Scribblenauts Unlimited Walkthrough: Exclamation Point and Pilcrow Peaks

Updated on November 19, 2016

Exclamation Point

Chilly! There are few places quite so tall or frigid as Exclamation Point, the epitome of cold climates in Scribblenauts. Maxwell will have to test himself against the elements, as well as a slew of silly requests, in order to bypass this most frozen of peaks.

Who Gives the task?
This sculpture is boring! Place something to inspire me on the wood platform!
Arctic Native on the ladder
Do as he asks. Virtually anything will count.
Starite Shard
The other Jack won't leave my cave, but we can scare him out with a loud noise!
Jack Frost, near the sculptor
Bring out something that'll make a loud noise. A 'stereo' will do.
Starite Shard
Help us get down!
Mountain Climbers on the second level
Get some 'scissors' and snip through the rope.
Starite Shard
Can you help me get an edge in the race?
Jockeys on the second level
Do something to one or the other Polar Bears. Making them 'speedy' works, as does making them 'fast' or 'agile'.
Starite Shard
There's a prehistoric body trapped in this glacier, but we can use science to free it!
Sherpa beside the mound of ice
You aren't qualified to figure this out on your own. Get a 'scientist' to do the thinking.
Starite Shard
I can't jump high enough to follow my mammagoat!
Kid at the top of the rope (Kid as in Goat)
He can't jump because he's not jumping in the first place. Make him a 'jumping' Kid.
Starite Shard
This is steep! I'm scared to make the jump!
Snowboarder near the top of the mountain
The Snowboarder won't care about jumping if he's 'invincible'.
Starite Shard
Be like a Yeti and I'll be your buddy!
Yeti near the top of the mountain
Make Maxwell 'white' and 'hairy' to appease the Yeti.
Starite Shard
Mortals keep stealing our dovine artifacts! Help make us godlike again!
Warrior and Valkyrie at the top of the mountain
'Godly' gods make sense, don't they?
Starite Shard
Because It's There!
Tent at the base of the mountain
Begin by clearing the avalanche using a 'tank' to both blow up and push the boulders out of the way. Get away from the Frost Giant with warm objects, such as a 'wintery coat', 'fire' and 'hot chocolate'. Make the Yeti 'friendly' to get him out of the way. And, last, put a 'flag' atop the mountain.

Pilcrow Peaks

You thought Exclamation Point was bad? Just wait until you reach the high-heights of Pilcrow Peaks, home to Scribblenauts' ski lodge. Though more laid back than other wintery wonderlands, there's still no rest to be found in the cold of the far north.

Who gives the task?
That trap looks really dangerous! Do something about it!
Bunny near the entrance
Pick up the Mouldy Carrot from the trap and throw it at the trap. Snap. Done. (You'll have to restart to level to get the Fur Trader's prize, however.)
Starite Shard
Help me catch that rabbit!
Fur Trader near the trap
Replace the Mouldy Carrot with a plain ol' 'carrot'.
Starite Shard
We can't play with this icy patch here! Someone might slip!
Snow Suit Kid
Bring out the 'sun' to thaw the ice.
Starite Shard
Help me soar again!
Obvious enough - make her 'flying' or give her 'wings'.
Starite Shard
I am too slow to roll down this hill!
Snowball atop the hill
Make it... 'fast'...?
Starite Shard
I lost my voice! Give me something to fix my voice!
Silent Yodeler
The woman could use some 'medicine', or the adjective 'singing'.
Starite Shard
What should I take on my trip to the canyons?
Arctic Native on the far right
There are many things he could take. A 'backpack', for example, or a 'map'.
Starite Shard
It looks like someone is stuck under the snow!
Frozen Foot atop the highest cliff
Use a 'crane' to get the foot out, then give it to the Zombie.
Starite Shard
This hot chocolate tastes boring! Add some flavor to it!
Flurry, on the lower cliff
Toss in anything food-related. I used chili and Flurry liked it. Ew.
Starite Shard; unlocks Flurry
Help decorate my house for the holiday season!
Dog on dog house
Think Christmas. The Dog might appreciate 'Santa' as a decoration.
Starite Shard
Searching for Santa!
Caution tape near entrance
Give Mrs. Claus a 'santa hat' so she can get in. Give the Cops 'powder' to check for fingerprints. Give the Detective a 'light' to aid in his interrogation. Last, give the Hound an 'elf' so it can find Santa.
Sledding to the Finish!
Sled at the top of the hill
Each person needs something to get down the hill. The Skier gets 'skis'; the Arctic Native gets a 'sled'; the Chef get a 'saucer'; the Farmer gets a 'cow'; the Wizard get a 'dragon'; and the Zombie gets a, uh, 'corpse'.

Done with ice? Done with ice. The snow of Scribblenauts is finished, and with it comes a return to nicer climates. Prepare for Underscore Mine and Dusty Brush Canyon!


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