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Updated on January 9, 2017

Marvel Puzzle Quest Strategies, Tips, Tricks, and More!

Whether you're a new player of Marvel Puzzle Quest or a seasoned veteran, you can make use of these strategy tips and links to game resources. If you've already played Marvel Puzzle Quest (MPQ), then you know that it offers a deep role playing game experience, as well as a simple "Match-3" game format. If you haven't tried MPQ yet, download it on your favorite portable device from the Google Play or iTunes store.

Get ready to win more matches and earn better prizes playing Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Character Types in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Role Playing Games (RPGs) have three basic types of characters. I divide MPQ characters into the same three basic categories as other RPG games. Although popular RPG style games can have a variety of exotic sounding character classes, the three basic character types are a "Strongman", a "Wizard", and a "Warrior".

These three types of character have defined the basic elements of role playing games since the earliest days of pencil and paper role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and video games like Gauntlet. Different games and gamers refer to these archetypes using different names, but the basic traits remain the same. Some role playing and board games break characters down into more specialized character types like "Thief" or "Monster". However, Marvel Puzzle Quest uses three-character teams for each match, so there is no reason to make further distinctions between character types.

I like to use a balanced approach to team building. I try to build my teams using a Tank, a Wizard, and a Warrior. (Some might call these, tank, mage, and fighter.) At times I will go with a more aggressive team, or a more passive team, by using two characters of a certain type and leaving one category out.

Ragnarok and Juggernaut are the least dangerous "Tank" characters.
Ragnarok and Juggernaut are the least dangerous "Tank" characters. | Source

Tank Characters

Gamers call the different RPG style character classes by various names. Some call strong-man types a "Tank" or "Bruiser". The tank character soaks up damage, defending rest of the team. In MPQ , a good tank character has the most life points on your team. At best, they'll also have the highest level of attack points. This helps keep them in the front of the group, protecting weaker characters.

When you're starting out, Thor (Marvel Now), Hulk, and Ares are good tanks. If an enemy team has Hulk, Ares, or Thor at about level 70 or better, think about using boosts to power up your team. Don't waste boosts against Juggernaut and Ragnarok, they are weaker tanks. I've used Ragnarok as a tank precisely because he's a lopsided character. I find his powers to be a waste of Attack Points (AP); he's a good choice to team up with characters that use red and green AP for special attacks.

Many people use Juggernaut, starting out; he's a starter (1-star) character, and the first real tank character available to new players. Although, many people level up Juggy to his full potential for use in Player versus Player (PvP) tournaments. Personally, I have never used Juggernaut. One of his powers not only damages the enemy target, but Juggernaut himself as well. I don't like to mess with characters that damage themselves or other team members. Juggs usefulness wears out quickly. I recommend saving your Iso-8 crystals for leveling up 2 star characters.

As you transition from a new player to an intermediate level, avoid teams with Thor, Hulk, and Ares. Don't worry about battling teams with Juggernaut. There are many characters in all three classes more dangerous than juggernaut that you should attack first.

Realistically, until you build up a roster with a variety of characters, your "tank" is simply going to be whichever character you've built up with the most points. When I was a newbie, Hawkeye (Classic) was the character I leveled up the fastest. I read West Coast Avengers as a kid, and I was thrilled to see Hawkeye, in his classic costume, included in MPQ. He was my tank for a long time, regardless of the fact that his powers would categorize him as more of a "warrior" class.

Storm (Modern) is probably the best 1-star character.
Storm (Modern) is probably the best 1-star character. | Source

Support Characters

Some gamers call this character type mage, wizard, or healer. Wizard characters heal the team, enhance their powers, or cripple enemy abilities. Characters that create strike tiles or protect tiles, heal damage, steal AP, or stun the enemy all fall into the support/healer category.

Most of the Black Widow characters, All three Storms, and both versions of Captain America are just some of the support-type characters. The best one-star support character is Storm (Modern). Modern Storm is the only 1 star worth keeping on your roster after you reach a certain level of ston

I have seen Mod Storm and Black Widow (Modern) create a feedback loop with their powers that prevents enemy teams from taking another turn. Modern Widow's AP stealing power feeds Modern Storm's lightning power. In turn, Mod Storm's lighting can earn enough AP for Widow to steal again, perpetuating the cycle and preventing your opponent from taking another turn. This endless loop can wipe out an enemy team without allowing them another turn. This situation only occurs in battles with beginner and intermediate players. Eventually, you will earn enough characters to face stronger opponents, who can knock out Modern Widow or Storm before they can double team the enemy.

Possibly the best support character in the game is Black Widow (Original); she is certainly the best healer. Generally, I find the only characters whose stun powers are worth using are Black Widow (Modern), Storm (Classic), and Daredevil. Don't waste AP using Captain America(2star) or Venom's stun attacks.

Devil Dinosaur
Invisible Woman
Nick Fury
Lady Thor
Steve Rogers
X Force Wolverine
Black Panther
Grey Suit Black Widow
The Hood
Classic Daken
Thor (Modern)
Iron Man 40
Thor (Marvel Now)(**)
Classic Storm (**)
Classic Magneto
Human Torch
Rocket & Groot
She Hulk
Spider Man
Original Black Widow
Captain America (**)
Daken (**)
Bag Man
Modern Hawkeye
Iron Man 38 (**)
Johnny Storm (**)
Yelena Belova
Classic Hawkeye
Iron Fist
Modern Storm (*)
Magneto (Now)(**)
Mohawk Storm (***)
Wolverine (**)
Dr. Doom
Star Lord
Luke Cage
Squirrel Girl
Captain Marvel
Ms. Marvel
The categories assigned to each character are based largely on my own opinion, and the "traditional" opinions of MPQ players on Facebook and Forum sites. Arguably, most characters can fit in more than one category.

Knights, Warriors, Fighters, and Acrobats

Different gamers and video games have a wide array of names for this type of character. The character trait that defines the fighter is the ability to do massive damage with special attacks. In many role playing style games, fighters may also have enhanced dexterity that allows them to avoid attacks. The fighter differs from the "tank" type character in that the fighter is not usually the strongest or most heavily armored, despite having enhanced abilities.

Modern Hawkeye is a great example of a good the fighter class character in Marvel Puzzle Quest. Mod Hawkeye can damage the entire enemy team for over 1300 points with his Blast Arrow ability. His "Speed Shot" passive ability activates when you make a critical combo, and can potentially wipe out the enemy team.

Daken (Dark Avengers Wolverine) is also one of the very best warriors. He is self-healing and can drop an unlimited number of strike tiles. Best of all, your enemy can cause him to drop more strike tiles on their own turn. Powers that heal allies, like those of Spider Man (Classic) and Black Widow (Classic) only heal damage for the duration of the current match. This may leave characters on your team unable to join another match. Self healing characters such as the Wolverine and Daken characters keep their health points outside of the current match. Dark Avengers Daken is one of the most effective and economical characters in the whole game. Comparing cost to level up versus the utility Dark Avengers Daken has for winning matches, he is possibly the best of all Wolverine characters in MPQ.

Balanced or Unbalanced Approach

Using a Tank, a Wizard, and a Fighter is good basic strategy. If you build a team without one of these basic character types, at least you'll understand where your team is both strong and vulnerable.

Keeping in mind that luck is a factor in which characters you draw from rewards, and how you build your team, you may choose to work with an unbalanced team. Currently, my highest level characters are Hulk, Grey Suit Widow, and Classic Magneto. When these three characters are together they form a well balanced team. However, when I play PvP battles where an Essential Character is involved, I work with Hulk and GSW, who are clearly an offensive team.

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        Toby Evans 7 months ago

        Uhm, this article is totally focused on newbies. Maybe I should write a strategy article - but I don't want the competition. The difference between characters is more about speed. Some characters have really powerful but really expensive abilities, some have weak but cheap abilities and a couple awesome characters have passive abilities that are moderately powerful. At the higher levels of the game its the abilities not just match damage that actually wins the battle.