"Ice Age Adventures": Tips, Hints and Tricks

Updated on July 17, 2020
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Match-3, endless running and city building—all genres rolled into one. Well, that’s Ice Age Adventures for you. It's a fun, exploration-based puzzle adventure aimed at kids. There are plenty of mini-games that will keep them busy for hours. And if they get bored, they can explore the huge Ice Age world and discover new islands and animals and help their favorite heroes Sid, Manny and Diego rescue cute critters.

The game is easy to play, but difficult to master, especially when there are several animals to rescue, match-3 puzzles to solve and sledges to ride along the dangerous snowy mountains. Follow these tips and tricks to make the most of Ice Age Adventures.

Complete the Herd Quest to Earn Golden Acorns
Complete the Herd Quest to Earn Golden Acorns

How to Get Free Golden Acorns

Golden acorns are premium currency and need to be spent carefully, keeping in mind that they are not easily available. Instead of using acorns in a rescue mini-game, restart it. You may be tempted to use them in the middle of Scrat-Alanche, but resist that temptation and start afresh. Also, save these acorns for bigger things, like unlocking islands.

Here are some helpful hints to get golden acorns for free:

1. Complete collections to earn them. Tap on the sun icon at the top-right corner of the screen to view a list of complete and incomplete collectibles. For example, collecting all 56 snow or tropical animals will earn you 10 acorns each. Here’s a list of collectibles that can earn you free acorns:

  • Complete the “Herd” quest by collecting at least half of the animals to get five acorns.
  • Collect all heroes (Sid, Manny and Diego).
  • Defeat villains like Gupta, Rudy, Raz and Dobson.
  • Unlock and install all decorations to earn an extra five acorns.
  • Participate in special events and collect trophies to unlock acorns.

2. Pay attention to daily rewards. You will get an acorn or two free if you play daily. (Don’t miss a single day, login every day to get daily rewards.)

Connect with Social Networking Sites
Connect with Social Networking Sites

3. Connect with your friends in G+ and Facebook and get 10 acorns.

4. Many times, you will find an acorn or two inside a golden or a black clamshell. Make sure you open every clamshell on your way, while removing trees, rocks and shrubs. You never know what surprises it has in store for you.

5. You can also earn golden acorns while playing the slot machine mini-game on each island. Chances are rare, but who knows, playing it frequently might earn you an acorn or a token. Make sure you visit all islands to play the slot mini-games to get them for free.


Scrat-Alanche Tips and Tricks

Tokens can be earned by completing the collectible quests (tap on the top-left corner of the screen to view a list of collectibles that earn you tokens). The tokens can then be used to play the Scrat-Alanche 3D mini-game where you help our cute acorn-obsessed Scrat avoid obstacles and win exciting rewards. Follow these tips to achieve victory without using acorns:

  • While playing the Scrat-Alanche mini-game, pay attention to the distance you have traveled, not the number of berries you’ve collected. It’s the distance that will determine how successful you are, not the berries.
  • While riding the sledge, focus on the obstacles and not those berries. You don’t need to collect them. They are just there to distract your attention. Just focus on incoming boulders, holes and other obstacles and swipe left, right, down and up to avoid them.
  • You don’t have to swipe up to jump over obstacles, unless there’s no option but to swipe up to jump. Just swipe left or right if there’s some space to move. Jumping over obstacles requires timing and if you miss, your hero may dash into it and fall face down.
  • Once you have rescued the Aardvark in New Snowington, you will notice a new power-up in Scrat-Alanche mini-game. While running, collect the Aardvark icon. The Aardvark will collect all faraway and nearby berries with his snout.

Get Berries and Shells from Nurseries
Get Berries and Shells from Nurseries

How to Get Berries and Shells

  1. Berries are like “energy,” but unlike other games, they do not get refilled over time. You will have to collect them from nurseries or earn them by playing slot machine mini-games. Some golden and black clams may also contain berries.
  2. Keep an eye on daily rewards to get them for free. Collect berries from nurseries first before embarking on a journey to a nearby island. Nurseries earn you berries which are then stored in berry bowls. You can increase the storage capacity of a berry bowl by upgrading it (requires shells for upgrade).
  3. Feeding shells to animals increases the production of berries per hour. Tap on a nursery to check the production per hour and max production.
  4. The most easily available resource is the shell. They are used to build and upgrade nurseries, storage bowls and other structures. Shells are also used to install decorations. Complete quests to earn shells.
  5. Spend shells freely as much as you can as you can easily get them by removing trees, shrubs and other obstacles in an island. Playing slot machine mini-games may also earn you shells.

Bring Hearts to the Bottom of the Screen
Bring Hearts to the Bottom of the Screen

Match-3 Puzzle Tips

Rescuing animals is the main mission of Ice Age Adventures. There are two ways to rescue animals: bring down hearts at the bottom of a game board in a match-3 mini-game or rescue an animal while riding a sledge.

Here are some tips to play the match-3 game:

  • Matching four objects will give you a horizontal or vertical line blaster. The line blaster object will have white lines going up, left to right or right to left.
  • Matching a line blaster object with a similar-shaped object clears a horizontal or vertical line. Matching a line blaster object with any another line blaster, irrespective of their shape, clears half of the game board, including the one with ice blocks.
  • Match five objects of the same shape and get a meteorite. The meteorite when swiped with an object clears all objects of the same type on the game board.
  • Matching two meteorites wipes out all objects on the game board. Matching three meteorites fills up the game board with hearts.
  • In ice blocks levels, a vertical object match is the best way to remove a large chunk of ice from the game board.

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  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Doesn't this just teach gambling to kids? Plus, how can you know how much it's going to cost to finish the game if you buy resources, as the price keeps going up and up throughout the game? How much will it cost to finish? $300? $1000?

  • Anurag2008 profile imageAUTHOR

    Anurag Ghosh 

    5 years ago

    You're welcome.

  • DealForALiving profile image

    Sam Deal 

    5 years ago from Earth

    Thanks for the tutorial -- just downloaded this and am going to start playing


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