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No-One Has to Die Walkthrough

no-one has to die is a game of choices. It features a relatively expansive (for a browser game) storyline, and in order to complete the game you have to see every possible outcome. This means watching the same people die over and over again. This...


7 Best Games Like Bad Piggies

The most stunning games like Bad Piggies allow budding engineers to create their own wacky air and land vehicles. Top-notch games such as Banzo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, iBlast Moki, Little Big Planet and Incredibots are all physics-based games with gameplay aspects similar to Bad Piggies.


Puzzle Chasers Tips and Hints

This Puzzle Chasers guide provides useful tips and hints to solve story-mode jigsaw puzzles rapidly. You will also find out different ways to earn coins, collect rare collectibles and other goodies. There’s also a special power-up guide that shows how to use these nifty jigsaw assistants and the uses of each power-up.