WooparooLand Review - Breed, Collect, Farm

Updated on September 29, 2016
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Alexandria has been playing video games since the days of the Sega Genesis. She's been writing about video games going on four years.

Line Corporation's WooparooLand was originally released as Wooparoo Mountain by Toast and NHN. First available in Asia, the adorable mobile game is now available for iOS and Android in North America. Discover just what Wooparoo’s are as you become the caretaker of their village in this fun mobile breeding game.

The Basics

Players will help the magical guide Roopa to raise cute little creatures called Wooparoo’s. Imbued with the power of the basic elements there are 80 different Wooparoo’s to discover in the world. In a fun twist on breeding games, WooparooLand allows players to combine the elemental magic of their Wooparoo’s in over 20,000 different ways to collect all 80 of the adorable magical friends.

Getting Started & In-App Purchases

Free to play with in-app purchases, WooparooLand is definitely worth the download if you like casual breeding and farming sim games. A quick and easy to follow tutorial will have you collecting Wooparoo’s in no time, especially if you’ve played a breeding game before. Much like Toast and NHN’s other breeding based mobile game Dragon Friends, this game incorporates farming and socializing into the gameplay.

Also like Dragon Friends completing quests and tasks will gain players XP. As they level up more content in the game will be unlocked. The limiting factor,as with many mobile games, is time and each task, from growing crops to summoning new Wooparoo’s will take some time to complete. This is where the in-app purchases come in.

Speed up all these processes with gems, which can be earned, gifted and purchased. The game is balanced by a combination of in-game currencies consisting of coins, gems and magic orbs which will help players grow their mountain village and collect more Wooparoo’s. Waiting mechanics can be tedious and annoying and it's no different in this game. The reliance on these mechanics to incentivize players to spend real life money is unfortunate however, most currencies can be acquired in-game and is kept fair.


Leveling Up & Customizing

Wooparoo’s can level up beside players to become more powerful by feeding them with the stockpile of food that’s been farmed and collected in the game. As these creatures level up they will evolve, becoming more powerful and changing the way they look.

WooparooLand allows players to really settle into their mountain village by customizing the way it looks with decorations. They also can name each adorable little Wooparoo so they feel like your very own. Planning the layout of your mountain village to be the most efficient use of space and aesthetically pleasing can be relaxing and fun.



The art is adorable, the gameplay simple and fun in this breeding and farming simulation game. The social interaction between friends and free-to-play price point make this a nice casual game. The reliance on waiting mechanics and in-app purchases is however, a bit annoying.

This game doesn't do anything unique but the plethora of combinations that can be made between elements and types of Wooparoos to discover give it an addicting quality. If you enjoy casual breeding and farming sim games with a cute aesthetic, you'll probably enjoy this game. Download WooparooLand for iOS and Android and discover a world of magical fun.

4 stars for WooparooLand


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