Complete Deadpool's Daily Quest in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Updated on March 20, 2015

Win All the Rewards from Deadpool's Daily Quest

The new daily PVE (Player Vs Environment) event, Deadpool's Daily Quest, is the best thing to happen to Marvel Puzzle Quest (MPQ) in months. Collecting covers for 3star characters and earning several thousand Iso-8 crystals daily is a win/win situation for MPQ players and for MPQ's programming company. Players progress faster and feel rewarded for their time playing. The large Iso crystal rewards allow players to level their characters faster as well, pushing them into more challenging competition scaling where they are more likely to buy health packs, shields, boosts, and Iso-8. Regardless of the motivations behind the new daily event, the feedback has been hugely positive.

Some new and intermediate players complain that the missions are too hard, and feel marginalized. That feeling is unwarranted. The Daily PVE can be beaten with some sound strategy and mid-level resources. It's far easier to win the cover prizes in the new daily PVE than it was to get a 3star character in the beta days, when you could only get one from Lightning Round Tokens. Here are some helpful tips to achieve your goal of earning all the daily PVE rewards.

Which Characters Should I Use?

People on forums often ask which characters they should use to beat specific missions in PVE events. I hate when some sarcastic vet answers some new or middle player's honest question with some snarky remark like, "Just use XForce and Lady Thor". The honest truth and everyone knows it, is that what characters we have available in our roster is largely based on luck of the draw. You can't suggest a particular character for a mission because not everyone has XForce, or Luke Cage, or [snicker] Squirrel Girl.

The answer is looking for what strategy is needed to beat a certain node. It's better to ask more experienced players who they think pairs well with characters you already have. "Best" and "worst" characters is based mostly on opinion. Focus on maximizing your advantages and reducing your weaknesses.

Deadpool's Daily Quest

Deadpool's Daily Quest is divided into five mission nodes.
Deadpool's Daily Quest is divided into five mission nodes.

The "Daily Deadpool", as I like to call it, is divided into 5 mission nodes that form a horizontal line and a vertical line on the mission map. On order of difficulty, the nodes go left to right on the horizontal axis, then down to up on the vertical. In that order they are called That Guy from That Place, Under the Sea, Third Time's the Charm, Dat Required Character, and The Big Enchilada.

If you're looking for a 1star to add back to your roster for Deadpool's Daily Quest, try Juggernaut. He can defeat the 1star mission node by himself, and makes a great Team Up to share with your Alliance mates.
If you're looking for a 1star to add back to your roster for Deadpool's Daily Quest, try Juggernaut. He can defeat the 1star mission node by himself, and makes a great Team Up to share with your Alliance mates.
Modern Black Widow is a starter character that eventually everybody sells to make room for better characters. However, if you have the resources to keep her around, she's a great Team Up offering for your Alliance mates.
Modern Black Widow is a starter character that eventually everybody sells to make room for better characters. However, if you have the resources to keep her around, she's a great Team Up offering for your Alliance mates.

That Guy From That Place

The hardest thing about this mission is having a 1star character on your roster to satisfy the challenge requirements if you're an advanced player. When the Daily Deapool was released, I had no 1star characters on my roster. Until I freed up a space for a 1star, I had to leave 2500 Iso-8 behind every day.

Ultimately I chose Juggernaut, because some of my alliance mates had recently pointed out his usefulness for beating the "That Guy From That Place" mission, and Juggs' usefulness as a Team Up token. As a Team Up you get the power of his red attack, "Headbutt", without the penalty of the damage he inflicts on himself because he's not on your current team.

Juggernaut is able to win the mission, as a single man team, by roughly level 9. By level 12 or 15, you'll have bulletproofed him against a bad run of luck in the random falling tiles. Since you have to [waste?] a roster slot to keep a 1star on your roster just for this daily PVE, I recommend investing the Iso-8 to maxx him out. It makes Juggs a more worthwhile Team Up for your alliance mates, and you'll knock down this mission node every day in just a couple minutes.

New to the game and wondering where to spend your Iso crystal? The best 1star characters are Juggernaut, Modern Storm, and Venom. Any of these three could be useful in the long term. Obviously, newer players would have a whole team of three 1star characters to use in "That Guy From That Place". If you're a seasoned player looking to add a 1star back to your roster, any of these three will do, but I recommend Juggernaut based on his usefulness as a Team Up, and the fact that you only need to get him up to level 9 before he can win the mission alone.

A final word about 1stars. I used to say Modern Black Widow has the only worthwhile stun power in the game (weighed against it's cost and effectiveness). That is still true except for Daredevil's Billy Club power. If you have the resources to keep her, Modern Widow is a great Team Up to pass along to your alliance mates.

Original Black Widow is arguably the best 2star character in Marvel Puzzle Quest.
Original Black Widow is arguably the best 2star character in Marvel Puzzle Quest.
Don't let people tell you Bullseye is worthless. His Protect Tile dropping power is one of the best in the game. He's a great 2star support character.
Don't let people tell you Bullseye is worthless. His Protect Tile dropping power is one of the best in the game. He's a great 2star support character.
Weighing his cost to fully level up against his passive Strike Tile dropping ability, 2star Daken is possibly the best Wolverine character in MPQ.
Weighing his cost to fully level up against his passive Strike Tile dropping ability, 2star Daken is possibly the best Wolverine character in MPQ.

Under The Sea & Third Time's The Charm

Under the Sea & Third Times The Charm vindicate my opinion of 2star characters in general, and in three characters specifically. Another pet peeve of mine is when players ask for advice on who to level up, or sell to open a roster slot, and a jaded long timer or some smarty says, "dump all your 2stars, none of them are any good".

Not all of us have tons of cash to spend on roster slots and covers, or unlimited hours to play the game. Just because a veteran player leaves their 2stars behind to accommodate the flood of new characters the game has introduced, doesn't mean 2stars are worthless. I agree there are times when you should sell some of your 2stars, maybe even all of them, but there are certain 2star characters that are particularly useful and will always serve you well in PVE events.

Original Black Widow (OBW), Daken, and Bullseye are beyond any doubt the most enduringly useful 2star characters. Sure Captain America, Thor, and Johnny Storm are great. You probably invested a lot of time and Iso crystals into leveling them. They were your go-to guys for a while, but trust me, eventually you will win enough covers to level up their 3star versions which are identical but stronger. Since the Daily Deadpool PVEs began I have never once lost either of these missions using the simple combination of OBW, Daken, and Bullseye.

These three characters can handle most PVE battles together, regardless of the event, allowing you to save your stronger characters for the toughest battles and tight competitions. Original Black Widow's ability to use the damage of strike and attack tiles twice in one turn via her passive "Espionage" power works great with Psylocke, Doom, any Daken, Storm, Dock Ock... you get the idea. When your health packs are low and it's time to break out the 2stars, you'll be glad you keep her around.

I scoff at anyone who passes on Bullseye. I agree you might need to let him go one day to free up a slot for that 3star you like so much, but bring him back. Hold onto him if you can. Don't hesitate to level him up. Max out all three of these characters. Most players only focus on PVP (Player versus Player) battles, where 2star characters get picked off quickly by human players. Even in PVP, you need a 2star or two to get you through events like All Arms, where you have to have a 1star, 2star, and 3star on your team. Pairing Bullseye with Classic Magneto will keep all but the strongest enemies from scratching you.

People complain that Bullseye's active power, Murderous Aim, takes too long to collect AP (Attack Points). Well, the new wave-based battle node that comprises the "Under The Sea" mission makes that expensive power useful again. It charges in time for the second wave, when you need it the most. There are lots of characters with good purple powers that could use Bullseye's free Protect Tile passive power in other events as well. In the crazy storyline of Dark Reign, it makes sense that Bullseye would pair well with his arch nemeses, Daredevil and Elektra.

There will come a time when you have enough resources to have a high level 3star Daken on your roster, and when that time comes it might be time to get rid of 2star Daken. Until then, keeping in mind his cost to level up weighed against the return on your investment, 2star Daken is the best Wolverine character. You can't beat his utility for the price.

In closing I have never, ever, once lost a battle in either of these missions using this simple team combo. I'm sure that other 2star characters will work equally well, and there are better 2star characters than Bullseye. I'm not ignorant to his shortcomings; he's low on health for one. But the fact that you can win the two 2star team missions using Bullseye is a telling strategy point that I'll come back to.

Dat Required Character

This battle is pretty basic. The hardest part is having the Essential Character on your roster to begin with. Whether you have only a few covers for that character, or have them at a high level, pair them with your two best characters. If your two best characters can't beat this node, then you just aren't at this level yet. Keep grinding and you'll get there.

Again, who your two best characters are is largely decided by luck of the draw; which covers you pulled in a random token, and opportunity to level them. Always put your Iso in your two best characters first, but make sure those two characters are a good fighting duo. Do they compete for the same AP colors? That's bad. Do they have passives that support their partner?

You'll go through many phases in Marvel Puzzle Quest. One day your "Go-To Guy" needs to be liquidated so someone better can fill that space. Don't be afraid to sell that maxxed out 2star or weak 3star so that someone who is a better partner for your best character can thrive. Having a go to duo is the core to winning this node, and every PVP event. Choose wisely.

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The Big Enchilada

Having a power duo is the key to winning PVP events and the "Dat Required Character" node in the Daily Deapool. That's basic strategy. Again, random luck and opportunity mostly decide who your third best character is. Often fate decides if that character meshes well with your PVP power duo.

Sometimes when it is is early in the morning or later in the day when I'm in a rush, I forget that the Essential Character from "Dat Required Character" isn't mandatory for "The Big Enchilada". I forget that pretty often, and have to chose between different combinations of my top three characters. This has taught me two things; defense is more important than offense, and you have to save your AP for the second and fourth wave.

Hulk and Grey Suit Black Widow (GSW) are my power duo that I use in PVP events, and they are my go-to team for the "Dat Required Character" node. Hulk is in my opinion, the best 3star tank in the game, possibly the best at any level. With him protecting GSW, her "Sniper Shot" power can devastate all but the most powerful enemy team combinations. It doesn't matter who the third wheel is with them, making them perfect for PVP and Essential Character missions. Regardless of the level you're at, you need to find the characters on your roster whose abilities mesh as perfectly as Hulk and Grey Suit Black Widow.

When I forget to drop the Essential Character from my team for "The Big Enchilada", sometimes my team gets defeated. Sometimes I have to swap out GSW for Classic Magneto. This has taught me that defense is more important than offense for winning these difficult battles. It is more important to have a good Protect Tile dropping power than it is to have a big damage attack like Widow's "Sniper Shot".

The four waves in The Big Enchilada alternate; minions, playable characters (PCs), minions, then PCs again. During the first wave, focus on downing the minions who do the most damage first, like the Maggia Sniper, Maggia Thug, Doom Decoy, or Repair Drone. The best scenario is to have the Maggia Don be the last enemy standing in the first or third wave. The only power he can hurt you with is "Trap", but I've never actually seen him deploy a black countdown tile. He mostly drops "Backroom Deal" and "Cooking the Books", neither of which can hurt you.

Collect as much AP as you can in your best attack colors and drop as many Protect tiles as you can before you knock out the final minion and go on to the next wave. Strong defense is why Bullseye helps an average 2star team win the 2star team missions in this event. If you have Classic Magneto use him. Falcon and Steve Rogers are also useful here.

The max number of AP you can stock in any color is 30. If you pace yourself you can fill almost every color with 30 AP before the end of each minion wave. With 30 AP you could fire Classic Magneto's "Magnetic Projectiles" three times. That will take a huge bite out of the enemy team's health. If you don't have a good Protect Tile dropping character, you could load the board with Daredevil's ambush tiles before the end of the minion wave. 30 AP is enough to fire Thor's "Call the Storm" twice. Whatever characters and powers you choose, you have to be ready to fire all your best attacks to wipe out the "playable character" waves quickly. Your enemies will also be loaded up on AP after each minion wave, and can drop all their devastating attacks on you. The best thing to try for is to make a Critical Combo (5 tiles or more matched) when you knock out the last minion in the wave. That way, you get the first attack when the PCs arrive and can hit first with all your AP.

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      • profile image

        Rob H. 

        4 years ago

        My ³ go to character team is Ares L94 (A ton of energy, uses yellow, green & red), OBW L94 (Not great energy but steals & heals. Uses blue & purple) & Storm classic L94 (not great energy. Uses blue to do serious team damage & when a team member is attacked for a decent amount, she gets pissed and counter attacks the enemy team) .

        Ive had great success with this trio. Highly recommended.


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