Crosswords With Friends Review

Updated on August 14, 2018
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Eric loves mobile games, and his favorite genres are match 3 and word games. Eric loves to find new mobile games he enjoys playing.

Crosswords with Friends is one of latest games made by Zynga.

I will explain what I like and do not like about the game.

You can find Crosswords with Friends on the App Store and Google Play.

Your Standard Crossword Puzzles

Crosswords with Friends is a take on the standard crossword puzzle. The same kind you would find in newspapers.

The puzzles tend to be simple to solve and fun.

The game expects you solve then in about 10 to 20 minutes. I sometimes take longer though as I get distracted or stop paying attention.

Do You like to Solve Crossword Puzzles?

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The Crossword Puzzle Themes

Zynga has teamed with People magazine to make the puzzles in Crosswords with Friends.

You get new puzzles depending on the theme of the day. The themes are fun, and I like them except for a few. I also like how the themes give me an idea of what to expect in the puzzles.

I focus on spending coins doing puzzles with themes I like. One thing I noticed is that I started to see clues repeated across puzzles. For the most part, though the clues are fun to solve.

The game also has bonus puzzles. The bonus puzzles are the same as the others except they are always free.

Standard puzzles are only free on the day they are released. You need to spend coins to play previous puzzles.

You Need to Spend Coins Sometimes

Coins are the game's premium currency.

Like most Zynga games they throw power-ups of some kind in the mix. Using the power-ups also costs coins. The game does allow you to watch ads for extra coins which helps a lot.

If you are very stuck, you can use these power-ups to solve parts of the puzzles for you or give you a hint.

An example of a crossword puzzle.
An example of a crossword puzzle. | Source

Getting Help

The game has a feature to alert you when you type in a wrong letter. I admit I use this feature to guess and try certain letters to see if they are right.

I also search clues on Google. I never said I was a crossword expert now did I? The puzzles are not too hard to solve, but I sometimes have issues with a few specific clues.

No Ads

Surprisingly this game lacks the heavy amount of ads some Zynga games have. Crosswords with Friends makes money when people buy coins.

Either way, I am happy. I much rather save coins and buy puzzles then see ads after every action. Like in Words with Friends.

What Friends?

I am not sure what the “with friends” part of the game is. I think Zynga tagged that on to fit with the rest of their similarly named games. They could have called this Zynga Crossword Puzzles, and nothing would feel different.

I guess you can see how many puzzles your friends solved and how they are doing. Crosswords with Friends feels more like a game you play alone.

If Zynga would add in some form of team-based gameplay, then the name would fit more.

My stats.
My stats. | Source

The Weekly Star Tournament

The game has a weekly star tournament that tracks the best players. You get stars for solving puzzles under certain amounts of time.

You get on the leaderboard by having lots of stars. The people at the top solve hundreds of puzzles. I solve one or two puzzles a day. So this leaderboard means nothing to me.

If you enjoy solving crossword puzzles, the leaderboard could be a motivation to solve more.

The game also has weekly challenges. These challenges allow you earn badges and extra coins. I love personal challenges and achievements. I like to make goals based on them.

The weekly star tournament.
The weekly star tournament. | Source

My Issues

I wonder how competitive such a leaderboard is, to begin with though. You can spend coins to solve puzzles faster, and you spend coins to buy old puzzles.

I can see how somebody could get to the top by spending a lot of coins. I am annoyed by this because I like leaderboards. But I also like for leaderboards to be fair for everybody.

A great example is the Wordament leaderboards. The only way to get on the Wordament leaderboards is to score more points and words.

My Final Thoughts on the Game

Overall Crosswords with Friends is a fun game. I would recommend playing it if you like solving crosswords.

If you don't care about the leaderboards or needing to spend coins to solve a lot of puzzles, there is a lot of fun to be had.

Why not give the game a try?

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      • profile image

        kathleen m Jones 

        8 months ago

        I like crosswords puzzles although I must admit some more than not are too difficult for me. I like to challenge myself & learn and I know they do help to some degree.


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