10 Games Like "Summertime Saga" That Are Actually Worth Playing

Updated on April 11, 2020
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If you enjoyed "Summertime Saga", these games should give you a good time too.
If you enjoyed "Summertime Saga", these games should give you a good time too. | Source

Summertime Saga – The Best Dating Simulation Game

Summertime Saga is undoubtedly one of the most realistic dating games you will ever come across. Many people already played this game twice because they couldn’t get over the excitement. Do you also love Summertime Saga? If yes, you would be desperately searching for Summertime Saga alternatives. Fortunately, there are several games that offer just as much fun.

Games Similar to Summertime Saga

  1. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter
  2. Ladykiller in a Bind
  3. Coming Out on Top
  4. Sisterly Lust
  5. Dreaming of Dana
  6. Lab Rats
  7. Amber’s Magic Shop
  8. A Town Uncovered
  9. Harem Party
  10. Crusoe Had It Easy

1. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter comes closest to matching the gameplay of Summertime Saga. However, the storyline is entirely different. The game starts with your character living in a bossy family. You are about to leave your house when all of a sudden you see there is too much snow around. The snow thickens, making it impossible for you to leave the house. You are stuck with the family you hate indoors. What will you do? This game has multiple endings, depending on the choice you make during your adventure, making the game more interesting.

2. Ladykiller in a Bind

If lesbian games excite you, look no further. Ladykiller in a Bind is one of the best substitutes for Summertime Saga. It looks more like a lesbian dating app but has an intense storyline. From the narration to the dialogue, this game is so realistic that you will feel like you are the main character. You need to make decisions in the game carefully to make it more interesting. Like Summertime Saga, this game also has multiple endings.

3. Coming Out on Top

If you are a dude searching for games like Summertime Saga to download, Coming Out on Top will not fail to impress. It is an entirely man’s game with male interactions and opinions. However, the storyline isn't limited to masculinity. It also delves into the various walks of life a man has to go through. You will play the part of Mark Matthews, a man who has struggled to find significance in his life. He is now ready to search for guys to team up with and change his fate.

4. Sisterly Lust

As cheesy as it sounds, the game is quite intense with a strong storyline. This free game like Summertime Saga already has tons of followers, especially females. Although the name sounds sexy, the game has a tragic story.

It starts with your character’s father losing a case in custody. This incident separates you from your mother and sisters. Your father considers you as a burden and treats you poorly. Your mother rescues you from the mess, and you reunite with your sisters. But your sisters have become sexier in those few years. You now have an inferiority complex. What will you do? The decisions you make will dictate your future.

5. Dreaming of Dana

The gameplay is slightly different in this game, but the theme is similar to Summertime Saga. You have to play the role of a spoilt child of a rich father. Your father allows you to join his business. During your office days, you meet Dana, one of the hottest girls in town. She turns out to be your sister. You dream about her every day. But how will you impress her? You will have to play the game to find out Dreaming of Dana has many mini-games that allow you to progress to the next level.

6. Lab Rats

If you are a science geek and loved Summertime Saga, you will not want to miss Lab Rats. This game has a story revolving around a chemical lab. Your character works on various chemical solutions and formulas. You need to solve all your problems in the game to proceed. If you can’t solve something, you always have the option to sleep with other characters, thus improving your chemical romance. Lab Rats have clear-cut dialogues and an excellent storyline that keeps you engaged for hours.

7. Amber’s Magic Shop

If you liked Summertime Saga, you would also love Amber’s Magic Shop. With so many games like Summertime Saga for Android and iOS available, it is hard to select the best. But Amber’s Magic Shop is the closest to being perfect. You need to delve into the magical world of Amber, the protagonist of the game.

Amber, an elf alchemist, starts her journey in Isilia, the city where she continues her mage training. As an elf alchemist, she doesn’t necessarily stand out from the rest. And that’s the beauty of the game. She will fall in love with both men and women in the city. This is a must-play game for everyone who loved Summertime Saga. The exciting plots will make you stay hooked on your phone for hours.

8. A Town Uncovered

What happens when you visit a new town? You meet new people, uncover various places in the locality, and mix with your neighbors. A Town Uncovered has all these and many more. The game starts with your character, a senior high school student, landing in a new town.

Your character slowly finds out that the town is full of people who accept public lust socially. What will you do? This semi-erotic game is quite similar to Summertime Saga. Your choices throughout the game will decide its outcome. It has multiple endings, thus keeping you guessing what may happen next.

9. Harem Party

Want to get naughty at a party? This role-playing game is just what you need. It has a close resemblance to Summertime Saga in terms of story. You will play the part of Moruiji Haru, a video gamer. The game starts with your character playing games on his computer. But suddenly, the characters of that game start popping out from his computer screen. They arrive in party clothes, and soon you see the setting of the game change. You hear loud music and see disco lights everywhere, and it's clear that a huge party is about to come to life.

Your character needs to interact with others to progress in the game. There's absolutely no holds barred in this party, and the other characters will keep tempting you to do things you haven't thought of doing before.

10. Crusoe Had It Easy

Taboo relationships are always controversial. But for those involved in one, they often say that love is all that matters. This game follows such a relationship. You and your cousin, Sophie, find yourselves abandoned on an island. This is not a survival game, but it is darker than you think. Will you give in to temptations or follow your heart and respect your family rules? This game also has multiple endings, depending on what you choose along the way.

Start Creating Your Own Story

There is hardly any game that can match the brilliance of Summertime Saga. But these games are close enough to give Summertime Saga a run for its money.

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      ez as 123 

      2 months ago

      How do you not get that Summertime is an open world dating game with animated scenes. People like Summertime because it isn't a visual novel like half the titles you recommended.

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      2 months ago

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      How can i go about downloading the app summertime saga.


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