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"Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" App Guide & Review

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Altered screenshot from "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery"

Altered screenshot from "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery"

The Magic of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a fresh, new take on the Harry Potter series, and the RPG-style game is currently free to play in the Google Play and App store.

The Harry Potter series remains one of the most successful and nostalgic franchises in history, and finally, there's an app to match that feeling.

This in-depth guide will explore the app's gameplay, characters, spells, and other hidden secrets. I'll also include my final review addressing the best and worst features as well as potential future updates to this wildly successful game.

So let's cast a spell and enter the magical world of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Altered screenshot from "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery"

Altered screenshot from "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery"

Create Your Own Witch or Wizard

When you start the game, the first thing you'll be asked to do is create your avatar. Your avatar will serve as the main protagonist in this story, so be as creative as you can.

Here are some of the physical traits and attire that can be changed.

  • Facial structure/skin tone
  • Nose shape
  • Eye shape and color
  • Eyebrow thickness
  • Lip thickness and color
  • Hair color and style
  • Shirt
  • Robe
  • Pants
  • Glasses/Jewelry
  • Avatar Name (available later)

You'll also be asked whether you want to be a witch or wizard, which can't be changed later. The gender you choose will affect the gender of your main sidekick (male-male sidekick, female-female sidekick).

The style of your robe and some accessories will also vary depending on the house you're placed into a bit later in the game.

If you're unhappy with your avatar, then you can always go back and change them. To access your character's edit settings during the game, just tap the hanger button located on the bottom right of your game's screen. You can subsequently hit the "revert" button on the bottom of your layout/edit screen to change your avatar back to how they looked before.

Within the layout, you can also buy different hair, clothing, and accessories with coins/gems or unlock them by leveling up your character. Additionally, each piece you buy will increase your attribute points (see: "How to Use Your Stats").

There's a limit to how many options you can choose from, and new items may be pricey, but don't let that stop you from making your witch or wizard be the talk of Hogwarts.

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Basic Gameplay

If you love Harry Potter but you're not a gamer, then this is the perfect app for you.

The gameplay is very basic, and it mostly involves taps, tracing lines on screen, and trivia. Timing and accuracy are key to completing most tasks, though some Harry Potter knowledge will help too.

How to Cast Spells (Plus Tap to Focus)

In this game, you'll naturally be casting a lot of spells, but luckily, they're all easy to perform.

To cast a spell, you'll have to trace the shape of the incantation on your game's screen with a stylus or your finger.

Some spells will require you to execute them accurately and quickly, while others can be completed at your own pace.

During lessons, however, you'll have to perform the gestures perfectly on your first attempt to get points towards your stats. Not all of these gestures will technically be spells, but the line tracing will be similar to them.

You may also be asked to tap the screen when an expanding ring shows up (called Tap to Focus). In this scenario, you just have to tap the screen when the enlarging ring is fully inside the ringed-circle to get more stat points.

How to Use Your Stats

Your character has three main stats that get leveled up throughout the game, and they include:

  • Courage: Shield Symbol
  • Empathy: Heart Symbol
  • Knowledge: Book Symbol

Those stats can be leveled up by completing assignments, answering questions correctly, and responding accordingly. Sometimes if your stats aren't high enough, you may even be locked out of a response choice.

To level up your stats more quickly, you should pick reply choices that use your stats, do well on your lessons, and make careful selections when talking with other characters.

In particular, there are friendship tasks that award bonus points if you make the correct responses. These tasks can also level up your friendships, which award you with gems, coins, and house points (more House Cup info in "How to Advance from Year 1 section").

Harry Potter Trivia

Occasionally you'll be asked questions that relate to the lessons you've learned as well as basic Harry Potter trivia. These aren't too difficult, but it helps to know a bit about the Potter-verse.

You'll often come across these during lessons, and correct responses will boost your stats just like spells, gestures, and taps do. On rare occasions, the selections you make could negatively affect your house points (more on that in "How to Advance from Year 1 section").

How to Duel

As you advance further, you'll eventually learn several different spells and potions that you can use in duels. Charms will have to be traced on your screen after selecting them.

Each charm/potion has a different effect like healing, stun ability, or stamina reduction, so take advantage of their capabilities.

The actual dueling gameplay boils down to a simple rock, paper, scissors game that uses an aggressive stance, a defensive stance, and a sneaky stance.

In this challenge, defense beats aggressive, sneaky beats defensive, and aggressive beats sneaky. Duels will cost you coins, and the outcome of your stance picks is mostly random, but since opponents tend to repeat stances, duels are easy to win (most take three hits).

Duels are pretty rare in this game, and I've only come across a few since playing, but they provide a nice change of pace in what's otherwise repetitive gameplay. They're also a great way to get more rewards.

Year 1–2 Charms and Potions

Potions (Year Learned)Charms (Year Learned)

Herbicide Potion (1)

Lumos (1)

Sleeping Draught (1)

Expelliarmus (1)

Wiggenweld Potion (1)

Rictusempra (1)

Cure for Boils Potion (1)

Wingardium Leviosa (1) Alohomora (1)

Fire-Breathing Potion (2)

Flipendo (1) Nox (1)

Strengthening Solution (2)

Reducio (2) Episkey (2)

Fire Protection Potion (2)

Engorgio (2)

Swelling Solution (2)

Incendio (2)

The Spells, Potions, and Lessons at Hogwarts (Year 1+2)

The world of Harry Potter is filled with dozens of spells, potions, and other important lessons that vary from odd to spectacular.

Here are all of the early charms, potions, lessons, their effects, and what rewards you'll receive when you unlock them in case you're curious.

Year One Charms

Lumos: Provides illumination from the tip of the caster's wand

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Expelliarmus: The duelist's go-to charm, it relieves an opponent of his or her wand

Rewards: Usable in dueling

Rictusempra: Great for tickling anyone in your path, friend or foe

Rewards: Usable in dueling

Wingardium Leviosa: Makes objects float in the air

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Alohomora: Known as the Thief's Friend, this charm unlocks and opens sealed doors

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Flipendo: Knocks back the caster's target

Rewards: Usable in dueling

Nox: Extinguishes the light at the end of the caster's wand

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Year One Potions

Cure for Boils Potion: A must-know for any teenage wizard

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Wiggenweld Potion: A complex healing potion of some renown

Rewards: Usable in dueling

Sleeping Draught: Can put anyone to sleep, but will not cure snoring

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Herbicide Potion: Kills or damages plants

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Year Two Charms

Engorgio: Enlarges an object, subject to an over-zealous cast

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Incendio: Conjures a blast of flame that can set anything alight

Rewards: Usable in dueling

Episkey: Heals small cuts and mends broken bones

Rewards: Usable in dueling

Reducio: Shrinks an object to diminutive size

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Year Two Potions

Fire-Breathing Potion: Allows the imbiber to shoot a jet of flame from his or her mouth

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Strengthening Solution: Increases the drinker's strength

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Fire Protection Potion: Lets the drinker move through flames unscathed

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

Swelling Solution: Causes whatever it touches to swell in size

Rewards: 5 gems when unlocked

All of these charms and potions supply rewards when unlocked and some can be used in dueling, but they're not the only things you'll learn.

As you progress from year to year, you'll unlock new lessons that will be used to advance the story.

Year 1-2 Flying Lessons

The first important lessons you'll learn in the game outside of spells and potions will be flying courses.

You won't use them very much beyond the Training Grounds, but they're incredibly important because they increase your energy limit (learn more in "How to Gather & Save Energy" section) and help advance the plot.

In year one you'll learn how to magically summon your broom, mount your broom, and perform basic liftoff/landing exercises.

In year two you'll learn how to speed/glide through the air and turn quickly while flying.

Year 2 Transfigurations

Transfigurations will be very important in year two, and there are five of them you'll have to learn.

These shape-shifting spells include:

  • Revelio: Revealing spell that shows the true nature of Transfigured people and objects
  • Reparifarge: Reverses the effects of a Transfiguration
  • Reparo: Repairs broken objects
  • Porcupine to Pin Cushion: Transforms a porcupine to a pin cushion
  • Spongify: Softens the target area or object

Each of these will reward you with five gems when they're discovered. You'll also be able to see the spells in action through lively animated visuals that show a true sense of what each does.

Year 3 Lessons


Antidote to Common Poisons

Finite Incantatem


Mice to Snuffbox


Wideye Potion

Petrificus Totalus

Valerian Sprigs

Owl to Opera Glasses







Forgetfulness Potion


Dried Nettles



Babbling Beverage





Hogwarts Mystery: Year 3

As you enter Year 3, the lessons you'll learn will primarily expand on past courses, however; the addition of herbology with Professor Sprout will open up brand new adventures and exciting encounters.

Here are some of the objects you'll be working with.