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"Zenonia 5" Paladin Stat/Skill Guide

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The Paladin

The Paladin of Zenonia 5 is a nice change away from the usual glass-cannon-fast-melee character that Gamevil usually includes. It’s pretty low damaging (only 5 ATT for STR) but you get tons of DEF so the class is pretty easy to play. You have heals and buffs as well. Probably lots of normal attack spamming, just FYI.

Stat Points

STR – ATT +5, DEF +1, 0.2 CRIDMG
DEX – CRIT +0.36, EVA +0.26, HIT +0.08
INT – ATT +1, SP +26, CRI +0.14, HIT +0.18
CON – ATT +1, DEF +3, HP +26

The stat points for the Paladin are trickier than the other classes, but believe me when I say in the beginning at least, add everything into STR. The Paladin is pretty weak, while being a tank. If you don’t pump into STR, it’ll take ages to kill things, because you’ll be able to survive harder enemies as well. Throw in some CON but mostly STR for your Paladin unless you’re going for some crazy CRIT-skill-spammer build. Actually, a pure STR Paladin is very possible (I’ve included a build) due to all the defensive buffs, but you have to be OK with using them a lot. The Paladin doesn’t have that many great active skills though…

The [Damage] and [Approx Lvl 10 DMG] is there to help maybe compare the skills better. You can substitute your ATT into the 'formulas' and get an average damage to a single monster. If an attack is 'x AOE' that means you can hit everything in the vicinity.


  • Curing Light [1] – Your Paladin self-heal skill. Maxed out, you instantly heal 38% of your HP for only 187 SP, saves lots of potions. Also gives invincibility frames. Works well with the Cool User (SP Absorb +2%) title you get after playing the game for 2 hours.

  • Shield Charge [1] – Your usual charge move. Not great, but you can increase hits by leveling this to 5 and 10. Invincibility frames, though. Hits 3 monsters max.
  • Shield Charge [1] – Your usual charge move. Not great, but you can increase hits by leveling this to 5 and 10. Invincibility frames, though. Hits 3 monsters max.
    [Damage] (ATT 100% + 6 per skill point) x 2 to 4 hits
    [Approx Lvl 10 DMG] ATT x (308% ~ 616%)

  • Temple Knight’s Scream [5] – Hits stuff in a straight line in front of you twice. Not great but the range gets better if you level this up and the attack's not bad. Hits 3 monsters max.
    [Damage] (ATT: 250% + 15 per skill point) x 2 hits
    [Approx Lvl 10 DMG] ATT x (770%)

  • Holy Cross [5] – High attack but low hits. You send a projectile out in front of you. It’s pretty hard to get 2 hits, monsters have to be at the edge of the attack’s range.
    [Damage] (ATT: 500% + 30 per skill point) x 1 to 2 hits
    [Approx Lvl 10 DMG] ATT x (770% ~ 1540%)

  • Crest of Authenticity [5] – A buff that increases your Max HP by 47% for 40 seconds at max level. You may or may not need this.

  • Armor of Protection [15] – Buff that increases your DEF. You don’t really need more DEF, but this can help if you need better tanking.

  • Recharge Shot [15] – Not good, you send out 3 projectiles (outwards, so they go a little up, straight, and a little down) and heal a little bit.
    [Damage] (ATT: 300% + 20 per skill point) x 1 hit x 3 shots
    [Approx Lvl 10 DMG] ATT x (480%) x 3 shots

  • Hammer of Silence [15] – Invincibility frames. Hits monsters in a straight line in front of you. If they’re right in front of you, you usually get 2 hits. Pretty much one of your best AOE skills.
    [Damage] (ATT: 265% + 15 per skill point) x 1-3 hits x AOE
    [Approx Lvl 10 DMG] ATT x (400% ~ 1200%) x AOE

  • Scale Aura [25] – Not really necessary.

  • Purifying Flame [25] – Not good. Summons some fire in front of you that monsters get hit slowly in. It sets things on fire, but is super weak. You can make the fire last longer with more levels but it’s pretty much not worth it.

  • Hammer of Justice [25] – You freaking throw a huge hammer out of thin air in the name of justice and big damage. It hits right in front of you and knocks back. Your biggest damaging attack, so you need this.
    [Damage] (ATT: 695% + 35 per skill point) x 1 hit x AOE
    [Approx Lvl 10 DMG] ATT x (1010%) x AOE

  • Holy Light [35] – Summon a thing that heals you if you stand close by. It doesn’t heal much and is pretty meh overall.

  • Absolute Shield [35] – Summon 2 spheres that rotate your character for 6 seconds (+1 per additional skill point) while protecting you by boosting your DEF. Offensively, the shield hits everything around you, but slowly (around once a second) and not very hard (something lower than your ATT). For protection and escaping, this could maybe be mildly useful.

  • Archangel’s Blessing [45] – Summon an accomplice to fight with you. It does the same damage as you. Useful for pure STR’s who need a break from the action when mobs gets too angry.


Silent Justice (…)

Here’s a build centered around your two main (best) attacks, Hammer of Silence [15] and Hammer of Justice [25]. The other active skills are pretty flimsy. You can choose among leveling Shield Charge [1], Holy Cross [5], and Recharge Shot [15] (I prefer the first two). Passives are very straightforward. I skip the buffs because the Paladin has enough DEF with CON adding 3 DEF rather than the usual 2. Plus you get a passive that adds DEF per STR which makes your DEF even more ridiculous.

Lvl 2 – Curing Light (1)
Lvl 3 – Shield Charge (1)
Lvl 4 – Curing Light (2)
Lvl 5 – Holy Cross (1)
Lvl 6 to 14 – ATT Increase (9)
Lvl 15 – Hammer of Silence (1)
Lvl 16 to 24 – Curing Light (5), DEF Increase (5), ATT Increase (10)
Lvl 25 – Hammer of Justice (1)
Lvl 26 to 34 – STR Increase/CON Increase/Hammer of Justice/Curing Light (whatever you need)

This build will end up like (108 skill points total):

Curing Light (10)
Shield Charge (1)
Holy Cross (1)
Hammer of Silence (10)
Hammer of Justice (10)
DEF Increase (10)
ATT Increase (10)
CRI Rate Increase (5)
STR Increase (10)
CON Increase (10)
DEF per STR (10)
Passive Master (10)
Survival Instinct (10)
Area Zero (1)

Pure STR

Basically for this, your stats take care of all the ATT, and buffs cover the DEF. A difference for this build is that the Archangel’s Blessing [45] skill is useful for escaping the action and drawing attention elsewhere so you can hit everything with your hammer. You get 4 different buffs and I’d suggest choosing 2 so you have space at least for Archangel’s Blessing. I’d go with either the Max HP and DEF ones or the DEF and reflect ones.

Lvl 2 to 4 – Curing Light (3)
Lvl 5 – Crest of Authority (1)
Lvl 6 to 14 – DEF Increase (9)
Lvl 15 – Hammer of Silence (1)
Lvl 16 – Armor of Protection (1)
Lvl 17 to 24 – ATT Increase (6), Curing Light (5)
Lvl 25 – Hammer of Justice (1)
Lvl 26 to 34 – Add into whatever you need
Lvl 35 – Holy Light (1)
Lvl 36 to 44 – DEF per STR (9)
Lvl 45 – Archangel’s Blessing (1)


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Curing Light (10)

Crest of Authority (7)
Hammer of Silence (10)
Armor of Protection (7)
Hammer of Justice (10)
Holy Light (1)
Archangel’s Blessing (1)
DEF Increase (10)
ATT Increase (10)
STR Increase (10)
CON Increase (10)
DEF per STR (10)
Passive Master (10)
Survival Instinct (1)
Area Zero (1)


  • HP Medicine is better than HP Potion (L) at around 2666 HP
  • SP Medicine is better than SP Potion (L) at around 3333 SP
  • Skill Reset costs 150 ZEN which is pretty cruel.
  • You can go into the Abyss once a day free.
  • Get HP Absorb +2% title for having exactly 7777 gold, and eventually an all stat +10% title for reaching 1 million gold.

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Jaybrill M. Saludo on March 19, 2019:

Jackpot 7777

Jaybrill on March 18, 2019:

Divisional tactics

Geoaries on June 08, 2016:

Can anyone help me what skill is good for my paladin CON type and a lil'bit of STR please. I want to become a good partner when it comes that we or I have a time to join the pvp. Thank you :)

haha16 on April 11, 2015:

guys, im building my pala 2str 1con on the beginning and 2con 1str afterwards, it this viable?

322 on November 18, 2014:

i am currently following this guide.. it is good..

pls add me panogan16 thx

322 on November 18, 2014:

any active player here up to date ??need a friend to add to get 7777 title..

dony on October 28, 2014:

use full con def, reflect skill, and archangel summon was unbeatable

Victor Seow on August 22, 2014:

So should i go for pure STR or hybrid? Which is better in PvP and killing Bosses?

Wat u guys prefer?

Al on December 30, 2013:

pure con and and master the skill scale aura.... and make sure that you equip REFLECT items .... dominates pvp... add me the name is ChampsSs

Chris on November 30, 2013:

I've found that pure con dominates pvp just saying go to for a pure con build. The game itself is a little slower but nothing beats you

newbie of paladin on November 24, 2013:

What stat should i up to make my paladin damage much more higher and of course my def too.

tres on October 24, 2013:

i have develop a balance str, con, int paladin.. my god.. i am unbeatable in pvp.. i call it the diamond type.. i have allot of sp for healing and some active skills, and i may suggest at least a paladin should have 1 shield charge, so u can get near to your opponent. wizards can't escape me..

Yellow turtle on July 12, 2013:

Pure con is the way to go. It's virtually unbeatable in pvp

heinrich on June 09, 2013:

should i only go srtengt now have built my paladin badly

heinrcih on June 09, 2013:

I am lvl 37 and i have 101 con and 91 srtenght

15lv Paladin on May 18, 2013:

get 60 Con and 30 str at lv15 and you will be unbeatable at PvP

My name is ChristGod add me as friend

anonimous on May 06, 2013:

Add 5 STR and 1 CON every two levels. This way you keep high STR but with a few CON to survive. It's a build between Pure Str and Hybrid.

I've done this way and it is very good so far. Also, follow the skills for pure STR too.

Baron on March 18, 2013:

After testing all 4 characters, I find that Paladin is the best, using your guide.

hihi on March 12, 2013:

so 1st is for pure CON player?

fortunity on February 07, 2013:

Hollies stone are from the Ogre Frankesteins

Lvl70Paladin on January 28, 2013:

Lvl5xPala - You can get it from the Hell Fly (the first dragon monster you encountered.)

Lvl5xPala on January 20, 2013:

Anyone remember where you got holies stone from?

GrindingPala on January 19, 2013:

Paladins are pretty strong with the 2 hammers but i was wondering

Lvl5xPala on January 19, 2013:

Thank you very much for posting this!

Pala's very challenging for me now, as I have added quite some stats into CON, killing mobs rather slowly now.

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