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9 Ways to Get More Silver in "Black Desert Mobile"


9 Ways to Get More Silver in Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is no doubt one of the top trending mobile games for iOS and Android in 2020. Other than the game’s very detailed character customization, it also offers a vast range of features that will surely entice its players.

As for those who are fairly new to the game, you might have noticed by now that one of the game’s most widely used currency is silver. With it, you can purchase almost anything that you’ll need. You can purchase potions, black stones, gears, and even rare costumes for your character! That’s if you are quick enough to acquire them off the marketplace before someone else does!

Now, don't be surprised if at some point your demand for silver will increase. As you continue to level up in the game, you will need more expensive items, especially more powerful gears. So how will you cope with your increasing demand for silver when you are barely even making ends meet?

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can increase your silver stash. Many of these you can do with just your main account. Here are some of them.

1. Quests

Doing quests is probably the easiest way to obtain silver. The amount of silver reward will vary per quest. If you want more silver rewards, the game also has what it calls as “Black Spirit Quests” and “Repeatable Quests,” which you can easily complete even if you’re offline.

2. Daily Tasks

In Black Desert Mobile, there is a fixed list of tasks that resets daily. For every task you complete, you will be rewarded with silver which often comes together with other rewards like black stones and black pearls. Make sure to complete all daily tasks if you want to maximize your silver benefits.

3. Ancient Ruins

To enter the ancient ruins, you will need a fixed set of ancient tablets that you can obtain in the game in a variety of ways like killing mobs and doing node runs. The number of rewards you’ll get will increase if you enter and complete higher chambers. Ancient Ruins usually rewards its players with various loot, gold coins, and a decent amount of silver.

4. Boss Rush

Defeating various kinds of bosses is definitely one of the most rewarding activities you can do in the game. Aside from obtaining higher grade black stones and gold coins, you will also be rewarded with a decent amount of silver which usually ranges from 40,000 silver to over a hundred thousand silver per single boss battle (without any multiplier). The amount of silver you will get will also vary depending on the boss level.

5. Marketplace

The Marketplace is definitely one of the best places to earn a good amount of silver. Here, you can polish your trading skills by selling various items like gears, potions, skill books, resources, and enhancements. If you've got a unique gear or higher that you're not really using, better sell it and use the heaps of silver that you will get from it to buy better gear.

6. Local Trade Merchants

When hunting for mobs, they will drop various loot that you can trade at local NPCs. Hunt for mobs that usually gives about 100% to 200% of drop rate for which items you can easily sell at 200 silver each or even higher.

Tip: Look at your map area information for places with high loot level and loot drops. Note down and compare the prices of special loot that you'll get from various mobs. Hunt for those mobs that drops high priced special loots.

7. Delivery Goods

At some point in your camp, you will be able to craft certain trade goods that you can sell at local merchants. These are known as delivery goods. For every item that you can successfully deliver, you will be rewarded with silver. The amount of silver that you will receive varies upon the rarity of the item. Some items are easy to craft while some would require certain materials that are hard to find. The rarer the item is, the more expensive it will be.

8. Black Spirit Mode

The Black Spirit Mode is a great way to earn not only silver but also other sellable loot while you are offline. The key to gaining more loot while on this mode is that you must have enough potions for your character so it won’t die and you must clear off your inventory so that you’ll have enough slots to assign to your collected loot. Without buff, you can enable Black Spirit Mode for three hours.

You should also make sure that your pets are well fed. Hungry pets won't pick up loot so you're going to miss a lot of good loot just for being an irresponsible pet owner.

9. Field of Valor (Event)

The Field of Valor is a new battlefield event that will certainly get you lots of silver. That's because one of its main loot drops, Dull Traces of Valor, can be sold at 1,185 silver each! To enter this new battlefield, you are required to exchange 3 tokens of Valor and have a minimum CP of 2400. You also need to form a party of 5 to enter.

What's great about this battlefield is you get to fight the mobs as a group and all party members can receive rewards regardless of who defeated the monster or boss. The whole battle will last for only 30 minutes but during that time, you will definitely be satisfied with the rewards that you'll obtain once the battle is over.

Just make sure to empty out your inventory first before you enter the battle as you need to aim to get as many rewards as possible.

Note that the Field of Valor is an in-game event that only appears for a limited time. So whenever this event appears on your next game update, you better take the full advantage out of it!

More Ways to Earn?

Of course, there are still plenty of ways to earn more silver. I will add more in the upcoming days so be sure to follow or bookmark this article for new additions and content updates.

Are you currently playing Black Desert Mobile? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences about it.

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