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4 Star Wars "The Old Republic" Stories That Should Be Adapted

Filipe is a Msc in Management graduate living in Lisbon, Portugal. Despite that, he usually prefers to write about his more geeky interests.


An Era Unexplored

There is something about intergalactic universes that I believe gives them amazing potential for the telling of stories. There is no limit to what can or cannot exist in the far out fringes of space, therefore anything is possible. As such, anything can be used to come up with fascinating and enthralling narratives that amaze us.

I think the Star Wars Universe benefits from such potential in the ability to come up with new worlds with new things at any place and any time in the cosmos. That potential is particularly evident in the stories told in the Old Republic Era. Set thousands of years before the original movies, this disparity allowed for a great deal of creative freedom in using the template of the Star Wars universe.

Of course, there are aspects of the Star Wars Universe that remain and have their place wherever and whenever the story is set, such as the Jedi, the Sith, the lightsabers, the Republic, the Empire and the Force. But many of the stories told in this time period use these established concepts while tackling them in ways not yet thought of by people who have only seen the movies. Because of that, I believe their adaption into film versions could revitalize the Star Wars Universe for many and shed a new light on the type of narratives this cosmos can deliver.

Of course, I'm not saying that any adaption of these stories would be a success, nor that their translation into a movie format is 100% possible, but since it would be really cool if it were so, I'll allow myself to dream a little. Here are four the Old Republic stories that I would love to see adapted to the big screen.


The Exar-Kun Story

This story is one that captivates my interest because it can be very straightforward but still really engaging. I always felt that no Star Wars movie has truly sold the Sith ideology well, nor the draw to the Dark Side. However, the Exar Kun story has the potential of showing just that in two different ways; one with Exar Kun, who craves the knowledge of the Force denied to him by the Jedi, and another with Ulic Qel-Droma, who is driven by revenge to destroy the Dark Side, only to fall victim to its allure and sucumb. I honestly feel that an adaption of this story would be better if told with Ulic being the protagonist, seeing as he is the one that goes through the most grueling journey. Regardless, this is a story that can show a different view of the eternal dichotomy of Star Wars, Light Side vs Dark Side, in a way that is not so clearly just good vs evil. It can present different ideologies on how to approach the Force. As such, it has the potential of being an interesting exploration of the Sith ideology, having two of them as lead characters, coupled with awesome lightsaber battles, epic standoffs, engaging supporting characters and an insightful development of the overall lore of the Star Wars cinematic mythos.


Knights of the Old Republic 2

Now, since the Exar-Kun story is one that allows for a deeper exploration of the Dark Side, I thought of adapting a story that explores the Grey, and there is no story for it like KOTOR 2. Now, because this is a video game story, and a pretty long one at that, a faithful adaption would be very difficult, so it would require a very skilled screenwriter that could make that transition. In any case, the key aspects of this story could be shuffled around to allow the main message to still be conveyed, specifically, Kreia's plan and motivations. Driven by the destruction of past wars and the eternal conflict between Jedi and Sith, Kreia aims at destroying what she sees as the catalyst for all of it: the Force. She plans to do this through the protagonist, Meetra Surik, a Jedi Exile who willingly cut herself off from the force without dying, prior to the events of the story, becoming a so-called Wound in the Force. It must be said that this story also presents significant challenges due to the amount of backstory needed surrounding Kreia, Meetra Surik, the Mandalorian Wars, not to mention all the companions. However, this story is such a brilliant exploration of the Star Wars philosophical landscape that it could not go without mention. Kreia herself is one of the best, if not the best character in this whole universe, so to see an on-screen adaptation of her and this story would truly be a personal dream come true.


Knights of the Old Republic

This is the one that everyone wants to see done and I have to agree. KOTOR is a story that decided to take all that was known and imagined about the Star Wars Universe and do something with it that was very different, but at the same time still very much Star Wars. Again, being a video game story, it's long. Many subplots and even whole planets can and should be cut in order to allow the story to maintain a well structured pacing. However, the same sense of adventure can be perfectly told in a movie format if one includes the right moments, the right companions and the right interactions. This being an incredibly popular story with one of the highest regarded twists in video game history, it would surely have people coming to check it out, especially if the right actors were cast to bring the amazing ensemble of characters to life. Despite being a risk, this could be a great introduction to this era.


The Darth Bane Trilogy

This is the one that I believe could most easily be done and should be done. If Disney is on a roll with Star Wars content, with the episodic releases, spin-off movies and several TV shows, this is one I believe they could truly invest some money in. Not only could it bring some of us loyal fans in, but new fans can be gained as well. Like with the Exar Kun story, we would have a Sith protagonist in Darth Bane, who is pretty badass. Casting here would be crucial because this is a series that lives and dies on the lead character, and on the character of Zannah as well. Additionally, I also believe this would need to be a trilogy, whether as three films or three seasons, because the original story is so well structured as a three piece narrative that I don't see another way of doing it that would not totally butcher the original material. You might see this as a bit of a cop out since this story is pretty dislocated from the rest, taking place around 1000 BBY, but this is such an engaging addition to the Star Wars mythos. It works so well as a precursor to the Sith ideology we see in the original movies that I believe it warrants looking into.


Despite the probable truth that any adaptation of these stories would never live up to their original versions in their original mediums, I still like to believe that if any of these were to come to life on the silver screen, there would be some serious potential of seeing amazing representations of these gripping narratives. And hey, if they do end up doing a terrible version that butchers the material we have now, at least we'll always have the originals.

What Star Wars stories would you like to see adapted to a movie or TV show? Leave your suggestions in the comments below. As always, thank you for reading.