No-One Has to Die Walkthrough

Updated on April 23, 2020
no-one has to die is copyrighted by StuStutheBloo. Images used for educational purposes only.
no-one has to die is copyrighted by StuStutheBloo. Images used for educational purposes only.

no-one has to die is a game of choices. It features a relatively expansive (for a browser game) storyline, and in order to complete the game you have to see every possible outcome. This means watching the same people die over and over again. This article will go through each variation of the game's three levels without spoiling any of the plot.

Because the game branches off in different directions depending on your decisions, this article includes an easy-to-follow navigation system with each section of text.

First Level

Steve or Troy Dies

There are two potential casualties in this level, and you have to save one of them. Choose between Steve or Troy by clicking the lock on the fire door in front of the one you wish to save. On the next turn, move Lionel ahead one space and click the switch to turn on the water. This will save Christina. Turn the water off again on the next turn or it will continue to flow and drown her.

If Steve lived, go to A1. If Troy lived, go to A2.

Second Level

A1 - Steve Lived - Steve or Lionel Dies

Your first priority here is to save Christina. Lock the door in front of her to stop the fire from reaching her square. That done, hit the switch behind her to start water flowing from the two taps near Steve and Lionel. To save Lionel, let the water flow for two turns, then shut it off. To save Steve, let the water flow for three turns before shutting it off.

If Steve lived, go to B1. If Lionel lived, go to B2.

A2 - Troy Lived - Christina or Troy Dies

Once again, locked doors will save the person you prefer. Have the survivor turn on the water for two turns to save Lionel.

If Christine lived, go to B3. If Troy lived, go to B4.

Third Level

B1 - Steve Lived - Steve or Christina Dies

Saving Steve is easy. Simply move him one square to the right and lock the door behind him. To save Christina, move Steve up to the switch and turn on the water for one round, then turn it off again.

B2 - Lionel Lived - Christina and Lionel Die

This branch is a dead-end. You can't save either of them. Just cycle through the turns until the fire reaches them both. Ouch.

B3 - Christina Lived - Christina and Lionel Die

Ouch, another dead-end. Killing Troy will also kill Christina and Lionel. Wait for the inevitable Bad End.

B4 - Troy Lived - Troy or Lionel Dies

Saving Troy is easy - just lock the door in front of him. To save Lionel instead, lock his door, then have Troy turn on the water. He'll have one more turn to turn off the water again before the fire consumes him.

Final Timeline

Once you've completed all of the bends in the story, one final timeline will appear. In this one you need to save everyone, and thanks to codes collected in the previous areas you can close four fire doors per level rather than just one.

First Level

Save Steve and Troy by locking their respective doors. On the next turn, move Lionel forward to turn on the water. Turn it off on the next turn to save Christine from the incoming water.

Second Level

Lock all four fire doors. The blaze won't be able to reach any of the survivors.

Third Level

Move Steve one square to the right and lock his door. Lock Lionel and Troy into their respective rooms, and have Troy turn on the water for one turn. Turn it off again to save Lionel and Christine.

Game over! That wasn't so bad. Enjoy the shocking ending.


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  • Tonyx35 profile image

    J Antonio Marcelino 

    7 years ago from Illinois, USA

    I've never heard of this game before. Seems interesting and different from my usual thing. Will definitely check it out.

    +1 Interesting.


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