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"Zenonia 5" Wizard Stat/Skill Guide

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The Wizard

The Wizard of Zenonia 5 probably has the best normal attack in the game. It's fast, and with the new 8 directions you can attack (rather than the previous 4), you can aim your attack diagonally and juggle enemies that would kill you otherwise. It's a really fun class to play but has the obvious downside of not having tons of HP. Zenonia 5 skills also have invincibility frames now, so that's a big plus for this class. Basically, you'll die if you're hit only a couple times (bosses do OHKO though) but can get out of most situations alive.

Stat Points

  • STR: DEF +2
  • INT: SP +20, ATT +6, HIT +0.14, CRTDMG +0.18 (CRI + <0.01 with CRI for INT)
  • DEX: Att +1, Hit +0.06, CRI +0.34, EVA +0.24
  • CON: HP +22, Def +2

(keep this stuff in mind in choosing your gear as well)

Based on the stats you get, STR is obviously a no-go. You can try full INT, for the most attack you can get, but obviously you’ll be lacking tons and tons of HP. 0.34 CRI per DEX isn’t too shabby either. I’d suggest something along the lines of pumping everything into INT, and when you start getting hit too hard up the CON. Then if I’m satisfied with my damage, maybe add a bit into DEX. Something like 5 INT 1 CON per level.

The [Damage] and [Approximate Skill Level 10 Damage] is there to help maybe compare the skills better. You can substitute your ATT into the 'formulas' and get an average damage to a single monster. If an attack is 'x aoe' that means you can hit everything in the vicinity.


So basically you’re going to want to choose 2 to 6 main attacks to fill your skill slots. If you don’t want to keep track of 6 attacks, you can just max out two and rarely (or never) have to switch to the second set of skill slots. The Wizard has a bunch of meh abilities in the lower levels; if you’re a perfectionist you’ll probably want to skip most of them and rely solely on your normal attack. I’d add into Mana Drain for a good “DPS” attack, one of the later AOE attacks to round up my two main attacks, and have Psychic Shield and Concentration to top it off. You can go about your stuff in many ways.

  • Teleport [Level 1] – Doesn’t seem very useful, you do some damage and teleport forward.

  • Psychic ball [Level 1] – Not good; you send out 3 projectiles.
    [Damage] (ATT 150% + 10 per skill level) x 1~2 hits x 3 balls
    [Approx Lvl 10 Damage] ATT x (240% ~ 480%) x 3 projectiles

  • Tornado [Level 5] – Half-decent attack aimed straight forward in a pretty thin line, only hits twice. If you can’t survive till level 25 for Mana Drain on just your normal attack then take this.
    [Damage] (ATT 250% + 15 per skill level) x 2 hits
    [Approx Lvl 10 Damage] ATT x (770%)

  • Force Wall [Level 5] – Not great, though you can use it for bosses if having any trouble by luring the boss into it and running around it so it keeps getting damaged.

  • Blessing of Wisdom [Level 5] – Worse than Psychic Shield [25]

  • Magic Arrow [Level 15] – Not as good as Concentrate [35] at boosting your normal attack (but you could use them in conjunction if you wanted)

  • Chain Lightning [Level 15] – Not as good as Mana Drain [25]
    [Damage] (ATT 280% + 20 per skill level) x 1 hit + DOT
    [Approx Lvl 10 Damage] ATT x (770%)

  • Mana Drain [Level 25] – Probably your best attack; it’s like chain lightning with better range that hits up to 10 times. There's a glitch (or it may be intentional) that you cancel out of the attack early by pressing a direction.
    [Damage] (ATT 80% + 5 per skill level) x 10 hits + DOT x 3 monsters.
    [Approx Lvl 10 Damage] ATT x (1250%) + DOT x 3 monsters

  • Psychic Shield [Level 25] – Take damage to your SP rather than your HP for a bit. This will save your life if you don’t have crazy HP gear or a lot of CON.Wizards always need a skill like this, c’mon now. Though even if you add 10 skill points, it’ll still only last 30 seconds.

  • Mental Break [Level 25] – Hits the whole screen once.Can be useful for drawing aggro because it has the longest range of all your attacks.
    [Damage] (ATT 550% + 50 per skill level) x 1 hit x aoe
    [Approx Lvl 10 Damage] ATT x (1000%) x aoe

  • Psychic Spin [Level 35] – Good AOE attack that goes in all 8 directions outward from your character while knocking everything back. A couple of hits though, around 2 to 4.
    [Damage] (ATT 200% + 12 per skill level) x 2-4 hits x aoe
    [Approx Lvl 10 Damage] ATT x (616%~1232%)

  • Concentration [Level 35] – Since most of the Wizard’s attacks are AOE’s and there is not a really great 1v1 skill.This upgrades your normal attack as that good 1v1 skill.

  • Starfall [Level 35] – Good AOE attack, the range is pretty small though. Monsters get hit around 4-8 times. It can be used an escape attack if you’re surrounded because monsters are staggered and slowed.
    [Damage] (ATT 120% + 10 per skill level) x 4-6 hits x aoe
    [Approx Lvl 10 Damage] ATT x (840%~1260%)

  • Psychic Storm [Level 45] – Another AOE, tons and tons of hits and follows monsters around damaging them but the initial range is pretty bad. Cooldown is super long too, so unless you love this attack, you’ll probably not want to level it up that much over the other AOEs.
    [Damage] (ATT 65% + 4 per skill level) x around 10 hits + Shock Damage DOT x 4 monsters
    [Approx Lvl 10 Damage] ATT x (~1010%) + DOT x 4 monsters

For Passives, add into what you’re lacking. Attack is always useful, and since the Wizard has not enough HP, Def/Con is necessary too. The first two [level 5] passives aren’t great unless you’re finding yourself to be very poor constantly. The last two are pretty good to add leftover points into.


Lvl 2 – Psychic Ball (1)
Lvl 3 to 4 – Save points
Lvl 5 – Tornado (1), ATT Increase (1), Force Wall (1)
Lvl 6 to 14 – ATT Increase (10)
Lvl 15 – Chain Lightning (1)
Lvl 16 to 24 – DEF Increase (9)
Lvl 25 – Mana Drain (1)
Lvl 26 – Psychic Shield (1)
Lvl 27 – Mental Break (1)
Lvl 28 to 34 – INT Increase (7)
Lvl 35 – Psychic Spin
Lvl 36 – Concentrate
Lvl 37 – Starfall

Then you can just max out your favorite skills. There are 108 skill points (Max level is 109 now) so my ending skills would be

Psychic Ball (1)
Tornado (1)
Force Wall (1)
Chain Lightning (1)
Mana Drain (10)
Mental Break (1)
Psychic Shield (1)
Psychic Spin (10)
Concentrate (10)
Starfall (10)
Psychic Storm (1)
ATT Increase (10)
DEF Increase (10)
CON Increase (10)
INT Increase (10)
Passive Master (10)
Devil’s Recovery (1)
Area Zero (10)

If you’re a perfectionist and don’t want to waste any points, then skip the first few skills and you’ll end up with something like this.

Chain Lightning (1)
Mana Drain (10)
Mental Break (1)
Psychic Shield (7)
Concentrate (10)
Starfall or Psychic Spin (10)
Psychic Storm (1)
ATT Increase (10)
DEF Increase (10)
CON Increase (10)
INT Increase (10)
Passive Master (10)
CRI per INT (10)
Devil’s Recovery (1)
Area Zero (5)

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Something like that.


  • Something you can do with your normal attack combo—it goes 3 small blasts then 1 big right? You can do the 3 small attacks, use a skill, then hit attack after the skill is over and the 1 big will still work. You know what I’m talking about lol, it can be useful.
  • HP Medicine is better than HP Potion (L) at around 2666 HP
  • SP Medicine is better than SP Potion (L) at around 3333 SP
  • Skill Reset costs 150 ZEN which is pretty cruel.
  • You can go into the Abyss once a day free, and the Wizard’s constant AOE works great for it.

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Magestart on May 17, 2017:

Hello im playing zenonia 5 right now and apparently i cant find the int increase in the passive so what can i substitute it with???

Tipper on November 04, 2016:

Hello! I'd like to share a Zenonia 5 tip

Samuel Franklin on September 09, 2015:

Haven't played past Zenonia 4 personally but I do find it to be one of the better experiences (and if I did play it would have to be as a mage). It might be time to get back into the franchise, thanks for the skill guide!

cube on May 01, 2014:

I think your zenonia 4 guide is way more better than this guide can't you make the guide like before

irman1111 on February 14, 2014:

wonderful .... add me

daniel d on January 27, 2013:

how do you enchant weapons and make them also what are the slots for and the stone things i need for them is there a guide on enchanting and making weapons

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