Scribblenauts Unlimited Walkthrough: Edwin's Farm and Capital City

Updated on March 6, 2017

Welcome to Scribblenauts!

This weird and wonderful little game is, for the most part, self-explanatory - at least in what you have to do. Solving the puzzles, however, is another matter. Each section of the walkthrough will be broken up into two levels, with puzzles, puzzle locations, solutions and rewards included in easy-to-read tables. Let's get started!

Edwin's Farm

After watching the cutesy-yet-oddly-dire introduction cut scene, you'll be whisked to the first level in Scribblenauts Unlimited: Edwin's Farm. This serves as a tutorial for the later stages in the game, and offers a few basic puzzles for you to solve.

Who gives the task?
Turn the runt of the litter into an award-winning pig!
Starts automatically
The pig is dirty. Clean it using some sort of cleaning implement, like a rag or a sponge. Next, use an adjective like 'big' or 'large' to increase the pig's size. Give it 'large wings' to appease the judges.
Help the sprout grow!
Use 'fertilizer' to turn the plant into a bit of a monster. Resert the level to start the next task.
Starite Shard
My kitty is stuck on top of the tree! Get her for me!
Blonde Girl
There are a few ways to accomplish this. A 'ladder' will help the cat down; 'wings' will let it fly down on its own; a cutting device ('chainsaw' or something similar) will bring down the tree.
Starite Shard

Completing Edwin's Farm will also unlock Edwin as a playable avatar. Like all of Maxwell's brothers, he plays exactly the same as the rest.

Capital City

Hub for many of the early locales in Scribblenauts Unlimited, Capital City is also home to a set of its own Starite challenges. You'll need 'wings', a 'jetpack', some kind of flying vehicle or the adjective 'flying' to reach them all.

Who gives the task?
I want someone to entertain me!
Bored Boy by the bus stop
Give him something safe to pique his interest. This can be virtually anything - the typical answer is a 'clown' or a 'mime', though you can give him a flying horse to ride if you want.
Starite Shard
I'm parked illegally!
Broken-down Jalopy by the bus stop
The police will be interested in this. Create a 'police officer' to deal with the Jalopy.
Starite Shard
So unsightly!
Graffiti beside the museum entrance
Add the adjective 'clean' to get rid of the graffiti, or cover it up with some other object. You can also clean it with some sort of scrubbing implement.
Starite Shard
Place someone into the phone booth to make a sidekick for me!
Clark, floating beside the fire station
You can put virtually anything into the phone booth, but Clark needs a human to turn into a partner. Any profession will do.
Starite Shard; unlocks Clark
Create a new fountain for the city! Place an object in this water then flip the switch!
Switch next to Clark, beside the pool of water
Put something of decent size into the water and pull the switch. Almost anything will work. (I used a 'rhino'.)
Starite Shard
I want to sail across the sea!
Grandfather at the end of the pier
The fellow needs a floating craft. Anything from a 'yacht' to a 'pirate ship' to a 'submarine' will appease him.
Starite Shard
We can't see the view! There are clouds in the way!
Tourists on top of the left-most building
These two picky Tourists want a good view of the harbour. Oblige them by creating a 'fan' to blow away the clouds,
Starite Shard
King me!
Gorilla atop the hospital
A simple enough request; give the Gorilla a 'crown'. You can also give it the adjective 'king' for the same result.
Starite Shard
Carnival Games
Man on the pier
There are three steps to this challenge, but they all amount to the same thing: hitting a target with a small object you can throw. A 'ball', a 'cup', a 'bomb', any are acceptable; you can also speed up the process by calling in a weapon ('gun' or 'bow') and using it for all three steps.

Capital City Runoff

Though it doesn't appear on the map, the Capital City Runoff is still a compulsory area for collecting all of the Starites. You can find this murky locale at the end of the pier in Capital City, in the depths of the water.

Who gives the task?
The other fish keep making fun of me! Help me scare them away!
Blowfish near the entrance
The Blowfish is too small. Either make him 'big' or 'angry' to scare away the other fish. (Be careful with your adjectives - if he's overly aggressive the Blowfish will come after you.)
Starite Shard
I'm ready for a new school to move in!
Anemone Stinkhorn near the entrance
The Anemone wants company. Any type of 'fish' will do.
Starite Shard
There must be a better way to dispose of this waste!
Toxic Waste at the front of the culvert
There are things you can use to get rid of the Waste, but you can also just apply the advective 'gone'.
Starite Shard
Be a bro and help me break free!
Tempo, tied to a block at the bottom of the screen
Any cutting device will set Tempo free.
Starite Shard; unlocks Tempo
Save the lobsters! Fool the fishermen by filling their trap with something else to eat!
Cage at the bottom of the Runoff
Live animals won't do here, as apparently that's no less cruel than Lobsters in cages. Put a food item - say, 'salad' in the cage.
Starite Shard
I've always lived down here and don't know what I look like!
Sinking Shoggoth at the end of the culvert
Give the poor lad a mirror. He won't be happy.
Starite Shard

Snagging these Starites will open up more levels. For now, let's stick with the levels that were already open and check out two more Capital City hangouts: Capital City Firehouse and The Virgule Gallery.


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