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7 Games Like Candy Crush Saga on Facebook

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Looking for more match-3 games like Candy Crush Saga? Check out these 7 great games.

Looking for more match-3 games like Candy Crush Saga? Check out these 7 great games.

Facebook Games Like Candy Crush Saga

Playing a match-3 puzzle game is one of the best ways to kill time. So addicting are these games that you can’t resist playing, even in your office. What makes them so irresistible? Well, it’s the simple rules, fun surprises and visual effects that draw casual gamers to their simple and enjoyable gameplay.

In the list of popular time-wasters, the fun candy-swapping title is the most addictive puzzle game. Instead of gems, players line up 3 or more similar-looking delectable candies to score points and unlock achievements/rewards. Objectives range from matching candies while removing jelly-filled spaces to getting an X number of candies within limited moves. The game’s special candies really spice things up as they offer a visual treat when matched with a similar-colored candy.

The candy-matching game offers plenty of surprises and new challenges at every level. But what will you do once you have completed all levels? Yes you can replay them, but that would be boring. You don’t need to worry as there are some cool games like Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. Check them out here:

Fairy Tale Twist

Fairy Tale Twist

1. Puzzle Charms

Zynga takes the match-3 puzzle genre to another level by giving it a Fairy Tale Twist. Yes, that’s the name of the newest game launched on Facebook. This free-to-play title revolves around popular fairy tale characters and offers a story-based set of levels to make gameplay more interesting. The level layout is challenging and objectives quite varied. However, if you are a Candy Crush expert, then matching cute objects may not be that complicated.

Fairy Tale Twist does not make any outlandish changes to the match-3 puzzle genre, but ensures each level is challenging and addicting. Levels are based on moves and so gamers will need to think hard before making a match as there are limited amount of moves.

A slight twist in gameplay comes in the form of symbol rotators that rotate objects in the board and rearrange them in such a way to make gameplay challenging. The auto-rotate feature may also be a boon sometimes, as it can give you an opportunity to get more matches and power-ups.

The game will be available for mobile devices later, until then enjoy matching cute objects, complete challenging levels and get rid of a younger-looking evil Rumpelstiltskin to bring color and happiness back to fairy tale land.

(Fairy Tale Twist's developers have given a new name to its match-3 title. It's called "Puzzle Charms")

Full Bloom

Full Bloom

2. Full Bloom

Full Bloom introduces colorful flowers to match-3 puzzle mechanics. The main objective is to collect flowers by matching the same. Secondary objectives make gameplay more challenging and exciting. The number of moves will be reduced and a timer will be included to challenge you to collect an X number of flowers before time runs out.

Full Bloom also lets you create special flowers. special seeds, petals and dandelions, which offer a visual treat as soon as you match them with normal flowers. Along with puzzles, the game also lets you manage your own virtual garden a la popular Playdom games on Facebook.

The visuals are stunning and colorful, making you fall in love with the presentation and effects. I am eagerly waiting for Full Bloom to launch for iOS and Android platforms.

Jelly Glutton

Jelly Glutton

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3. Jelly Glutton

Jelly Glutton is a fruity-filled match-3 puzzler that revolves around a cutesy monster named Jelly. Players will need to match three or more fruits and candies to feed the monster. While the game offers the same old puzzle fun, it’s the level design that makes it more challenging than other games of the same genre. Each level has a unique layout, which makes candy-matching a bit more complicated, but addicting.

Jelly Glutton’s later levels are as much complex as the original game. Obstacles like special jelly squares and holes may force you to replay levels a number of times before crack the candy-filled puzzles. You will also be required to collect an X number of candies, fruits and other types of sweet meats plus score points and earn stars to progress to the next level.

Jelly Glutton may not be as engaging as the popular candy-filled puzzler, but it surely is a nice alternative to Candy Crush Saga.

Lost Jewels

Lost Jewels

4. Lost Jewels

Lost Jewels is another fun gem-swapping game best known for its challenging gameplay and incredible pattern combos. Like Bejeweled Blitz, the game triggers a visual feast every time you match gems in a pattern. For example, a 4 in a row will create an awesome row blast gem that has the ability to destroy all gems in a row.

There are other special gems to create, including an all powerful bomb gem that can be created by matching 6 gems in any pattern and the amazing Fire Blast gem that can destroy all gems of the same color once triggered.

Lost Jewels most challenging gameplay feature is stage-level puzzles. In one level, there will be multiple stages and all must be solved within limited moves to finish the level. Things can really get difficult if the moves are few in number, and this may force you to replay a level. To ease things up, the game has a special store for buying power-ups, not to forget the fun pattern combos that create special gems. All in all, Lost Jewels is a good solid puzzle game with plenty of jewel-swapping surprises and challenges.

Jewel Kingdom

Jewel Kingdom

5. Jewel Kingdom

A themed-puzzle game, Jewel Kingdom has plenty of power boosts and special jewels to enrich your gem-swapping experience. The game lets you swap gems inside peculiar patterned boards to create special gems. You can also activate a special boost that clears all random gems on the board.

The number of special gems is few compared to other games like Candy Crush Saga. Swapping gems to create a 4-gem match creates a bomb that can blast jewels of the same color if triggered, whereas a T-shape match creates a lovely star gem that can destroy all gems in a star pattern.

Boosters in Jewel Kingdom are more interesting than special gems. They can be purchased using in-game coins. Once used, a booster can make gameplay more interesting. For example: A Sneak Peek booster freezes time in a timer-based level, allowing you to take your time and make a mental note of potential matches, once ready you can click on the screen to continue matching gems. There are many unlockable boosters that unlock as you progress through your gem-matching campaign levels.

A perfect Sunday afternoon time-waster, Jewel Kingdom won’t disappoint you. It has plenty of fun-filled levels and many surprises in store for you.

Treasures of Montezuma

Treasures of Montezuma

6. Treasures of Montezuma

A fun treasure-themed match-3 game, Montezuma adds a fun twist to the traditional gem-swapping game by introducing ancient Inca idols. These idols are special power-ups that are invoked once you get similar-colored stones matches. This fun feature really augments the gameplay value. Rest everything is similar to traditional puzzle games. You can pattern-match gems and achieve combos if the falling stones match with the stones on the board.

Besides idols, the game offers plenty of power-ups. Each power-up has its own unique ability. Some can destroy random stone blocks whereas others can increase the timer second count. The visuals are bright and the idol design is excellent.

The game layout gives a very ancient Inca feel to it, making gameplay more interesting. Themed puzzle games have always been proven to be instant eye-catchers, and Treasures of Montezuma is one of them.

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz

7. Bejeweled Blitz

The grand daddy of match-3 puzzlers and one of the first gem-swapping games, Bejeweled Blitz was launched on Facebook and later packed into a downloadable title. The objective is simple – you will need to score more points by swapping colorful trinkets and matching similar-colored gems.

To assist you in your puzzle adventure, there will be special gems and plenty of multipliers. Like other games, special gems can be earned by matching more than 4 jewels. There are fun patterns as well, such as L-shaped match, which awards you a star gem that can send an electric bolt on the game board to destroy gems horizontally and vertically.

You can also get the rare Hypercube by getting five gems at a line. This special gem can be swapped with a normal gem to destroy all gems of that color. The real fun lies in matching two special ones. Try matching two hypercubes and wait for a pleasant visual surprise.

Bejeweled Blitz is a classic match-3 game that shouldn’t be missed by players, especially newbie match-3 puzzle fanatics looking for fun games like Candy Crush Saga.

All screenshots,courtesy of their respective game developers/publishers


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