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How to Use Removal Pliers in "Order and Chaos Online"

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Order and Chaos Online

Removal pliers from Order and Chaos.

Removal pliers from Order and Chaos.

Removing Gems From Gear

Removal pliers are used for removing gems from gear. They are hard to come by, and you will need a lot of them. If you do buy runes, use them on these when you have the chance. If you don't buy runes then do the daily normal dungeons to try to win more.

Believe it or not, it used to be more difficult to get removal players and drilling cones than it is now. Now they can be received in lotto chest rewards, dungeon bags and as drops in some dungeons.

You won't need your removal pliers until you have a reason to remove a gem, but save them anyway. Crafting gems is a long process, as is making epics ( unless you use the Nick shop). You will eventually run into a situation where you need to remove a gem.

How to Use Removal Pliers

Familiarize yourself with the gem merchants. There is a special building in Greenmont where gem merchants await you to try your luck. This is where you use removal pliers and drilling cones. There are also gem merchants in the Grey Market near the treasure chest dungeon.

It is located near the stables, vanity vendors, and manaprism quests. There are three vendors inside. If there are lots of people there, or some guy on a big mount standing on the vendor, then use the green switch target button to select the vendor.

Here is the part where I tell you to take off your clothes. You need to remove the piece of gear with the gem you want to remove. If you have ever wondered why so many partially dressed toons congregate in the gem merchant, you now know it's nothing strange.

I hope you already have your removal pliers in your bag, otherwise, you might have forgotten you're not dressed. But, you'll probably be reminded on your way back to the bank. This is when The Quiet Path is your friend.

Using gems:

  • Pliers in bag
  • Remove gear with gem you want to be removed, so it will be in bag
  • Speak to gem worker (give that cute Mendal some attention)
  • Select gem processing tab
  • Drag piece of year to the center circle
  • Select the gem you want to remove
  • Pay with removal pliers

The number of pliers you use depends on the level of the gem. You can use the chart below to find out how many pliers you need.

In OAC removal pliers are pliers that remove gems.

In OAC removal pliers are pliers that remove gems.

Cost to Remove Gems

Gem LevelRemoval Pliers CostReaction









I guess.






Are you kidding?

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Dungeons That Drop Removal Pliers

If you wait long enough Gameloft will run a rune sale. This is when I like to buy a few runes, then spend them all on removal pliers and drilling cones. But, sometimes there is no choice but to farm them.

I would start by doing the normal dungeon bag and capping in PVP. Both rewards may include removal pliers. If you get really desperate, then it might be time to farm them in dungeons.

The following dungeons have chances of dropping removal pliers.

  • Healique EHL
  • All bosses and chest MZL
  • All bosses and chest AGL
  • Vliya Temple
  • RFL
  • CSL
  • IDL
  • BNL
  • FMN
  • FCL

PVP Cap Chest, Lotto, and Dungeon Bags

Gameloft has developed new ways for us to get removal pliers. Unfortunately, they are still really difficult to get!

Ways to Get Removal Pliers Outside The Nick's Shop:

  • PVP Cap Chest
  • Lotto
  • Dungeon Bag
  • Dungeons

Lotto is pretty self-explanatory and we have already talked about dungeon drops. That leaves the PVP cap chest and dungeon bag. You can win one dungeon bag and one PVP gold chest each day.

The PVP gold chest may contain removal pliers. The same goes with the dungeon bag. To get the dungeon bag you need to check the 'Dungeons" tab at the top of the screen.

On the left, you will see three normal dungeons. When you finish all three you are rewarded with a dungeon bag. You must que all three dungeons and finish successfully to complete each dungeon. It will then be marked as complete under the dungeons tab.

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