10 Tips to Win Free Money With the "That's Right!" Trivia App

Updated on December 14, 2018
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How to Win Money With That's Right! Mobile App

That's right, no download fees or hidden costs for, well, That's Right! This completely free app combines the fun of trivia with the thrill (but not risk) of gambling, rewarding your random knowledge with money. How does it work? Multiple days a week at 8:15 P.M. (in central time), the live show begins and asks player a series of ten multiple choice questions. If you answer them all correctly, you and the other winners share the prize money, which usually ranges between eight and fifteen dollars.

Not a king's sum, but hard to complain when it's free cash, right? Additionally, even if you missed some of the questions, every right answer earns tickets that give entries in each show's lottery drawing, where one lucky winner earns a few thousand dollars! So, how can you increase your chances of netting some serious dough? Here are ten tips to master That's Right!

That's Right! Mobile App
That's Right! Mobile App

1. Play the Practice Quizzes for Tickets

Even outside the show, you can still play practice quizzes on the app. Not only is this a good way to kill time on your break at work, it offers several benefits. First, some of the questions used in these trial runs will eventually appear in the show's questions, and if you've seen them before, hopefully you'll remember the correct answers.

Even better, playing the practice quizzes (which are fast at just ten questions with no hosting) earns tickets that increase your odds of winning the lotto. As of this writing, there isn't any limit on how many times you can do this per day, so feel free to continuously stock up on tickets. Additionally, the questions in the practice runs tend to be easier, sometimes arriving in a true/false format (which gives a 50% guess rate even if you don't know the answer) or offering ridiculous answer choices that you can easily eliminate. Still, be careful with true/false, as sometimes "false" will be displayed first, so don't hastily hit the top button and assume it's "true".

Play together for a better shot at winning
Play together for a better shot at winning

2. Play With Friends and Family

The more brains you have around you, the more you can help each other out with the questions. Whether your partners in crime have the app too just happen to be in the same room, exploit, er, persuade them to help you score free cash.

As smart as you are, other people know things you don't, and the more heads, the better your chances of correctly answering ten questions in a row. As a bonus, every person who downloads the app and cites your username as a referral will grant you extra tickets for your next lotto, increasing your odds of winning the jackpot.

You don't have time for search engines in That's Right!
You don't have time for search engines in That's Right!

3. Don't Try to Search the Answers

I know what you're thinking, but trust me, you just don't have time to Google the questions. Each query gives about five seconds to answer, enough leeway for people in the room to quickly communicate, but not enough for you to accurately type, load, and decipher the info online.

Not only is this unsporting, you simply don't have enough seconds for it to work—even if you don't know, it's better to utilize your limited time by thinking the question over and making your best guess.

A question in That's Right!
A question in That's Right!

4. Guess and Use Process of Elimination

Seems obvious, but even if you have absolutely no clue, the questions are multiple choice with four options, meaning you have a 25% chance of stumbling into the right answer. You might be able to rule some choices out—often outliers can be discarded. For instance, maybe you don't know whether the percentage of home-owning American adults who brush their teeth daily is 60 or 70%, but you could probably disregard 30%.

The clock's ticking, so don't dally with your response. That said, even with time remaining, you can't change your answer in That's Right! once picked, so be ready to commit when you choose.

Some of That's Right's potential topics

5. Know Your Group's Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the app's coolest features is that participants vote between two broad categories for most questions, letting you tailor them to suit your strengths. You might be outvoted by other gamers, but you never know—I've seen 50-50 splits where those last couple votes made the difference.

If you're playing around friends and family, try gauging their strengths (if not ahead of time, then gradually as you play) so you'll know where your best chances lie. For instance, I'm strong in science and math, yet weak at sports-related trivia—but my brothers excel in it, meaning I might select if they're around. Still, as useful as groups are, don't be afraid to choose a different answer than your allies if you're confident they're mistaken—sometimes people's choices aren't as accurate as they think, and if your instincts steer you elsewhere, don't hesitate to trust them.

You've already got them; put 'em to good use
You've already got them; put 'em to good use

6. Follow That's Right! on Social Media for Clues

Usually, one of each show's ten questions will be announced ahead of time on the various social media platforms for That's Right!, affording avid fans an advantage in the coming game.

Don't feel too pressured, as these tend to be some of the easier questions, and even if you haven't been keeping up, you still have a decent shot at correctly answering them. But if you don't mind a quick checkup, you're that much closer to payout.

ADT is a sponsor of That's Right!
ADT is a sponsor of That's Right!

7. Pay Attention to Mid-Game Ads

I know, I know, ads are lame. But hey, the app needs to amass money somehow, and its brief (less than 30 seconds) mid-show ads keep it running. But don't just mute your phone and pick your nose during that time; pay attention, as the next question will ask you something about the ad, usually related to prices or slogans.

Bam; as long as someone in your group paid attention, you've scored a freebie. As a bonus, these questions are often recycled (since the app's sponsors are fairly consistent), meaning you'll encounter ad-related questions you've previously seen and should already know the answer to. In fact, on both ad and non-ad questions, when you guess wrong, the app will tell you the right choice, and if you ever see that question again, your memory can hopefully recall the correct answer.

Sometimes 2+2 really is 4
Sometimes 2+2 really is 4

8. Don't Talk Yourself Out of Easy Answers

I'm not saying there aren't ever trick questions, but don't make yourself miss a freebie just because it looks too good to be true. For instance, one query I recently saw asked "What type of water do saltwater crocodiles live in?" And wouldn't you know it, the answer was indeed "salt water". Shocker, I know.

But one of my friends was just sure it had to be a trap and missed it, thinking "fresh water" might be right. True, tricky questions do arise on occasion, so don't automatically opt for the obvious or immediately-recognized answer, but sometimes easy questions really are just easy questions.

That's Right! screens
That's Right! screens

9. Speed Earns More Tickets

In the very small time frame given, I like to swiftly confer with my group even if I think I know the answer, just to be safe. That said, the faster you answer, the more tickets you earn per question (assuming you answer correctly), giving you extra chances to win the lotto prize. Remember, even if you've been eliminated from the shared pool, you can still amass tickets with right answers, so hope's not lost.

Personally, I'll gladly sacrifice a few extra tickets for additional seconds of thinking/group deliberation time, but if you see something and just know it's right, go ahead and immediately lock in your vote to earn more raffle tickets. Also note that continuous correct answers boost your ticket multiplier, so the longer your chain, the better your lotto odds.

Don't get too greedy, hotshot
Don't get too greedy, hotshot

10. Cash Out Immediately

Similarly to how participants vote on categories, once you've correctly answered the initial ten questions, ongoing contestants vote on whether to immediately cash out and split the pile, or answer more trivia (until a majority declines), eliminating additional players to increase the remainder's winnings.

Admittedly, you and your group can be outvoted, but my best advice here is not to get greedy: always vote to cash out immediately. Better twelve bucks in hand than a shot at fifteen where you risk losing everything. And maybe I'm just paranoid when I have actual earnings I stand to lose, but I'd swear these final questions tend to be more difficult; press your luck with caution.

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That's Right! App Review

When my friends first told me about this app, I admit I was skeptical, but it really is free money earned by having fun and answering trivia. With an easy-to-use format, consistent showtimes, and daily hints, That's Right! does as much as it can to boost our odds of landing some extra spending cash.

My one critique is that the show's various hosts could work on their charisma and jokes, but that's a nitpick that hardly detracts from the several positives of this money-scoring game. But for now, share your thoughts on That's Right! and I hope to see you at its next evening show!

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      • Eurofile profile image

        Liz Westwood 

        17 months ago from UK

        I haven't come across anything like this in the UK. Although I guess there probably is somewhere as TV quiz shows are very popular.


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