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"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" Walkthrough - Trial 1: The First Turnabout

Have Your Day In Court!

In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, you play as a rookie defense attorney named Phoenix Wright and argue murder cases in court to defend your clients and reveal the true culprits! The game has a fun, wacky cast of characters. The gameplay requires you to think your way through what evidence you'll present in court and focus on what witnesses are saying to point out possible contradictions, making it entertaining as a story and a brain exercise. If you like logic puzzles and murder mysteries, you'll definitely have fun with this game. Here's a walkthrough for your first trial, the murder of Cindy Stone!

Larry gets into trouble so often that the people who know him have a saying: "If something smells, it's the Butz."

Larry gets into trouble so often that the people who know him have a saying: "If something smells, it's the Butz."

Trial 1: The First Turnabout

Here is how you can get through the first trial of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Day 1: Trial

In this case (your first trial ever as a defense attorney!), your best friend, Larry Butz, is your defendant. He is being falsely accused of murdering his girlfriend, Cindy Stone, in her apartment. However, the opening scene shows you who really did it. It is your job as Larry's defense attorney to prove that he's innocent and show the court who the real culprit is! Here's the case info:

  • The victim is Cindy Stone. She died on 7/31 between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM from blood loss due to a blunt force trauma. All you get to start with is this autopsy report, but you'll uncover more evidence as the trial progresses!

After watching the opening scene and talking to your boss, Mia Fey, and your client, Larry, it's time to enter the courtroom and begin the trial!

  • Start by answering the judge's questions about the defendant and the victim, and how she died, which should be easy given what you've already seen in the game. However, if you want the "Please Turn In Your Badge" achievement, answer incorrectly.
  • Once you answer all three questions, the murder weapon, a statue of The Thinker, will be presented as evidence by the prosecution, which means you can now bring it up in your argument since it's in the court record.
  • Next, it's revealed that Cindy returned from a trip to Paris the day before she was murdered. Her passport will be added to your evidence list.
  • For the next two questions, answer whichever one you like. Winston Payne, the prosecutor, will have a rebuttal either way.

Now, Frank Sahwit, the only witness in this case, will be called to the stand. You will have to find the contradictions in his testimony and point them out.

  • Listen to Frank's testimony. Afterwards, the prosecutor will mention that the power went out in the building, which is why Cindy's phone wasn't working. He provides a blackout record that states that the power was out between 12 PM to 6 PM on the day Cindy was murdered.
  • When cross-examining Frank Sahwit, notice how odd his ninth statement is: "I remember the time exactly: it was 1:00 PM." Check the autopsy report to see why that's unusual, and present the autopsy report for this statement.

With the contradiction you found, Frank will have to revise his testimony.

  • "There was a voice saying the time… It was probably coming from the television." Wasn't there a blackout in the apartment at 1 PM? There's no way the television could have been working at that time! Present the blackout record for this statement.

Frank has to clarify his previous testimony now. You're getting closer to the truth, so squeeze him like a lemon!

  • He says a clock was a murder weapon, but according to your records it was a statue. Bring up the statue for Frank's second statement. "There was a table clock in the apartment, wasn't there!". It is actually a clock, but how does he know? The statue's description in the court record will be updated to reflect this new development.
  • The judge will ask if you have any problems with Frank's testimony. Answer yes, and then say that he went inside the apartment, despite claiming otherwise. How would he know about a clock on Cindy's table if he hadn't gone inside? He has to be the murderer!
  • Now, it's time to prove it. Choose "Try sounding the clock" to see what it says. It's three hours behind, just like his earlier time of death was.

You need only a little more proof to solve this case, since Frank Sahwit will claim that the clock might not have been slow on the date of the murder. The judge will look to you for more proof; without it, he'll have to let Frank go, and Larry will take the fall for his girlfriend's murder! But you have that final piece of the puzzle.

  • Present Cindy's passport to the court. Since she had just come back from Paris, the clock was still set for that time. So when Frank heard 1:00, it was actually 1 AM in Paris, which is 9 hours ahead of California, where the game takes place. If the clock were dialed back to the time in California, it would have been at 4 PM, Cindy's time of death! Frank was the murderer!

Now Larry is proclaimed not guilty! You've beaten your first case! But there's one more thing to talk to Larry about. Present the statue when it prompts you to. Watch what happens, and then continue on to the next case!

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