Frozen Free Fall: Tips and Tricks

Updated on January 9, 2017
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Disney’s Frozen Free Fall is the coolest match-3 puzzler available on Google Play, with beautiful visuals, nice sound effects, and simple, yet addicting gameplay. But like other match-3 puzzlers, this game has tough, frustrating levels that require multiple tries to complete.

Many levels may force players to buy special power-ups, or wait for a few minutes to get their lives refilled. The tips and tricks here will help you achieve your objectives and complete complex levels without paying a dime.

Look for Crystal Matches at the Bottom of the Board

The game does not have any time limit. Take your time to identify matches. Look for 4-crystal or 5-crystal matches first to break maximum crystals. If there aren’t any, then look for 3-crystal matches and quickly match them all. The game board will automatically reshuffle if there are no matches left.

Start matching crystals at the bottom of the board. Additional crystals will trickle down from the top. In many levels, I created more matches in fewer moves when I began breaking crystals at the bottom of the game board. This tactic can be helpful in quickly bringing down special items at the bottom of the board.

Save Special Power-Ups for Later Levels

Don’t use special power-ups such as “Anna’s Torch,” “Elsa’s Glacier,” or "Ice Pick" when playing easy levels. Save them for tough levels. If the game forces you to use one, just tap on the power-up once and you will see a tiny “X” mark at the top of it. Using a stylus, tap on it and the message will go away.

In many levels, you will be allowed to choose one power-up-equipped companion. Don’t use any companion’s power-up at the first attempt. If you can’t complete a level after multiple tries, then select the one that you think would break maximum crystals. The table below will help you decide when to use these special power-ups:

Special Power-up
Ice Pick
Tap on the Ice Pick and then tap on any crystal to break it. Can be useful when you see an isolated crystal blocking the way to a 4-crystal or 5-crystal match.
Gives you 5 extra moves. Use it in complex levels where you are on the verge of reaching your target, but have run out of moves.
Anna’s Torch
Use Anna’s Torch and tap on 8 connecting crystals of any color to break them. Use it when you don’t have any big matches to make.
Elsa’s Glacier
One of the most useful special power-ups. Can be used when a player sees too many crystals of the same color scattered around the game board. All he needs to do is tap on a crystal and remove all similar-colored ice crystals.
For use in timed levels. Tapping on the hourglass icon will give you 15 extra seconds.

Special Combos Can Help You Score Faster

The more crystals you break, the more points you earn and and the faster you can bring down all special items at the bottom of the game. Take advantage of combos to create special matches. Here’s a list of crystal combinations you can make by combining more than three objects:

Name of the Special Combo
Match 4 crystals of the same color
Match the sparkling WindChill with a similar-colored crystal to remove all crystals in its path
Match ice crystals in an L or T shape
Match the Iceberg with a similar-colored crystal to break surrounding crystals.
Match 5 similar-colored crystals to create a Glacier
You can combine the Glacier with any ice crystal to remove all similar-colored ice crystals scattered on the game board.

Try combining WindChill with Iceberg, Glacier with WindChill, and Iceberg with Glacier to unleash powerful effects.

Tips to Remove Snow and Complete Timer-Based Levels

In some levels, you will have to remove snow from crystals as well as reach a target score. To remove snow-covered crystals, match crystals of the same color around them. The best strategy is to immediately identify and create potential matches around the snow-covered crystals. Remember, you cannot swap a common ice crystal with a snow-covered one.

In timer-based levels, you will need to reach a score within 60/90 seconds. This is where a device with a capacitive screen can be extremely helpful. Its multi-touch feature will let you match multiple ice crystals simultaneously. You will just need to be quick enough to identify matches and keep matching without looking at the timer.

You may use the special hourglass power-up, but it may not be necessary as such levels can be easily completed after two or three tries. Just follow the above tip and you will reach the target score.

There’s always the good old Free Fall mode that breaks any combo crystal after you run out of moves or time. The Free Fall mode may help you a bit in reaching the target score. No special combo will be wasted.


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