19 Best Offline Mobile Games for Bored People

Updated on July 4, 2020
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With a Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology degree, Darius was a former high school literary and feature writer.

Choose your game. Play hard, work hard. Get swept under their stories. Photo by Balázs Kétyi on Unsplash
Choose your game. Play hard, work hard. Get swept under their stories. Photo by Balázs Kétyi on Unsplash | Source

Always Look for New Games to Play

Sometimes, when we're feeling lazy and bored, we often open our application stores to look for interesting games to waste our time on. But there sometimes there aren't anything in there that can pique your attention, or your thirst for that enjoyment you're looking for. Well, look no further because this list will give you those interesting Android and iOS games that will have you playing for months or even years.

1. Arcade Mayhem Juanito

Developer: Game Ever Studio

I had my doubts with this game at first, but oh boy, after playing this game, it deserves a lot of attention. I mean, it's a 2D, retro-style game with such good graphics it almost resembles a game you would play on an arcade. The title of the game may sound funny, but don't let it fool you because this game's jam-packed with lots of action and excitement.

Remember those arcade games you used to play when you were a kid? What if the games got infected with a "disease" or aliens from space and turned it all topsy-turvy? Arcade Mayhem Juanito is an arcade adventure full of fun and crazy challenges, frenzy action, and retro love. Enjoy the story of Juanito and his unexpected friend Gluk trying to protect the old retro video games from those slimy and dangerous Clonocells. Unlock new weapons and powerups to pop your enemies, dash to avoid being hit, collect stars, and feel awesome.

After several weeks of continuous playing, I managed to complete all the eight different and classic games, all 80 levels, each with its unique challenging method that would make you go back to those good ole' days. And believe me, I thought they would be pretty easy, but as you progress through the levels, the level of the challenge also increases, which makes this game pretty impressive.


2. Bug Butcher

Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc.

Jumping from the past into the future, where humans can now travel lightyears in space and create new colonies, here we have a game that will bug you every time you're defeated.

The Bug Butcher is an intense action shoot-'em-up game wrapped in stylistic 2D art and smeared with juvenile humor where timing and fierce reflexes are paramount in protecting your fragile, squishy body!

The gameplay has an extremely simple core mechanic that is easy to understand but subjectively hard to master. Plus, who doesn’t love a universe where you wield a beefy arsenal of military-grade weaponry to annihilate varieties of alien bugs and insects.

The core mechanics hold old ties from the classic arcade shooters, where you shoot vertically, but with modern-day twists. You are Harry, a brash and tenacious exterminator who has a knack for decimating bugs. Along with different and very challenging levels with lots of gun power-ups to help you along the way.

3. Candy Crush Friends Saga

Developer: King

As I've told you before, I've been playing Candy Crush Saga years ago in while it's on Facebook and it's still one of the most well-known mobile games up to this day. They also released Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga. With this new saga, your journey continues to the land of tasty and sweet with a more updated and beautiful graphics, and also—friends! The "friends" in the game help you as you go through levels and it's your choice to choose which friend who would want to help you. But don't worry, they made sure that they put a "recommended" icon on top of them before starting a level.

If you're looking for something casual that doesn't require a lot of movement and energy, or just to pass the time, then this is your new game.

4. Cytus

Developer: Rayark International Limited

Cytus is a masterpiece; from the opening song to its chapters, to the songs of the chapters and the songs within the chapters. With over 200 songs and 400 variations, most of the music is originally composed by different artists, from soft ballad to hardcore rock, while most are instrumental that would just give you eargasms.

In the distant future, the only sentient beings in the world are robots. They are the last remnant of the human spirit. However, mankind is not dead. The technology that exists in this post-apocalyptic timeline is capable of transferring memories to these robots. But with limited space, new memories will gradually overwrite the old. To prevent the emotions in human memories from fading away, the robots resorted to converting the emotions to music and storing them in a place called Cytus. The robots use these songs to experience human emotion and dream that souls exist in each of them.

The gameplay of goes like this: a "scanline" or judgment line across your phone will move up and down, depending on the song's beat and speed, and notes (press note, long note, slide note) will appear as the song progress. Cytus gives that best SciFi feeling for music lovers, like me. And I love both SciFi and music.

The game is free to download and the first ten chapters and the Million Chapter are free as well. But each time you play a song, on each chapter, there's a waiting time of 30 seconds before you play it. It's your choice, though, if you want to unlock and purchase it's "full version," but that only disables the 30-second wait and the other chapters of the game are also purchasable at a reasonable price. But just imagine the tremendously hard work they put into the game, the beauty of the art and the beauty of sound and music. Nevertheless, if you ask me, you'll be playing this for months and would possibly never regret having to spend the money you've put into it.

5. Cytus II

Developer: Rayark International Limited

If Cytus is a masterpiece, then this game is the masterpiece of a masterpiece.

Set 500 to 700 years after the events of Cytus' storyline, this game introduces their chapters as characters in a world with super-advanced technology and the internet. The story starts from an event that wiped most of its audience's memories, and from then on the players follow these characters in uncovering the truth—or what the truth they thought was already been uncovered.

Each character in Cytus II has its genre and specialty of music—from pop, rock, classic, to instrumental and digital. Each character also has their storyline, but all of them are intertwined just one, big plot. The players could interact with their social media called "iM" by liking the posts, read each character's logs, and unfold a lot of secrets that would surely give you a shiver down your spine.

For now, version 3.00 and there are four free and playable characters at first and three more will be added as you progress through the game and their storyline. When I first downloaded it, a day after the release of the game, there were just three characters. You can pay to unlock the other characters as well as visit their "black market" to buy song packs to added new songs to particular characters. Each character can be leveled up after playing their songs, and each level up "gives another piece of the puzzle." After this version, it has been identified that there will be three alternate endings for the whole story and a possible future for another sequel of Cytus.

With such majestic art style, beautiful music, and engaging plot, you'll be waiting for this game's update for now and then. I know I have. They also hold sales sometimes, like anniversary sales, where you can buy chapters and/or song packs with discounts.

A bit of a tip, though, this game sometimes requires you to connect to the internet, especially if you haven't been playing it that often, but afterward it's 100% offline. You can also save your progress by syncing it with your Google account. Albeit Cytus, there's none of that 30-second wait on every song. You'll enjoy the game to the fullest even if you didn't even spend a single dollar. But if you'd like to purchase the other characters for their music and plot or purchase their song packs in their Black Market, that's your choice, but I can guarantee you that you'll still enjoy the game to its fullest.

This game follows its predecessor's gameplay, with new techy-like, "updated" graphics and new notes (slide note and longer press note), as well as a dynamic of the speed of the judgment line while you're playing a song (from normal to slowing to speeding and vice-versa) with an added difficulty mode called "Chaos." Another added difficulty is "Glitch" which are specific for chosen songs (by buying song packs or buying a CAPSO upgrade, which will randomly grant you other rewards).

Believe me, this game would never disappoint you.

6. Deemo

Developer: Rayark International Limited

Deemo gives you that calming yet vibrant atmosphere when you play their music. The gameplay of this game is almost the same as Cytus, but your judgment line's in place while notes fall on it, like playing the piano on your cellphone.

Deemo is a mystic character that lives in solitude, a castle, all by itself. A little girl falls from the sky, not knowing who she is, where she comes from. To help the little girl back to her world, Deemo comes to realize a tree keeps growing tall on top of the piano whenever it plays. What would Deemo do when it gets comfortable with the companionship it never had before? What if the little girl couldn't deal with the truth when she finally regains her seemingly lost memories?

You can download and play this game for free, but like Cytus, it also has that 30 seconds interval before you play a song on given free chapters, like the one above in the video. Although, if you choose to pay for the full version, it will be removed and you'll get the rest of the game's story as well as unlocking more songs in the free chapters.

Honestly, this game's ending had me bawling my eyes out. It also has chapters in which you can pay to play. When you do finish a song, growth will be added into a tree. It's like the level of the game. And as you progress through the game and its story, you'll appreciate the immense beauty of it.

7. The Fishercat

Developer: LoadComplete

Up for something fun and cute and cuddly? Then The Fisher Cat is here for you. The Fisher Cat is, basically, a cat with a harpoon that goes through different levels to go fishing. You can level your harpoon, buy new harpoons, and level your boat in order to move to different levels. The mechanics and controls of the game are very, very easy and enjoyable. You'll spend hours playing it without even noticing. You'll see and catch different types of fish, and I think they just added an "Atlantis" level, to which I have never reached yet. They also added an aquarium where you can decorate, which I think is pretty neat.


8. Geometry Dash

Developer: RobTop Games

Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based platform game where the only goal is to reach the finish line of every level. That's it. Seems easy, right? Well... if you accidentally bump into something pointy or made a terrible mistake, you'll have to repeat all over again. The levels are near impossible to beat, especially the harder ones, but not impossible whatsoever. Also, it has a practice mode so you can check the level first before going in and striving until you get to its finish line.

This game enhances your hand, eye, timing, memorization, and tapping coordinations while listening to different, lively, and heart-racing music all at once. Each level has its variety of difficulty and methods where you need to memorize and practice first just to finish the level. I've beaten several of their levels, but not the hardest ones, of course, the levels with a "Demon" insignia before opening the level. Your character, a 2D, customizable box, can change its gravity, appearance, method of transport, and even size depending on what portal it enters during in-game, but that's the thing that makes it difficult and almost arcade-ish. You'll be playing this for months just to master the moves and taps and you'll never grow tired of it.

Originally, there are two versions of the game: the Lite version, available for free, and the full version, the pay-to-download, where you can enjoy the game to the max because it offers more levels. This is a game of skills and practice because there are no in-game materials that would make you have to buy it just to win a certain level. You can also construct your own levels or play other player's levels online. If you're up for a challenging game with great music, this game's for you.

9. Happy Mall Story

Developer: Happy Labs

Ever dreamed of owning your own mall? Then this game's for you.

Happy Mall Story is a simulation game where you can manage your own mall by expanding it, adding more stalls upon levelling, unlocking new and cute mallgoers, as well as visit your friend's mall for references or "tips." You collect the coins from the stalls and use it to upgrade your mall or upgrade a stall, and use your diamonds to speed up upgrades. Stars collected are for "fever", which is a surprise once you play the game.

This game is perfect for those just plain bored and looking for something they'd spend hours to. It's not idle, as well, and downloading this game is totally free.


10. Kingdom Rush Series

Developer: Ironhide Game Studio

Kingdom Rush has always been, and will always be, my all-time favorite tower defense, real-time-strategy mobile game. I remember discovering it in y8.com and after that, I played the game until I finished it, and that was years ago! These games offer you a multitude of levels with different towers to build and strategies to make. They will test your decision and tactic making when you're trying to overcome one of each of their levels because each level is a little bit harder and quite challenging than the last.

Packed with intense boss fights and hundreds of unique enemies you should learn about, you'll be playing weeks until you finish all of the levels in it. There are also cool items and rewards in the game, as well as heroes and tools you can use in your daily battle against hordes of creatures coming to your Kingdom. There are also unique in-game achievements

Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the original title an award-winning hit. Tap your troops through an epic (mis)adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the underworld -all with flashy new towers, levels, heroes, and more goodies to help you crush your foes to a pulp. (Don't worry, we've still got all the good ol' stuff from the last game, too. It's vintage now.) Kingdom Rush: Frontiers packs in so much content, it's like a fully upgraded artillery blast of mouthwatering, pixelated joy launched right into your smiling little face... and it hurts so good!

Frontiers were made and set after the defeat of Vez'nan, the antagonist in the first Kingdom Rush since there is a new threat to the Kingdom.

Origins were made to be set before all of these events, with elves and dwarves by your side, and Vengeance is made and set to take "revenge" on those who defeated Vez'nan. And I think they're developing a newer strategy game like this as well for the continuation of Vengeance.

Once you completed all the campaign levels, bonus levels will appear on each of the game's maps, but be warned because these levels are highly challenging to win.

Except for the first Kingdom Rush, they're all pay-to-download, with some in-app purchases you could buy as well, but with tough luck, quick thinking, and a good head for tactic and strategy, you'll beat their levels with ease. I made through all the levels of the game without spending anything for in-app purchases to make me win.

If you want to be good with strategy, practice with these games, because it'll surely challenge you to your fullest.


11. LAB Escape!

Developer: DOOMSDAY Studio

Ever thought of being a creature escaping from a lab filled with scientists, military, and other threats? LAB Escape! is the game for you.

Whenever you consume scientists, or their meat, you gain mutation points. Each time your mutation point's filled, you can select a mutation from three different kinds of mutation to help your . . . thingy escape the lab.

You can also collect gold to upgrade your specimen's attributes, as well as collect boxes that you can open (if you have internet) and give you golds or hats. Hats collected in the game can be equipped and each hat has its own unique attribute.

12. Limbo

Developer: Playdead

One of Playdead's masterpiece, along with its other platformer game Inside, Limbo is a puzzle-platform game where the player guides the unnamed boy through the game and story of finding his lost sister.

The developer built the game's puzzles expecting the player to fail before finding the correct solution. Playdead called the style of play "trial and death", and used gruesome imagery for the boy's deaths to steer the player from unworkable solutions. The game is presented in black-and-white tones, using lighting, film grain effects and minimal ambient sounds to create an eerie atmosphere often associated with the horror genre.

From huge spiders, mind-controlling worms, dark forests, and a dystopian city, this work of art have been praised by multiple game media and critics alike. Don't worry, though, because if you die within the game, it will return you to the nearest checkpoint and do the puzzle a certain level gives you all over again. This game can be tough and challenging at some points, but I managed to finish the whole game and understand why the game's called "Limbo." It's quite refreshing for people who's never been exposed to this kind and genre of games before and it would often make them search for more games like this.

13. Magic Touch: Wizards For Hire

Developer: Nitrome

A castle from a faraway land is in need of your help! Your job, as the new wizard of the Kingdom, is drawing corresponding symbols to pop their "floaties" and fend off multiple waves of falling enemies. You can also cast skills, hire different wizards, customize your game's background, and play a time mode where you can practice your drawing skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Join, now!

14. Oxenfree

Developer: Night School Studio

Oxenfree is an indie, RPG-ish type of game where you decide which dialogue to say, what decisions to make, or just let the default run it up for you. The critically acclaimed, mind-bending adventure comes to Android with custom touch controls.

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift. Play as Alex, a bright, rebellious teenager who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party on an old military island. The night takes a terrifying turn when you unwittingly open a ghostly gate spawned from the island’s cryptic past. How you deal with these events, your peers, and the ominous creatures you’ve unleashed is up to you.

Determine every aspect of Alex's story while exploring Edwards Island, uncovering the base's dark past, and changing the course of your friends' lives.

This game has time loops, a bunch of paranormal stuff, but still has that fun of paving your own path. This game has multiple endings, depending on the decisions you've made in the game, but the plot of the story always result in a continuous loop in which you'll have to find out yourself, just for the enjoyment of it. See if you can get out of that loop, of play and play it again to see different versions of endings.


15. Plague Inc.

Developer: Miniclip.com

Ever imagine creating your own disease that could wipe out the world's entire population? Plague Inc. gives you that kind of satisfaction. From collecting DNA points to spend for mutating you disease's mode of transmissions, symptoms, and abilities to choosing what kind of strain you disease is going to be, this real-time strategy simulation game will test your powers of world domination to successfully wipe out the entire human race in different difficulty levels, or lose when their greatest doctors and scientists have finally made a cure for it.


16. Pocket City

Developer: Codebrew Games

Ever dreamt of building your own city, without all of that micromanagement fiasco that could get you lost and nowhere? Pocket City is the game for you.

A casual city building game. Become the mayor and create your own metropolis!

Build your own city as mayor! Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come to life. No microtransactions or long wait times, either, you just have to play through the game to earn experience and unlock new buildings on certain levels or play their sandbox mode where you have ALL the freedom to design your own city. Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.


17. Polytopia

Developer: Midjiwan AB

The Battle of Polytopia - An Epic Civilization War is an offline, turn-based, real-time strategy game with a simple command and conquer mechanics. You get to choose up to 15 different kinds of civilization, each with their own specialty in the early game and/or throughout the game, and is divided into two modes — Perfection, a match of 30 turns, and Domination, a match with unlimited turns. The goals are to liberate new territories, conquer enemy territory, unlock technology that will help you along the way, defend your territory, and play until you have the global high score or until you defeat all of the tribes. It's a cute, 2D game where little work is needed, but requires strategic thinking depending on your enemy tribes' AI difficulty. There are also modes where you can play with your friends and online.


18. Rebel Inc.

Developer: Ndemic Creations

From the creators of Plague Inc., Rebel Inc. is a strategy, simulation game where you are tasked to stabilize multiple regions in order to win. However, you have to earn and win the support of the people in the regions by buying initiatives (such as health, education, infrastructure, business, etc.), employ and plan military to eradicate insurgencies that will take over your regions and harm your reputation (the game's heart), oversee your government and prevent corruption that will harm your support, and make decisions as the game progresses.

There are five free playable maps, five, different governors that you have to hire (each with their own specialty), and unlockable advisors that will help you in different areas of the game (like increase in support, delay in insurgencies, additional money). The developers are also adding new playable maps with their own custom scenarios in each update (protecting the dam, insurgents going through caves, etc.) with each map having a new governor that you can choose to control. These governors also have their own special tactical maneuvers that you have to take into account. It has three difficulties, each harder and more aggressive than the last, that will surely test your "people" and strategic skills.

19. Sky Force Reloaded

Developer: Infinite Dreams

Sky Force Reloaded, a sequel to Sky Force, is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up video game series created by the Polish video game developer Infinite Dreams Inc.. Also available for PS4, the gameplay is reminiscent of Capcom's 19XX series and Seibu Kaihatsu's Raiden series, featuring a weapon upgrade system and large end of stage bosses.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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