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Video Game Music & Movies

My 10 Favorite "Castlevania" Soundtrack Remixes

Remixing classic soundtracks is a cherished tradition in Castlevania games. Here are my top ten favorite Castlevania soundtrack remixes.


5 Video Game Movies That Just Might Work

5 video game movies that would be wonderful if produced by studios that thoroughly understand why the original games were beloved.


4 Star Wars "The Old Republic" Stories That Should Be Adapted

The Old Republic is a fascinating era of the Star Wars universe with plenty of engaging and gripping stories. As this period of the lore creeps further into the canon, today I'll list a few key narratives that I believe could yield amazing movie adaptations.


"Undertale" Fanmade Songs

This article contains songs that fans of the "Undertale" video game have created for the game, whether the songs are fan-created lyrics to the soundtrack or original lyrics and melodies for the Underground.


Top 5 Video Games With Amazing Soundtracks

No matter the genre of the game or the storyline, we can all appreciate a wonderful soundtrack when it comes to gaming. Here is a selection of my five favorite video game soundtracks.


5 Video Game Movies That Would Be Disastrous

Video game movies are seldom great. But if these five were ever made, they would be nothing short of disastrous.


My Top Ten Favorite “Shin Megami Tensei” Soundtracks

This article lists my top ten favorite soundtracks from Atlus’ “Shin Megami Tensei.” Entries include music from sister series, such as “Persona” and “Devil Summoner.”


My 10 Favourite “Gradius” Soundtracks

As difficult as they were, I always persevere when playing any “Gradius” games, thanks to the awesome BGMs. Here are my ten favorite soundtracks from this retro space shooter franchise.


Top 25 Most Awesome Songs and Music From Video Games

Video games have brought us some fantastic music that stay with us forever. Here are my top 25 most exciting, cool, and emotional songs from video games.


7 Reasons Why Video Games Are Better Than Movies

It can be argued that video games are better than movies due to the growing success of the industry. This article outlines the ways that playing a video game can be much more fun and immersive.