"I Don't Even Game" Walkthrough

Updated on April 15, 2016

“I Don’t Even Game” is an awesome online game found at addictinggames.com. Since a lot of people have been having a little trouble with it (including myself for a while), I decided to post an "I Don't Even Game" walkthrough.


You are a something, stuck in some kind of world where everyone has really bad grammar (I know, but that’s all I could get from it). But trust me, the game is awesome. Very simple, neat, original, and fun to play.


Right Arrow: Run/walk right

Left Arrow: Slow down/ Stop

Keyboard: different letters/combinations used to solve puzzles


Basically this is a puzzle game. Your object is to progress forward by completing several different puzzles or challenges.

So, without further ado:


Level 0: You start this wonderfully bizarre tale; progress to the right.

Level 1: Ignore the old guy, progress to the right.

Level 2: Pick up the key by running over it.

Level 3: Drop the key by running over the grate.

Level 4: Progress to the right, ignoring the lies.

Level 5: When you get to the wall, pay attention to the message. You need “A” key. Press the "A" key.

Level 6: Progress to the right.

Level 7: Progress to the right, ignoring the lies.

Level 8: You can just run through the spikes, they won’t hurt you.

Level 9: Progress, you cannot help him.

Level 10: Run by the old lady to steal her purse.

Level 11: Welcome to the police department, progress.

Level 12: Run by the cops: by listening, you learn they are looking for you

Level 13: Progress to the metal detector.

Level 14: Before entering the metal detector you can drop the bomb by pressing "Q." Or you can get caught to find out the bomb is a dud.

Level 15: Run by desk.

Level 16: Now you must say the alphabet backwards to pass the sobriety test. Type it out. If you mess up it doesn’t reset. So, try to remember where you are.

Level 17: Stick around and watch the weather chanel before progressing to the right. It will clear up the weather for you.

Level 18: If you were patient, then this level should be bright and sunny. If not there will be clouds obstructing your path. You can run when there are gaps in the clouds (white background). If all else fails, hold the right key until you pass the screen.

Level 19: Now you must start running to the right. Ignore the guy’s deception and keep running as fast as you can.

Level 20: Ignore the guy’s deception and keep running as fast as you can.

Level 21: Ignore the guy’s deception and keep running as fast as you can.

Level 22: Ignore the guy’s deception and keep running as fast as you can.

Level 23: Ignore the guy’s deception and keep running as fast as you can.

Level 24: Ignore the guy’s deception and keep running as fast as you can.

Level 25: Ignore the guy’s deception and keep running as fast as you can.

Level 26: Ignore the guy’s deception and keep running as fast as you can.

Level 27: Ignore the guy’s deception and keep running as fast as you can.

Level 28: Ignore the guy’s deception and keep running as fast as you can.

Level 29: Yay, you made it. Take the words of wisdom and progress right.

Level 30: Now you’re in the dark room. This room is just like the first wall room you reached. When the invisible gate stops you, press the “A” key to pass it.

Level 31: Progress to the right.

Level 32: Pick up all the keys by running over them.

Level 33: Before walking over the grate, follow the instructions, hold on to your 4 key.

Level 34: Progress right.

Level 35: Progress right.

Level 36: The lady will give you her baby and leave for a 4-year trip. Remember; drop things by pressing the “Q” key, drop the baby and run!

Level 37: Progress; I wouldn’t bother the ninjas if I were you.

Level 38: Progress to the right.

Level 39: Progress to the right, scary ninja.

Level 40: You must show the ninjas the number one ninja rule; be patient and you will be allowed to pass. Don’t forget the number 1 ninja rule!

Level 41: Progress.

Level 42: Progress into the pirate hospital.

Level 43: Progress.

Level 44: To get by the monster you must remember the number 1 ninja rule. Be patient and walk by slowly.

Level 45: Now you run into the pirate. He wants to ask you a few questions. The fist question's answer is “I” as in aye, as in yes. And to growl you have to type “AR” as in “arghhh”. Finally, you must tell him the shape of a d”o”ughnut. Then you can pass.

Level 46: Progress.

Level 47: Progress, if you dare.

Level 48: Progress.

Level 49: Progress, if you darel

Level 50: Now you must act afraid to pass: type 1 as in “!”

Level 51: Progress.

Level 51: Now the ghosts change your keypad. W,A,S,D are now the arrow keys with D for the right arrow. Press D to progress.

Level 51: Now you start hearing about Timothy, the greatest racer in the land. Get ready for a race

Level 52: Start running fast, the race is going to begin.

Level 53: Keep running.

Level 54: Keep running; you got him!

Level 55: Aww, good try, He’s willing to let you go by for a code. The 30 lives code is “up, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.”

Level 56: Progress.

Level 57: Progress right.

Level 58: When you run into the king, pay attention to what he says. You cannot “control”, press control.

Level 59: Progress right.

Level 60: Progress right, ignoring the lies.

Level 61: Progress right.

Level 62: The spikes won’t hurt you, progress right.

Level 63: Now you run into a computer that wants to ask you questions. Answer by pressing “y/n” accordingly. And for heaven sakes, don’t consume bagels over its chassis. The answers are as follows: “y, n, n, y, y, y, y, n (sarcasm), n, n.”

Level 64: Progress into the labs.

Level 65: Progress right.

Level 66: Progress past the crazies.

Level 67: Progress right, don’t listen to him.

Level 68: Progress right, they're getting angry.

Level 69: Progress right, they are now after you.

Level 70: Keep running; you have to get out of there.

Level 71: Now you are sent all the way back to where you belong, to what appears to be the first level but isn’t. You're doing good.

Level 72: Progress right.

Level 73: Keep progressing.

Level 74: You are now at the reactor core. Not quite sure if this is the end of the game or not. It tells you to visit a certain website for reactor code information. When I visited the site, the picture would not load so I could not continue. Which means, unfortunately, this is the end of the walkthrough. If you know the code I would be more than happy if you sent it my way. Either way, thanks for reading and I hope this walkthrough helped you.

UPDATE: The Core reactor code is as follows: nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv. Doesn't seem right, but it is, trust me. When entering it, make sure that you are actually in the game and it is taking your input. If you switch to this page and then switch back, you will have to click the game screen with your mouse to ensure that it will take your input. If your having trouble it's probably best to write it down and type it out all at one time.

Just can't find that secret sailing salmon? Have no fear.

The "I Don't Even Game" Achievements Guide is located here: "I Don't Even Game" Achievements Guide.

Questions & Answers


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      • profile image

        HELP 4 weeks ago

        I am stuck on 63

      • profile image

        We are number one 11 months ago

        It worked!

      • profile image

        loL 16 months ago

        To get the secret sailing salmon you have to wait in that cloudy level :)

      • profile image

        howmanypplhavedis 2 years ago

        lol dis game hilarious.... played it twice lol...lemonade bomb...had to go bak 4 mor

      • profile image

        Emily baker 3 years ago

        How do u enter the code?

      • profile image

        TheRock 3 years ago


        easy game

      • profile image

        jemma 4 years ago

        how do i pass level 60

      • profile image

        Emily 5 years ago

        Level 73 code: nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv

      • profile image

        XFALCON55 5 years ago

        the reactor core code is nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv without spaces and your welcome

      • profile image

        lulubird 5 years ago

        that was life changing...

      • profile image

        Happy 6 years ago

        thanks bro this really helped!

      • profile image

        uh.... 6 years ago

        att level 51 it isn't working and it says im on level 93, this is very weird!

      • profile image

        Bulb 6 years ago

        To get to the secret bunker get to the end but don't get the lemonade, just click a to use your four keys

      • profile image

        Grrrrrrr 6 years ago

        OMG i cant complete leve 33?!

      • profile image

        nicoe0325 6 years ago

        how to get level 63 i don't understand it oh great

      • profile image

        Alexandra 6 years ago

        the last thing you do is go to that site then figur out the puzzle thing then after you do that there will be some small letters to the side. Go back to the game and just tipe in the letters that are on the other wed page but do it fast because the letters will go away and then u have to do the puzzle thing again . and the letters are never the same so don't bother to right the letters down it won't matter next time you play the game.

      • profile image

        jimmy 6 years ago

        i got the salmon fishy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Eden 6 years ago


        it took me like 5 attempts LAST year.

        This is my sixth attempt, and I finally won!


      • profile image

        legend 6 years ago

        first of all the code is nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv second DO NOT DRINK THE LEMONADE remember that u never used the 4 keys? press "a" and see what happens comment if no work comment if do work and say thank u plz

      • profile image

        nunya 6 years ago

        i can not seem to get past the reactor anything i have to press?

      • profile image

        deividas 6 years ago

        not me monster

      • profile image

        lissa 6 years ago

        thnx nia

      • profile image

        nia 6 years ago

        - n c h s b d f u i q b w i b d a k s b c x b y o q v- is the code (ignore the dashes)

      • profile image

        Chris 6 years ago

        For the secret sailing salmon go to the bad weather level and do not watch the tv. you will go to the place where clouds are inpedimenting your path. Wait and a fish will pop out of the right side of the screen.

      • profile image

        Orange 6 years ago

        GAME COPLEATED thank you !!

      • profile image

        katiee 6 years ago

        hahaha. i luv this game!!!! i finally beat it. ughh i couldn't figure out how to get rid of the baby so i pressed random letters nd it worked.

      • profile image

        TheGameNerd 6 years ago

        U kno teh automated robot thingy? y= yes n= no. U basicli just say that u r allowed to enter the facility and u dnt wanna walk away under any circumstance and for the notnotnot... part u say uh ok idk

      • profile image

        Stephanie and Chance 6 years ago

        We beat the game. One confusing thing is tho, u kno the 30 lives code? the walkthru was rght. it is up down left right ba, but u do left right twice then ba

      • profile image

        SunnywithaCHANCE 6 years ago

        Yeah the game is pretty easy I looked over all the comments and if u actually read the walkthrough, u wouldn't have any questions. i read 1 tht said how u get past ghost king. in the wlkthru it sez to press ctrl after he sez u cant have ctrl

      • profile image

        pizza 6 years ago

        just click the guy to get through on 74, that's how I got through.

      • profile image

        Eric 6 years ago

        If you want to find the secret bunker, press A to use your 4 keys at the lemonade stand to open the door to open the door to the SECRET BUNKER!

      • profile image

        Eric 6 years ago

        I know the code!

        It is:


      • profile image

        hi 6 years ago

        Ummm can you help me on the pentagons thing its not working

      • profile image

        girl 6 years ago

        this didn't help much

      • profile image

        guy 6 years ago

        thx dood

      • profile image

        Isia 6 years ago

        YES! thanks to this great walkthrough I was able to figure out the game! And the code is:


        then you keep going until you see the lemonade stand.

        Press Q for a glass of lemonade...then complete! You made it!

      • profile image

        jhay 6 years ago


      • profile image

        Jookanotknowmhaname 6 years ago

        too many pantogonz! I canot pass da scarynez!!

      • profile image

        cake49834 6 years ago

        hey u know if u go really fast u can skip some of the brain teasers?

      • profile image

        y8 7 years ago

        I have seen this document to be totally useful. Thanks a ton for posting it.

      • profile image

        tn88 7 years ago

        cool games

      • profile image

        Code 7 years ago

        The Code: n - c - h - s - b - d - f - u - i - q - b - w - i - b - d - a - k - s - b - c - x - b - y - o - q - v

        And then the game end ... Nice game !! lol

      • profile image

        fucking game 7 years ago

        how the hell do u pass the automated robot

      • profile image

        howtopassthisgame01923 7 years ago

        how do u pass the ghost king????

      • profile image

        skull87609 7 years ago

        on the rector code i did the code nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqu and it did not work so were do you write it (just saying i just think that you have to write it ok.) :(

      • profile image

        marnnni. 7 years ago

        To "mah." - On level fifty-five, you use the arrow keys for the first 6 commands, and your keyboard for the last two! Hope this helps.

      • profile image

        mah.  7 years ago

        On level 55, it won't let me type in "up, down, left, right, left, right, b, a", and when I type it in carefully and correctly it doesn't show up on the grey progress bar! Help!?

      • profile image

        Bubbles 7 years ago

        well, i got that far and it isn't really a picture...its like a puzzle game you complete and i did, then i got the code...but hurry to put it in because it dissapears, slowly, but it dissapppears :( i didn't know where to put it in so im tellin you and mabey you will add to the walkthrough so i can beat the game :)

      • profile image

        abi 7 years ago

        this game was.nt so hard with a little help.

      • profile image

        person 7 years ago

        um... there are like 80clevels and i got through all of them in like 19876.0054 seconds or sumting lke tht..... and the last thing i typed is 'q' and also the access code thing is 'nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv'

      • profile image

        mike 7 years ago

        the salmon is in the clod level you have to wait for a long time though

      • profile image

        syco836 7 years ago

        i had code. now... did this game last year. did not no u must complete code!

      • profile image

        Taylor 7 years ago

        the code is nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv then keep progressing until the lemenade stand and press q.

        UR WELCOME

      • profile image

        ball sucker 7 years ago

        i have a 55 inch nob

      • profile image

        hi hi beach babe 7 years ago

        cool. anyone single? i am.... ;)

      • profile image

        Amia 7 years ago

        lolz i just ran past everything the reactor and the computer and the ghost with questions you just have to keep going and don't stop unless your stopped. oh and the monster one but that's it. if you run really fast you can bypass most of the stuff you have to do and finish faster

      • profile image

        monkeymusic0 7 years ago

        i NEED to get past the reactor cord!!!!!

      • profile image

        im stink e 7 years ago

        how do i pass the pentagons

      • profile image

        inda shower now 7 years ago

        where is the lemonade stand

      • profile image

        blingroxjessi 7 years ago

        I mean, seriously guys! The code has been repeated 1000000000000 times!!!! If you need it, just look at the previous comments!!!!!!!!!

        Lotsa thanx to BEAST and penningl

      • profile image

        hhhhhhhh 7 years ago

        Did you know that when you get past the core then you see the lemonade stand there is an invisible wall and you click a and go on (what ever you do don't get lemonade the game will be over) then go on and keep going to the right and you will be amazed!!!!

      • profile image

        amlolli 7 years ago

        nchsbfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv thats the code for the final level. honestly really go check it out urself

      • profile image

        bbq 7 years ago

        how do you get past the pirate

      • profile image

        natasha 7 years ago

        how do u beat the monster?

      • profile image

        Esme 7 years ago

        i have the reactor code!!!!

        here it is:

        nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv !!

        then when you reach a man seliing juice, stop and press "q" and there! you've completed the game.

      • profile image

        bobert 7 years ago

        this scks iv beat it 67 times. i beat it once every week.

      • profile image

        Postman101101 7 years ago

        @ I GAME... thats actually wrong... theres no guessin about it... the correct one always has beams coming off of it as soon as you click the previous correct pentagon... took no more than 5 seconds...

        lol'd hardcore at dropping the baby :)

      • profile image

        liz 7 years ago

        "nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv" write that while you are at the reactor core!!!! then you will go to a lemonade store and you have to press "q"

      • profile image

        jspitz 7 years ago

        do do do do do doooooooooooooooooooo

      • profile image

        jspitz 7 years ago

        what does that code that you guys have been talking about do? :(

      • profile image

        jspitz 7 years ago

        plz help me

      • profile image

        jspitz 7 years ago

        what do you do on the last level

      • profile image

        dhvkfnvdfb 7 years ago

        don't drink the lemonade!!! to get into the secret bunker you: go as far as possible RIGHT, then press a, go right, right, right, etc. till you get to the elevator, once down, go right again, and talk to the guy. NOW you've REALLY finished :) YW!!

      • profile image

        ~ Anonymoous 7 years ago

        I completed that core thing at the end of the game. it only took me five minutes -.-

        . Just type in this code and it will work .. (:


      • profile image

        Game Review 7 years ago

        Cool game. Frustrating shapes though :P

      • profile image

        sam 7 years ago

        nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv is the code, after you put that in you keep going until you get to the lemonade store, buy lemonade.

      • profile image

        alli 7 years ago

        stupid Q button!!!!!

      • profile image

        Oli 7 years ago

        it should make sure you like chicken nuggets!

      • profile image

        Fia 7 years ago

        it wont let me dro the baby the Q button isn't working :( ive got to wait 4 years :(

      • profile image

        ldsgirl22 7 years ago

        All you have to do to enter the code is go back to teh game were it tells you to enter teh code and hold shift while typing in teh letters!

      • profile image

        i  7 years ago

        how do yas type in da password when they give it to u and it slowly dissapears?????? plz tel meh!

      • profile image

        irons 7 years ago

        I got the salmon one by accident,LOLWHUT?

        anyway thanks for the walktrough!

      • profile image

        nika11 7 years ago

        on the wether level with the tv run passed wait there and you will se a fish aka the samon thing

      • profile image

        meina 7 years ago

        this helpd soooooooooooo much

        thank you

      • profile image

        ninja 7 years ago

        when u get to the part where u have to say the alphabet backwards, u can just say tebahphlahet, and trust me, it works!

      • profile image

        Samantha 7 years ago

        GUYS! When you get to the end and your like standing there, just type in the code! IT WORKED. At the end you like drink lemonade then it says game complete. :)

      • profile image

        Adam 7 years ago

        The trick to the pentagon puzzle ...

        when you click on the very first pentagon ...click and hold the button .. it'll show you which pentagon to click next ...

      • profile image

        Google 7 years ago

        OMG i got the code when i went to the website and did the weird puzzle thing and it is the "parentheses is not apart of the code" (OVERRIDE NON-REMOTE ACCESS nchsbdfuiqbwidbaksbcxbyoqv

      • profile image

        jennifer again 7 years ago

        i can't get the last part i typed the code lisa said to where the hell do you put it?

      • profile image

        jennifer 7 years ago

        that was like the funist game ever thanks

      • profile image

        jeanie 7 years ago

        I cant do the computer one hard :(

      • profile image

        Lisa 7 years ago


        I fineshed the game instead of going to that site you type in this code NCHSBDFUIQBWIBDAKSBCBYOQV its not in cap i just did it so you can see it better and you get to another room when you see the lemonade stand click q and it sais that you've fineshed the game good luck!!!!

      • profile image

        Bob 7 years ago

        the flying salmon is in hte clouds after teh weather channel. just keep on going with out watching. it has the same face as ur guy, just smaller!!

      • profile image

        SOMEONE 7 years ago

        Thanks that worked!!!! :D

      • profile image

        Dis iz a nam 7 years ago

        i beated it... i goted lemonadeeeeeeeeee

      • profile image

        awesome 7 years ago

        GRRRRRRRR the picture wont load its so annoyin i hate when that happens

      • profile image

        nun of ur bis 7 years ago

        hey like im at the part were its the gost and he says i cant control, i pressed it then it zoomed in, now wat??? it wont let me do anything!!! Well i already shook it like 8000 times!!!

      • profile image

        betholito 7 years ago


        the code for level 74 is: nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv

        hope you add on to the walkthrough.

      • profile image

        BB-studios 7 years ago

        To get smell the roses (read all dialogue):

        You know that monster thing which will eat you and send you to pirate hospital if you run past it? Keep running past it. Until you get the achievement. I don't know how many times exactly but it's around when it says you're at level 60-ish.

      • profile image

        hihipuffyamiyumi 7 years ago

        you get the code from going to the site, yea and do the puzzle


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