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Top 10 Servants in "Fate/Grand Order"

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Servants in Fate Grand Order

Servants in Fate Grand Order

Mastering Fate/Grand Order

Strategy naturally plays an important role in FGO, like picking whether between damage-increasing buster attacks, critical-increasing quick strikes, or Noble Phantasm-unlocking arts. Logging in daily also helps you complete quests and obtain bonuses.

But when all is said and done, to truly excel, you want the best heroic spirits at your side, and with over 400 available, picking between them can be overwhelming. To help you build your ultimate team, these are the ten strongest servants in Fate/Grand Order!

Mash Kyrielight

Mash Kyrielight

10. Mash Kyrielight

Class: Shielder
Noble Phantasm: Lord Camelot

Mash has several unique circumstances that set her apart from other servants. First of all, she's obtained immediately in story mode, giving her much better availability for leveling than today's other servants. She has the unique shielder class (neutral in every matchup), and is the only servant in the game to cost zero points for including in your formation, letting you distribute your limited points on other servants and upgrades.

So, it's more her situation than her attributes that justify her usage, but she's still a worthwhile ally. While weak offensively, she's great at defensive boosts, a useful tool to keep berserkers like Heracles alive long enough to wreak havoc.

Qin Shi Huang FGO

Qin Shi Huang FGO

9. Qin Shi Huang

Class: Ruler
Noble Phantasm: The Domination Beginning

Ruler class members naturally possess good endurance, but Qin's is unparalleled, largely due to his excellent Noble Phantasm. It makes him invincible for a turn, focuses enemy fire on him, and strengthens both his critical rate and damage.

Coupled with is excellent Eternal Reign skill, which increases his NP gauge, removes debuffs, and heals HP, Qin offers an amazing wall who deals respectable damage. His effects mostly benefit himself, so you might want him as a sub-member swapped in when other allies die, as he performs excellently solo.

Jack the Ripper FGO

Jack the Ripper FGO

8. Jack the Ripper

Class: Assassin
Noble Phantasm: Maria the Ripper

Assassins aren't as strong as other classes in damage output, but they offer other benefits. In Jack's case, it's her unrivaled critical-star accumulation, easily the best in game. Quick chains with her can accumulate over 40 of these, giving your team practically guaranteed criticals on the next turn. Despite emphasizing quick strikes over arts moves, Jack also fills her NP meter quickly, making her a useful boss killer.

This is especially true against female servants, who take extra damage from her NP Maria, so Jack's a servant you may want to swap in and out depending on your target's gender.

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Achilles FGO

Achilles FGO

7. Achilles

Class: Rider
Noble Phantasm: Troias Tragōidia

Naturally-high base stats give Achilles an early edge, as he's both a powerhouse and tank. He's especially skilled at delivering quick strikes, and since his hit multiple times, he rapidly fills his NP gauge with the Diatrekhōn Astēr Lonkhē skill. This lets him swiftly and repeatedly utilize Troias, a brutal ultimate that blasts all enemies.

Defensively, Achilles wields Andreíos Amárantos, which gives him temporary invincibility followed by boosted defense. There really aren't many weaknesses to the Greek hero; like all riders, he's weaker against archers (as befits his famed heel), but strong against casters, which we'll soon see many of.

Nero Claudius (Bride)

Nero Claudius (Bride)

6. Nero Claudius (Bride)

Class: Saber
Noble Phantasm: Fax Caelestis

Not to be confused with her other forms, Nero Bride offers both a useful support unit and fearsome damage-dealer. Her skills only affect one ally, but they're useful buffs that heal and increase NP gain, crit stat drops, attack, and defense!

If she chooses her own NP gauge to increase, she'll quickly access her impressive Caelestis ultimate, which scores huge damage on one enemy while also inflicting burn, lowered defense, and lowered crit rate. Like Achilles, her versatility lets her fit well in nearly any team.

Altria Pendragon( Archer)

Altria Pendragon( Archer)

5. Altria Pendragon (Archer)

Class: Archer
Noble Phantasm: Excalibur Viviane

Fans might laugh at the idea of servant variants in beach attire, but Altria's archer form proves they're just as competent, sometimes more so. Similarly to Nero, Altria excels as both a support and damage-dealer, especially with her incredible ability to reuse her Noble Phantasm, which hits a single enemy, reduces their NP gauge, and partially refills her own if overcharged.

Meanwhile, she's also a team player thanks to skills that buff everyone's attack, defense, and arts effectiveness, further increasing her NP looping. My only complaint is her heal skill Beach House Protection (yes, that's it's name) has the trade-off of lowering her NP gauge, but that's a nitpick on a great unit.

Tamamo-no-Mae FGO

Tamamo-no-Mae FGO

4. Tamamo-no-Mae

Class: Lancer
Noble Phantasm: Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu

Tamamo has a clear team in mind: arts-based squads that help her consistently utilize her Noble Phantasm. When overcharged, it provides enormous team-wide boosts of healing, reduced skill cooldowns, and increased NP meters. Coupled with her Fox Blessing skill, which increased an ally's arts effectiveness for three turns, you can rapidly unleash and reuse your trio's Noble Phantasms.

Tamamo is less useful on buster and quick groups, but in her element, she's easily one of the game's best heroic spirits.

Zhuge Liang El-Melloi II

Zhuge Liang El-Melloi II

3. Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II)

Class: Caster
Noble Phantasm: Unreturning Formation

Waver Velvet becomes this devastating servant, whose versatile buffs energize any team. Two of his skills affect the entire team, increasing defense, attack, and NP meter.

Those are simply awesome boosts, and Zhuge's own NP is pretty nice; it doesn't inflict direct damage, but damages over time via curse, decreases defense, enemy NP charge, and has a chance to stun for a turn. Zhuge's one weakness is a lack of healing, but as long as an ally can provide it, he's an excellent support for extended matches.

Scathach-Skadi FGO

Scathach-Skadi FGO

2. Scathach-Skadi

Class: Caster
Noble Phantasm: Gate of Skye

Scathach has little damage-dealing herself, but compensates with phenomenal supports geared towards quick attacks and NP boosting. Her Primordial Rune skill increases an ally's quick strength and critical damage, drastically boosting their offense. Shivering Blizzard decreases enemy crit rate and defense while Allfather's Wisdom heavily boosts any ally's NP gauge.

You can use this on Scathach herself to quickly employ Gate of Skye. It deals no damage, but gives team-wide critical strength, evade, and death immunity, making it surprisingly deadly.

Merlin FGO

Merlin FGO

1. Merlin

Class: Caster
Noble Phantasm: Garden of Avalon

King Arthur's famed teacher lives up to his reputation and then some, providing amazing supports, especially to buster-oriented teams. His first two skills provide extra attack, critical rate, critical damage, NP refills, and temporary invincibility to all allies, everything an aggro unit could ask for.

His third, Hero Creation, only affects one ally, but boosts their buster damage, max HP, and critical strength. With his NP boosts, it shouldn't take long to unlock Garden of Avalon, which doesn't damage but gives your team gradual HP and NP recovery.

In short, use another servant to actually damage foes while Merlin gives them nearly every boost in the game.

Unlocking Servants in Fate/Grand Order

Today we saw the game's most worthwhile units, but other than Mash, unlocking them will take time (or money). You get some free summons every day, but these only work up to 3-star servants; getting the real prizes requires Saint Quartz.

You'll slowly but steadily acquire it by logging in consecutively, completing daily quests, and furthering the story, and once you have enough, you can spend it for random higher-star servants. But for now, vote for your favorite ally and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown!

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