"Scribblenauts Unlimited" Walkthrough: Capital City Firehouse and The Virgule Gallery

Updated on July 15, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Screenshot of Capital City Firehouse.
Screenshot of Capital City Firehouse.

Guide to Capital City Firehouse

Home to the finest purveyors of fire protection in Capital City, the Firehouse is fraught with problems—just like everywhere else in Scribblenauts Unlimited. Help set these poor firefighters to rights with your notebook.

Who gives the task?
I need to look the part to become a firehouse dog!
Dachshund by the entrance
This little weinerdog just wants to fit in. Give him a 'fireman's hat' or a 'fire truck' to get him started.
Starite Shard
Help me test all of the alarms!
Engineer beside the lockers
There are three alarm bells in the station; you need to test them all. Set a 'fire' or a 'lit match' beneath all three. The top one isn't working, so add the adjective 'electrified' first.
Starite Shard
I need to restart this dummy's heart!
Paramedic in the rear of the Firehouse
Though it's a dummy, this static fellow can come back like anyone else. Give the Paramedic a 'defribrillator'.
Starite Shard
People say I have issues! Who can help me?
Arsonist in the rear of the Firehouse
This poor fellow needs professional help. Create a 'therapist' to address his mental scars. A 'police officer' will also do the job... yet not arrest him, for some reason.
Starite Shard
Help me rebuild this building!
The Arsonist now wants to mend his ways. Give him a tool—'hammer', 'saw', 'screwdriver', etc.—so he can set to work.
Starite Shard
She snores so loudly! I can't sleep!
Fireman on the second floor
Snoring can keep anyone up, but earplugs for the Fireman will help him doze off. You can also apply the adjective 'quiet' to the sleeper, or just make the Fireman 'deaf'. Yikes.
Starite Shard
I can't find my helmet anywhere!
Sorority Girl on the second floor
She wants HER helmet, not just any helmet. Fetch hers from the pink locker on the first floor. You'll have to pick it up and physically take it to her for this to count.
Starite Shard
What time is it yet? Can I go home?
Secretary on the third floor
A 'watch' or a 'clock' will let this harried Secretary know it's time to vamoose.
Starite Shard
This steak needs to be tenderized before we can cook it!
Fireman on the third floor
The fireman needs a blunt instrument to beat his beef into shape. A 'mallet' or 'hammer' will do.
Starite Shard
Fire Station Wagon!
Station Wagon at the entrance
First, paint the car with the adjective 'red'. Second, give it something loud—'alarm', 'loudspeaker', 'stereo'. Third, supply it with some kind of firefighter's tool, such as a 'hose' or an 'axe'. Last, give the car 'big wings' or make it 'flying'.
Fire Station Invasion!
Zombie on the third floor
You have a number of tasks to accomplish here. Start by giving the Doctor a 'bandage' on the top floor. The Gamer on the second floor could use a weapon, such as a 'gun', 'sword' or 'bazooka'. The Crying Orphan nearby could use a 'teddy bear'. The Soldier needs a mech to fight zombies; put a weapon in the strongbox, then give the Soldier something made of metal, then give him a power source - a 'battery' will work. Once the Mech is ready, climb in and fire missiles at the incoming zombies by tapping on them and clicking 'Attack'. Do this until the Firehouse has been emptied.

Guide to the Virgule Gallery

Place of worship for Capital City's most cultured, The Virgule Gallery is looking a bit drab at the moment. You'll need to put your own artistic flair to work to spruce up the Gallery with your own unique exhibits.

Who gives the task?
One of these artifacts is a fraud! Help me figure out which!
Curator at the entrance
The Curator needs a professional opinion. Create an 'archaeologist' to pick out the fake.
Starite Shard
I need something to connect these bones together!
Glue, maybe?
Starite Shard
Help me get past the guard and the security camera so I can take back my diamond!
You can put the guard to sleep and disable the camera, but the easiest way by far to solve this problem is to make the Penguin 'invisible'.
Starite Shard
The girl in this painting looks lonely!
Watercolour Flower Girl near the stairs
Give her a friend. Anything at all will do, so long as it's alive. (I used a 'flying octopus'.)
Starite Shard; unlocks Artie
Finish my exhibit!
Wax Columbus on the second floor
Columbus sailed the seas. Give him a nice 'boat.' (Or 'submarine'.)
Starite Shard
Finish my exhibit!
Wax Cleopatra on the second floor
Cleopatra ruled Egypt in the time of pyramids. Why not give her waxen approximation a 'pyramid' of her own?
Starite Shard
Finish my exhibit!
Wax Benjamin Franklin on the second floor
Benjamin Franklin played with lightning. Your own 'lightning' will do the job, as will a 'kite'.
Starite Shard
Finish my exhibit!
Wax George Washington on the second floor
George Washington lived in a time of military troubles. A 'soldier' or some kind of weapon will appease the president.
Starite Shard
Finicky Patrons
Small painting at the entrance
You'll have to appease four patrons with works of art they'll find pleasing. Most of the time you just have to play around with adjectives—for example, if you get a Robot patron, use a 'robotic dog' or 'robotic fish' to make it happy. The patrons are random each time you play this sequence.

Looking Ahead to the Next Levels

If you're going through the levels in order, completing these two will likely open up another section of new levels on your map. Check them out, if you wish—though this walkthrough will trek onward through the stages in order and head to St. Asterisk and The Under Line next time.


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