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Why Crafting Is Life in "GOT: Conquest"

Holley Morgan is a graduate student at SNHU and currently works as a college essay tutor.

We're going to talk gear sets!

We're going to talk gear sets!

Reach Into Your Smithy, Not Your Wallet

In this article, I will discuss how crafting can help you level up and conserve resources in "Conquest" and go through a few gear sets that I have used for this purpose. This is intended for an intermediate player, as I may reference some terms that newbies may not yet know. If you are looking for beginner tips, I would suggest a quick search on LevelSkip or Google to find an article more suited to your needs. I will be trying to keep this one concise and on-topic.

If you enjoy the game but do not want to spend money on it, then you are in luck. I have been playing for a little above a year and a half, have spent minimally, and have been able to craft the gear featured in this article by mostly allowing materials and steel to accumulate organically in my inventory. Ideal results will come if you are able to log in to the game every day and you craft during auspicious times, such as when a crafting event is going on. How much material you have can vary depending on how often and how long you have played. Please keep that in mind as you read, and try not to get discouraged. With patience, you can accomplish a lot in this game.

If you can keep track of when crafting events will take place, you will have even more success in this arena. You can use the rewards from defeating crafting material caravans and participating in the events to make better-quality and higher-level equipment.

Why Gear Matters

I used to only pay attention to my power count and how much the gear I had equipped was contributing to it. I did not think about my equipment beyond that. If you take the time to peruse the Recipes tabs, you will see each piece of equipment has stats. All stats vary. Most are percentage bonuses for attacks. Then there are gear pieces that cut down on the cost of resources needed for research. Some will cut down on the resources needed for healing troops or allow you to train more soldiers at once. There are many other purposes for gear, and I would suggest taking an extended look at the stats in the Recipes when you get a chance so you can plan accordingly.

Below are some screenshots of before equipping the gear for a bonus and after. You can see the difference in the resources needed for healing or the number of siege weapons I am able to train.

If you can be diligent about equipping the proper gear before undertaking any task in the game, you will notice a difference in your ability to grow. I used to enjoy mindlessly playing, but that changed after I was zeroed for forgetting to set the shield a few times. Now I want to be more intentional so that I won't be easy pickings for whoever may come along next time my shield is down.

Just like in the book and the show, the fastest way to get power is with gold and influence. While growing with gear will help, it is not a miracle that will help you become a lord overnight. It can still be satisfying to grow over time and not need your wallet to do so.

My Gear Sets

Here are a few sets that I have been using regularly and why I like them. These are only a few examples and what I was able to craft based on the materials in my inventory. It is always best to explore in the game itself to see what works for you, but if you are looking for a quick guide and some examples, check here.

  • Thorned Bride: This set reduces the costs of materials needed for military research. (Note that this does not seem to count toward Expedition costs, only military research.) You will need "Cloth of Silver" in addition to the basic materials to craft this gear.
  • Falcon Knight: This set is good if you fight mainly with your Cavalry soldiers. It provides bonuses to Cavalry attack, health, and defense, as well as march size. If you find yourself stuck in terms of the level of creature you're able to kill, try equipping a set that offers attack bonuses such as this one. I was stuck with level 24 creatures for the longest time, and since equipping this gear, I have been able to kill level 25-26. The advanced material needed for this is "Silvered Steel."
  • Night's Watch: Provides boosts to Ranged soldiers. Advanced material is "Black Leather."
  • Kingsguard Armor: Provides boosts to Infantry. You will need to collect "Kingsguard Emblems" to make equipment from this set.
  • Whent: Provides boosts for healing, training, construction, and crafting. The advanced material needed is "Golden Thread."

The Stark and Tyrell gear may be good for siege attacks. I don't use my siege as often, but the sets above are the ones I have tried. If you do not have the advanced material needed to make them, look out for the crafting events. At those times, you can attack material caravans or use recipes to get more of a material you need.


The higher level and quality you craft, the more benefit you will receive from your gear. If you have the time, it is worth taking a few extra minutes before researching, healing, or attacking to see which gear will provide the biggest bang for your buck - not literally, since you don't need to spend anything.

As with anything I write about this game, it is based on my own knowledge, which I am sure can be lacking in comparison to other players. Nevertheless, it is fun to learn and share what I have learned with those who may not be as familiar with these points in the game. Thanks for checking this out!