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Puzzle Chasers Tips and Hints

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Puzzle Chasers is the newest jigsaw puzzle-themed social game on Facebook. It tests how fast you can put missing pieces into a jigsaw puzzle board. The developers did goof up with the plot, but then it doesn’t matter since fast-paced puzzle solving and mansion-decoration are some of the key tasks that players will focus on, instead of a storyline. In a nutshell, the game follows the adventures of two rookie archeologists and a cute little monkey. They are tasked to stop the devious plans of a certain Mr. Forte who has stolen the Great Wall of China in a jigsaw puzzle format.

What’s unique about the game is the way it allows players to solve jigsaws. Instead of putting all missing pieces into the board, gamers will have to choose the right puzzle piece from a row of pieces to fill in an empty space. Various power-ups are made available to assist players in solving puzzles quickly. The coins earned in solving puzzles are then used to decorate a mansion a la Hidden Chronicles.

The game is different from the usual puzzle games as it touches an entirely different puzzle sub-genre. Since the genre is new to the social gaming scene, players might want to learn some tips to polish their jigsaw puzzle solving skills. These useful tips and tricks will help Puzzle Chasers players to solve jigsaws, find different ways to earn coins, prestige and other goodies.


Puzzle Chasers Gameplay Tips

  1. The game objective is to visit different locales, solve jigsaw puzzles, earn coins and decorate your mansion. Here’s how you play this game:
  2. Puzzle Chasers introduces a unique way of solving jigsaws. Instead of solving an entire board, players need to find the missing piece.
  3. Click on the “Play Now” icon located at the bottom-right corner of the screen to access jigsaw puzzles in story mode.
  4. The game presents an incomplete puzzle board. Clicking on the empty space on the board will reveal a set of pieces. Players will need to click on the piece which they think would fit correctly.
  5. Puzzles are timer-based, which means you have a few minutes to solve one puzzle. Place all the missing puzzle pieces correctly before time runs out.

Clicking on the wrong piece will surely put it back into the row of pieces. Players will need to click on the empty space once again to reveal the row minus the wrong piece.

Streak Bonuses and Power-Ups

  • Notice the “Streak Bonus” section at the right side of the jigsaw puzzle board. Check how the green jigsaw pieces slowly turn into black. Well, you must place the correct puzzle piece on to the puzzle board before all green puzzle pieces turn black. If you do it consecutively before all of them turn black, you earn streak bonuses, shown in numbers 1x, 2x, 3x etc.
  • Getting streak bonuses earns you more points and coins. However, an incorrect piece will reset the streak meter and you will need to start again.
  • You can use power-ups located at the bottom of the screen. These special power-ups assist you in completing the jigsaw puzzle by filling part of the board automatically. They can be of immense help when you are running out of time.
  • Once you have successfully completed a puzzle, you can head back to your mansion or solve another puzzle. You earn coins and points after each successful solve. The report card at the end of a completed puzzle shows how many coins you have earned, streak bonuses you got and total points you earned.

Jigsaw Puzzle Solving Tips

The game is all about solving Jigsaw Puzzles. The more puzzles you solve, the more story-based puzzles you unlock. You earn coins while solving puzzles. Those coins can then be used to buy decorations and other items for your mansion. The following tips will help you solve Jigsaw puzzles quickly and earn jigsaw pieces/coins:

1. The timer starts when you click on the empty space. Before clicking on the empty places, take your time visualizing the Jigsaw puzzle and mentally try to find out what picture will emerge after solving it. Once you’ve figured out the puzzle, it will be easier for you to fit in the missing pieces.

2. Before clicking on an empty space in the puzzle board, mentally mark those puzzle pieces that are already filled in. Keep a note on darker puzzle pieces and light color puzzle pieces.

3. Solve the denser areas first, i.e. those areas that already have plenty of jigsaw pieces filled in. You will be quick to spot the missing piece in the row after clicking on an isolated empty space.

4. Click on the empty spaces at all four corners of the board. This way, you will be much quicker choosing the right piece because of lesser number of pieces available for choosing.

5. You will notice some empty spaces glowing gold. Clicking on any one empty space and putting in the right jigsaw puzzle piece will fill the remaining glowing empty spaces. This can pull things really fast.

6. Take advantage of power-ups whenever you feel you are running out of time. Power-ups can be extremely helpful during later levels, when puzzle solving will get difficult.


Guide to Power-Ups

In Puzzle Chasers, power-ups help you solve a Jigsaw puzzle quickly by filling in the empty spaces automatically. You will notice a row of power-ups just below the main game board.

You will also notice the number of times a power-up can be used. It is denoted by X2, X3 etc. Click on the power-up first and then click on the empty space to activate it. Filling in all puzzle pieces quickly also gives you a chance to get one power-up. Although there’s a rare chance of earning a power-up, you do earn at least one power-up in each puzzle.

This mini-table shows the name of each power-up and what it can be used for.

Power-Up Name Purpose

Reveal Column

Fills in an Entire Column once you click on an empty space

Reveal Side Neighbors

Fills in one puzzle piece just next to the empty space you’ve clicked.

Reveal Row

Fills in one complete row with puzzle pieces

Reveal Corner Neighbors

Neighbors Fills in corner empty spaces

6 Simple Ways to Earn Coins in Puzzle Chasers

In this game, coins are primary currency. They are used to buy decorations and other items to decorate your mansion. Decorating you mansion with decorative items earns you Prestige (golden stars), which in turn lets you unlock more jigsaw puzzles. Here are some tips and tricks to earn coins in Puzzle Chasers:

  1. To your left, you will see small quest icons. These are goals, which ask players to complete some tasks, such as decorating mansions, unlocking rooms etc. Completing a goal earns you around 500-700 coins.
  2. Coins can be easily earned by solving jigsaw puzzles via the story mode. You earn random coins while solving and after completing a puzzle.
  3. After completing a puzzle, you get a chance to participate in the Bonus Round. Click on a random chest and you may receive some coins.
  4. Replay already solved puzzles by clicking on Play Now> Replay button below a jigsaw puzzle icon. You will get more coins. You also get a chance to earn collectibles and other objects by replaying puzzles.
  5. You earn plenty of goodies by visiting your friend’s mansion. To do this, click on the monkey icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen, place the cursor over your friend’s icon and click Visit. When you’re in his room, just click on the glowing objects to earn free coins and Energy.
  6. You get coins via the Daily Bonus Rewards. But for that, you will need to play daily. You also get coins by clicking on the “Like” button in the official Puzzle Chasers fan page.


Additional Tips and Tricks

  • There are many benefits of adding friends. You can compete for those rare crystals by solving blitz puzzles against your friends, share you collectibles with friends to up the chances of getting better rewards and earn energy by visiting friend’s mansion.
  • Participating in a Bonus Round right after solving a story-mode puzzle gives you a rare chance of earning collectibles. These collectibles help you to build exclusive mansion objects and also help you unlock special bonus puzzles.
  • Click on the Inventory icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Now place your mouse cursor over each collectible icon. You will get hints on where you can find this item. The chances of finding that collectible item in that particular place are more.
  • Below the mansion, you will see different tabs, such as world icons, decorations and work place. Click on a tab and hover over each item to check how many Prestige each item will give.

Those were some important tips and tricks for all your Puzzle Chasers players. Do you know any special trick to solve jigsaws quickly? Do suggest tips and tricks via the comment space. You can also ask questions and I or my readers will try to answer them and assist you in solving jigsaws.

All screenshots, courtesy Konami


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