Scribblenauts Unlimited Walkthrough: Camelcase Oasis and the Vowelcano

Updated on February 10, 2017

So far the desert's been pretty lean, but that all changes with the Camelcase Oasis. Forget your worries - this lush paradise invites you in for a quick dip, a ride on a magical carpet, and, perhaps, the secret to eternal youth. Not bad, eh?

Who gives the task?
Ouch! These coals are too hot!
Firewalker to the left of the entrance
Surely 'icy' coals would be easier to cross.
Starite Shard
This toy barrel needs to be filled with something!
Yellow Barrel
Barrel? Filled? 'Monkey'!
Starite Shard
I'm homesick!
Take the poor guy back home with a tiny 'blizzard'.
Starite Shard
Help me find the lost fountain of youth!
Milo, by the oasis
Milo just needs a 'map'.
Starite Shard; unlocks Milo
I'm perplexed! It's the end of the rainbow, yet something is missing...
Leprechaun by the oasis
Starite Shard
These snakes look angry, I need to charm them somehow!
Snake Charmer by the tent
He would be much better at his job if he were 'charming'.
Starite Shard
Take me for a ride!
Magic Carpet at the top of the waterfall
Fly up and hop on!
Starite Shard
Maxwell the Great
Lamp at the base of the waterfall
Grant the wishes of those who ask. First are three things to sell (almost anything - foods seem to work well); second are things to make the desert bearable ('sunscreen', 'umbrella', 'sunglasses'); last is a wish to be funnier ('clown', 'circus', 'whoopie pie').


So much for that nice vacation. You're now in the Vowelcano, a place of burning heat and perilous pitfalls. Watch that first step - if you miss, you'll plunge into millions of tons of burning lava and die! That's how the saying goes, right?

Who gives the task?
I forgot what I was supposed to throw in this volcano!
Halfling on the edge of the volcano
You can toss in anything, so long as it's round.
Starite Shard
Give me something so I can play fetch with my dog!
Big dog needs a 'big bone'.
Starite Shard
This was a terrible vacation spot! Help me ward of dehydration!
Brown Dryad to the left
The Dryad needs some moisture. Bring the 'rain'!
Starite Shard
My ray gun needs a colder source of power! Give me something to change my ray gun into a freeze ray!
Leon, to the left and on the rise
A 'freezer' sounds like it should work...
Starite Shard; unlocks Leon
Provide the spark of life!
Ash on the right side of the volcano
'Fire' will breed life!
Starite Shard
Help me temper this magic sword!
All he needs is a 'hammer' to get to work.
Starite Shard
Free us from the cockatrice's petrifying gaze!
Perrified Wizard
Put 'sunglasses' on the cockatrice to give it a taste of its own medicine.
Starite Shard
My crown is lost in this volcano! Please return it to me!
Crusader beside the Wizard
He's just lazy. Walk past him to find the crown, grab it, then put something atop its former pedestal in order to leave.
Starite Shard
I struck ooze! Find a way to contain it for me!
Excavator above the Blacksmith
A 'bottle', perhaps...?
Starite Shard
Throw dinner inside my cauldron!
Cannibal above the Excavator
Yum, 'accountant'.
Starite Shard
I need to step out, but I can't leave my egg alone!
Teratorn above Leon
Simple solution - make another 'teratorn'.
Starite Shard
Monster Attack!
Hula Girl
The four horsemen are coming! Use 'medicine', a 'hippy', 'food' and the adjective 'alive' to ward them off.
Volcano Sacrifice!
Masked Man
The volcano demands a sacrifice or it will blow. Start with a 'pear', 'apple' and 'tree', then 'computer', 'car' , 'phone', then 'gold', and, finally, 'god'.

You're so close to being done with sand and heat! So close! Now all you have left is Ampersand Beach before you hit the waves and head to Tilde Reef. Sounds like a dream come true, right? (Compared to a volcano, it probably is.)


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