requires them to grow into adolescence inside the egg, building muscle as they push to break free, and growing armor-like scales that harden further from the friction.
Ten years in skin-tight solitary confinement. That’s how Snarth started his life. And from the moment he birthed from stone as one of the fiercest adversaries in Deskarus, he’s only gotten more powerful — and a lot more bitter—in the years leading up to the Centrized’s arrival.

Snarth’s venom can melt through steel. Striking his scales with a sword will shatter the blade . . . and your hand. And when he’s won the fight, he swallows you whole, absorbing your crypto power as you’re slowly digested. But don’t worry, he always starts with the legs. That way, you’ll have more time to recite your last words to his pack of mindless followers.

Nix - Cold-Blooded Killer
Nix - Cold-Blooded Killer


Enjin Backing Value: 17 ($.75)
Rarity: Uncommon

Cold. Ice cold. The coldest, baddest beast to roam Brioz Whait. And if you don't believe it, consider this: seeing Nix coming strikes fear into the weak and pumps adrenaline into the brave. Yet he'll stroll up to your well-guarded fortress in broad daylight, his pitch-blue fur starkly contrasting the bright white snow. Then he'll charge, using the spears and arrows that are thrown his way as toothpicks until he gets to the front line. And when it's all over, he'll be hard to spot: his fur blends in well when he's surrounded by dried blood.

But that's when he wants rumors to spread about his strength outside of the North. Normally, he's just forcing all residents of the icy tundra to hand over the little crypto they may have while tearing apart heroes that stand in his way.

A welcomed ally of the Centrized, Nix quickly became a key warrior in the destruction of South Crypta, a place he resents for its, in his words: "Soft air." In fact, it's rumored that Nix's heart is so cold, its death would bring springtime to Brioz Whait for the first time in millennia.

But if you want to be the one to take him down, be forewarned: if you hear his howl, it means he’s already picked up your scent.

(WoC) Vulpeer - Nature's Craftsman
(WoC) Vulpeer - Nature's Craftsman


Enjin Backing Value: 21 ($.75)
Rarity: Uncommon

Vulpeer had to learn stealth and patience at an early age to help feed his family. Luckily, his mother and father were experts of the forest, and they were there to help every step of the way in those early days.

A master craftsman, Vulpeer’s father, made a young Vulpeer a bow fortified by crypto power, making the impeccable design indestructible. Then he created a set of arrows, with points so sharp they slide through concrete like butter, and magic that makes each one return to his quiver after being shot . . . if they’re not lodged in an opponent, that is.

And Vulpeer’s mother, she taught Vulpeer how to shoot, ensuring that it wasn’t long before he was catching fish in rivers while hanging upside-down from a tree at the edge of a mile-high cliff. Impressive! But then, the Centrized came. They searched their woods for crypto. And they killed all who dared stand in their way, including Vulpeer’s parents.

Seeing the invading forces as the ultimate example of greed, Vulpeer dedicated the rest of his days to destroying the Centrized, returning all the stolen crypto to every planet it was taken from, and fighting against the evil ideology that so senselessly took his parents.

So if you enter the woods in search of fortune, you may find it. Or, you could become a pincushion instead. And you won’t know where the first shot came from until Vulpeer stands over you, the last arrow you’ll ever see pulled all the way back.

(WoC) Baba - Rebel Hero
(WoC) Baba - Rebel Hero


Enjin Backing Value: 30 ($1)
Rarity: Uncommon

If it’s possible to have a good reason for being bad, Baba has it.

Growing up on the East Side of Egrium isn’t easy for anyone, but Baba’s parents always believed in a better future. While their friends and family join the protests and the rebellions against the royalty of the West Side, they went to work and took care of their family. They paid their taxes without complaint.

They even sent their rulers, Bastet’s parents, a message of goodwill during the holidays, letting them know that not all of East Egrium hates their rule. Then one fateful day, West Egrium’s police mistook both of Baba’s parents for criminals, and destroyed them both . . . right in front of a teenage Baba.

Was there any justice? Of course not. There is no justice against the powerful in Egrium.

From that day forward, Baba has been leading the rebellion against the palace. He has become one of the most fearsome and powerful fighters in Crypta, famous for his absolutely unrestrained relentlessness. Often, several people have to pull him off his opponent . . . only to find a small crater where his opponent used to be.
And when the Centralized come, they become West Egrium’s worst nightmare.

Which is why Baba joins Iratus the moment his forces arrive, hoping to destroy West Egrium once and for all.

(WoC) Gargone - Shadow Maker
(WoC) Gargone - Shadow Maker


Enjin Backing Value: 20 ($.75)
Rarity: Uncommon

Moonlight's shadow-maker. Protector of the at-peace. Restless watcher of our restful warriors. Respect is the reason the dead should be respected. And Gargone is the reason they will be.

Born in a cemetary in the heart of Deskarus to a gravedigging mother and an estranged father, Gargone spent much of his days tracing the names on tombstones while wondering about death. He found comfort in the listening ears of those who had passed on, and as he grew older, he formed friendships with some of the regular visitors, who spoke of the great bravery and sacrifices made by those buried beneath.

But one morning, Gargone woke to find the family graveyard ransacked, and his mother beaten to the brink of death by the graverobbers she caught in the act. Bodies were unburied and their crypto stolen, and early-morning mourners arrived to an unimaginable desecration. Because those small bits of crypto are buried with loved ones to enshrine their souls forever.

From that morning on, Gargone vowed to spend his nights guarding those who could no longer protect themselves. That way, no matter who come to do the vulnerable harm, they will be met with the stealth, speed, and ferocity of one of Deskarus's most fearsome and determined soldiers.

Any Centrized coming in for an easy take? Well, you'll have a master of the night to contend with.

(WoC) Electa - Lightning Speed
(WoC) Electa - Lightning Speed


Enjin Backing Value: 26 ($.75)
Rarity: Uncommon

Full of energy, speed, and enthusiasm, Electa is like a living jolt of excitement. But don’t ask Sparky, who she’s been in love with since the two were little kids growing up in Mewhary — she’s just a friend.

And what a good friend she is!

From racing through the streets to daring each another to jump through walls of electricity, from sparring for practice to testing each other’s strength for fun, the two became the warriors they are today, together. Electa can channel electric power to create concentrated claps of thunder, and if she gets a running start, she can create a bolt of lightning strong enough to annihilate a Centrized spaceship before it even lands.

Is she widely considered Sparky’s sidekick? In a sense, but her dedication to being by his side is what keeps her going. His disinterest in romance creates frustration that she relies on in the ring, and their shared history and lack of blood relatives make them an inseparable, nearly unstoppable duo.

And the Centrized hates them both for it. So much.

However, and make no mistake, Electa can take on any opponent who threatens her homeworld solo. Then again, she wants you to make that mistake, so maybe forget we said anything.

(WoC) Natorum - Beacon of Hope
(WoC) Natorum - Beacon of Hope


Enjin Backing Value: 23 ($.75)
Rarity: Uncommon

The awe-inspiring Natorum serve as beacons of hope no matter where they might be. Because seeing this solitary creature is good luck in more ways than one — not only are they rare, the good-hearted become more connected to the power of crypto, while those with darkened souls are drained of their strength.

A bird so beautiful it stops enemies in its tracks.

Natorum has evolved to use its mating dance as distraction techniques, using impressive tail feathers to obstruct enemies while a razor-sharp beak pokes holes in their defense . . . literally. Said to hold within it the very spirit of the planet of Crypta and nicknamed “Phoenix of the Forest." This legend of Astrium is worshiped by some, loved by most, and respected by all.

If you’re on the Natorum’s side, cheer when they arrive. If not, just cover your eyes and pray — it’s quicker that way.

(WoC) Rodief - Crypto Addict
(WoC) Rodief - Crypto Addict


Enjin Backing Value: 55 ($2)
Rarity: Uncommon

One look at Rodief and you know he's not one to be trusted, which makes his ability to garner information from even the most close-chested an even more remarkable feet.

Some say he can kill more with a single whisper than most warriors can in a lifetime of battle. But don't discount his fighting skills. He's had to claw his way out of a tight corner on many occasions.

It's amazing how quickly you can learn when you always choose to learn the hard way. Rodief is a crypto addict. There's no other way to put it. He sprinkles crypto dust on his food. He thinks about crypto whether he's dead asleep or wide awake. If anyone manages to actually end this slimy conman's clawing of every available scrap of crypto he can get his hands on from all four corners of Crypta and beyond. You'll have to claw the crypto he's collected out of his cold, dead fingers. And he may even try to bite you, even after he's long stopped breathing.

On paper, Rodief is on the side of Crypta when the Centralized arrive. But it isn't long (maybe a few seconds) before Rodief creates a line of communication to the Centralized leadership, making him a possible fighter for both sides, depending on who's offering the most crypto at that given moment. A scumbag? Absolutely. But a clever, devious, powerful scumbag indeed.

(WoC) Larvine - Killing Machine
(WoC) Larvine - Killing Machine


Enjin Backing Value: 60 ($2)
Rarity: Uncommon

Larvine has a fire inside him, one that was sparked when he was first born. Back then, it was nothing more than a faint flicker, but it was enough for two, fully-matured horns to grow from his skull within just a few days. To put that into perspective, most of his kind rarely see horns before their twelfth birthday.

Today, Larvine's fire is constantly ablaze. Add fuel to it, and you unleash a force of nature that's turned mountains into months-long sandstorms.

Despite seemingly born to become the king of Deskarus, a place where leaders are decided by brute strength and bloodlust alone, Larvine found himself charging down a different path. Instead of King, Larvine kills kings. Instead of Leader, Larvine warms up for battle by taking down whole criminal organizations and police forces alike.

This is a monstrous, indiscriminate killing machine, who could charge up and blast a spaceship clear out of the sky, shredding through any metal with its crypto-reinforced horns. So it's a good thing for the Centralized that he joins their side when they arrive.

(WoC) Canarth - Treasure Hunter
(WoC) Canarth - Treasure Hunter


Enjin Backing Value: 52 ($2)
Rarity: Uncommon

Canarth dig. or, Canarth dig?; are the only two things this creature of Deskarus ever says, and that's because, God love him, Canarth loves to dig. It's all he likes to do. He digs and digs until he finds crypto, collects the crypto with his tongue, and then digs back up and does it all over again. If dirt wasn't almost always in his face, he'd be laughing with glee the whole time. Like he says: "Canarth dig."

But when Canarth can't dig, Canarth gets angry. And fearsome. You wouldn't want to be anywhere near those enormous claws once he realizes he won't get to dig until he defeats you. If you're the one who tells him to stop digging? You're his opponent. It doesn't matter if he's about to dig through an entire mountain or excavate an entire mine before they have a chance to store the crypto, you're his opponent if you tell him to stop. Canarth wants to dig!

When the Centralized arrive, one of the first things Iratus notices is the excavation capacity of Deskarus. It's how he'll extract all the crypto! And when he come across Canarth, Iratus finds an easy recruit: "Join me, and you'll be able to dig through every planet until there's no crypto left." Now those claws are used for evil. Canarth doesn't care. Canarth is just excited to start digging different planets and destroying anyone who delays that from happening.

(WoC) Mundus - Nature's Wrath
(WoC) Mundus - Nature's Wrath


Enjin Backing Value: 49 ($2)
Rarity: Uncommon

Across the universe, trees and other flora rarely live forever, but on a planet as rich with crypto as Crypta, there are some that do, that won't die once its seed has sprouted unless it's cut down. And the longer these trees remain, the stronger their connection with the earth grows.

The energy travels in a steady pulsation through every molecule of dirt and cell of greenery in perfect synchronization, creating a life force beyond comprehension, and a maker-of-life outside of any realm of mortal understanding. It is through this phenomenon of the universe that Mundus was born, who has seen leaders and warriors rise and fall era after era, species develop and go extinct lifecycle after lifecycle. If you looked up at the sky when Mundus was born, you'd see a completely different set of stars today.

No one feels the internal heartbeat of life that Crypta emanates as Mundus does. And facing this genderless, ageless, species-less force of eternal goodness is like facing the earth itself. Its weight, its strength, its Crypta energy, all working in harmony to combat anything that does its world harm, like an immune system to a disease. In this case, that disease is the Centralized.

(WoC) Mooner - Technological Prodigy
(WoC) Mooner - Technological Prodigy


Enjin Backing Value: 250 ($9)
Rarity: Special

As a pup in Mewhary, Mooner was a technological prodigy, experimenting with aerodynamics, rocket propulsion, and exoskeleton craftsmanship before he knew what the moon was. But when he found out that it was a floating destination in the sky just waiting for his explanation, being its next visitor became his obsession. But Mooner learned that some aspirations are too lofty to conquer on your own.

One day, a teenage Kasmoso believed he had created a rocket that could get him to the moon. He hopped inside, press GO and found himself blasting through the sky, then nosediving back to earth just as quickly. As the ground grew closer, his entire life flashed before his eyes: a life without a visit to the moon. All was lost. Death was seconds away.

And then he came to a gradual stop and was set gently on the ground by a landing platform developed and operated by Zolten, the region of Mohary's top engineer. The two formed an instant respect and friendship, and their collaboration has led to Mooner not only making it to the moon, but building a second home there, and then traveling beyond the planets.

Few have a knowledge or passion for the universe like Mooner, nor does anyone else possess Zolten's knack for crafting the most effective exoskeletons for Mooner's fighting style. The combination make for a deadly force against the Centralized and their interplanetary fleet.

(WoC) Anko - The "Easter Egg"
(WoC) Anko - The "Easter Egg"


Enjin Backing Value:1 ($.01)
Rarity: Special

You have "cracked" our easter egg . . .

(Anko is unlocked by purchasing 3 heroes in the presale)

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