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Which Monster Should You Second Awaken First in "Summoners War"

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Which monsters are worth second awakening?

Which monsters are worth second awakening?

How Dimension Hole Changed the Game

When Dimension Hole and second awakenings were added to Summoners War, we got a second awakening for the Fairy, Inugami, Pixie and Warbear families. Just a few months later, they added even more seconds awakenings for the Martial Arts cat and Werewolf families. So at this point, we have a total of 30 different monsters you can grind for. Since each one takes one to three weeks to get depending on your level and stable of monsters, I'm going to try and help you decide which monster is worth second awakening first.

Above all, you need to consider these factors:

  • Which Monster you can clear the highest level for?
  • Which Monster you have the most duplicates of?
  • Which Monster will help you the most?

Team I use for Dimension Hole Farming

I like to use a slow and steady team. This one works for most areas, aside from the ones that are type locked. All these units are pretty common or have been Hall of heroes. This team will cycle turns and apply lots of dots. With it you won't need to rune the monster you are leveling.

Verdehile-Fire Vampire (Lead)

Mellia-Wind Dryad

Belladeon-Light Inugami

Gorgo-Dark Warbear: Gorgo is the best 2A Monster for ToA.

Gorgo-Dark Warbear: Gorgo is the best 2A Monster for ToA.

Who You Should Second Awaken for ToA

In my own experience, I have found both Belladeon (Light Inugami) and Gorgo (Dark Warbear) to be extremely useful for the Trial of Ascension. That being said, Belladeon is 90% effective without its second awakening, so I'm going to have to give this one to Gorgo. The Dark Warbear gets an incredible upgrade once second awakened. All of his attacks have a 20% additional chance to crit, and when they do they stun. Effectively, this is similar to running despair, but without having to run despair. His first skill is a single target attack bar reduction, which is useful, but it's his second skill you'll find most useful. Gorgo hits all enemies, reducing the attack bar and attack breaks. Of course, the passive kicks in here as well.

Aside from that, he's very easy to farm skill ups for. The Fire and Wind Warbear are 2-star monsters you'll see in your shop every day, and the Water is a farmable 3-star. I'd suggest using the Water Warbear for skill ups. The self-revive makes him very easy to carry with no runes and no wasted mana.

Miho-Dark Martial Cat: Miho is the best 2A monster for PvP.

Miho-Dark Martial Cat: Miho is the best 2A monster for PvP.

The Best Second Awakening for PvP

Miho is the best monster to second awaken for PvP. The competitive scene in Summoners War is sort of a large category. The needs for Arena, RTA and Guild PvP overlap, but aren't all the same. With that in mind, the one that I think will be the most useful addition to your PvP squad is Miho.


Miho's Eye for an Eye passive ability. She can't be hit by critical hits and when she is hit by one, she counters. Not only that, it fills her attack bar by 30% and the return hit is a critical itself. If her first two skills were awful this alone would still make her great (see Garo) but that's not the case. Her first skill stuns and heals her and her second does damage and decreases the enemy attack bar. This makes for some mean turn cycling.

Miho can be used for offense or defense. So many teams rely on landing big critical hits and she is a counter to this strategy.

Belladeon-Light Inugami: Belladeon is the most useful 2A monster in "Summoners War".

Belladeon-Light Inugami: Belladeon is the most useful 2A monster in "Summoners War".

The Best Second Awakening for the Cairos Dungeons

Belladeon is going to be my pick for best in Cairos Dungeons. Cairos is too big of a category to sum up with one monster. I'll have to expand on this at a later date for Giant, Dragon and Necro.

The reason I'm going with Belladeon is simple. You likely already have one. Every player should have a max skilled Light Inugami. It's a staple of every beginner's roster and recommended on cookie-cutter teams for both Giant and Dragon.

Defense Break, strip and a heal/attack bar boost are all great. And after second awakening, they all get buffed to be slightly better. Defense Break gains a chance to decrease the attack bar, strip lets you recover some of your own attack bar if there isn't anything to strip and the heal is 5% better.

Overall, Belladeon just gets a little boost. While that doesn't seem like much, try to remember, it's been the queen of PvE for a long time. So any buff is welcome.

Kro-Dark Inugami: Best 2A Monster for Raids

Kro-Dark Inugami: Best 2A Monster for Raids

Do This Second Awakening for Raids

Hands down, it's got to be Kro. The Dark Inugami is the best second awakened monster for raids. His brothers Roaq and Ikaru come close but require teams built around them. Kro is mostly self-sufficient and can be swapped into almost any existing raid team and work well.

Kro has a defense break on his first skill just like the rest of his family—it can apply dots, but that doesn't do much here. It's Kro's second and third abilities that really shine. Both will do more damage based on the number of harmful effects on the enemy. The second skill brings an ally to attack—much like Tarq or Twins. The third skill has a larger damage multiplier and can apply Brand to the target.

What makes Kro so useful is that he brings two necessary debuffs to a raid with Defense Break and Brand. Furthermore, he'll hit even harder if there are more debuffs in play. He's a super nuker! He's good in a lot of places but he shines most in Raids because of the six-member team format. The five other units can bring extra debuffs like slow, glancing hits, attack break, etc.

Kro is worth a second awakening.

NEW Second Awakening

NEW Second Awakening

Sath-Fire Grim Reaper: The New Awakening

It's still early, but I think Sath is the bigger winner in the recent update. The Khalderun dimension hole has given us lots to choose from, but Sath is where I think you should start. His "Living Hell" passive causes double damage. He's going to be the new meta for TOA. Especially if you put alongside staples like Baretta and Mellia. The other new additions are good, but Sath is the Grim Reaper you want to awaken first.