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"Scribblenauts Unlimited Walkthrough": Hyphen Heights and Full Stop Diner

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.


Hyphen Heights

Hyphen Heights is home to all who don't quite want to live in the big city but still enjoy an urban lifestyle. The place needs some fixing. A magical notebook is just the thing to get started on patching up these people.

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

Help me befriend the birds!

Grandmother to the left of the subway line

What else? Give her some 'birdseed'.

Starite Shard

I need to teach this dog a trick!

Dog Trainer above the subway

Clearly this Dog Trainer doesn't know what she's doing. Bring in another 'dog trainer' to do her job for her.

Starite Shard

Will you help us get our ball? Be careful not to touch the old man's lawn!

Whippersnapper near the subway

The old man can't get mad about kids on his lawn if he can't see them. Make him 'blind' or give him a 'blindfold', then run over and grab the ball. Hand it to the Whippersnapper.

Starite Shard

Help me become a better basketball player!

Basketball Player above the old man's house

Make the Basketball Player 'tall', 'big' or 'fast' to improve his game.

Starite Shard

This grass is overgrown!

Townhouse near the old man's house

Pfft, so obvious. Make a 'cow' to eat the grass. Next! (Also maybe a 'lawnmower'.)

Starite Shard

I need to get to school, but I'm afraid Duce will hurt me!

Boy next to the school

Your brother is such a punk. Either make Duce 'friendly' or make the Boy 'invisible' so he can slip by.

Starite Shard; unlocks Duce

My 3D glasses can make anyone on the screen look 3D!

Flux, next to the movie screen above the diner

Flux just wants to see something alive on the movie screen. Create a person or animal and put it on the screen.

Starite Shard; unlocks Flux

I wish someone would give me something romantic like in the movies!

Theatergoer next to the movie screen

This girl is pretty picky. Think stereotypical dating periphinalia - 'chocolates', 'flowers', 'candy' - to win her heart.

Starite Shard

This pizza will be cold by the time I deliver it on foot!

Teen next to the diner

Clearly a terrible deliverboy, the Teen needs transportation. Give him a 'car' or 'jet' or 'UFO' or something.

Starite Shard

Try my new magical movie treats!

Fairy Godmother near the movie screen

In what may be a terrible move, eat one of the floating items at the stand near the screen.

Starite Shard

Date Night!

Boyfriend near the old man's house

Start off this lovely date by giving the Boyfriend a 'suit' or 'hair gel'. Next, transportation - make it something snazzy, like a 'moving van'. Next she needs a present - how about a 'DVD'? Fourth is a romantic mood-setter, and a 'musician' will do the trick. Last, in the fastest marriage proposal ever, they need someone to help at the wedding. A 'priest' will seal the deal.


Out with the Old!

Woman by the diner

First, bring down the building with a 'battering ram', 'bulldozer' or 'bomb'. Next, create somewhere people would like to visit - perhaps a 'park'. Last, use a 'megaphone' to bring people to your new attraction.


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Full Stop Diner

You know a restaurant is in trouble when there are dogs and monsters in attendance. Help solve the problems of this lacklustre diner with your culinary expertise.

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

I'm so bored! Give me something to entertain myself!

Bored Boyfriend near the entrance

His date is dull. Give him a piece of entertainment, such as a 'magazine', to take his mind off his dull Girlfriend.

Starite Shard

I wish he would give me something to make me feel better!

Brokenhearted Crying Girlfriend

She's broken up because you distracted her Boyfriend. Give her something nice to smooth things over - perhaps a 'ring'?

Starite Shard

Help! The oven is on fire!

Flaming Stove in the kitchen

'Fire extinguisher' all the way. Or a 'firefighter'?

Starite Shard

We won't pass the health inspection with these bugs around!

Sanitation Supervisor in the basement

You can swat the bugs with a 'flyswatter' or some other weapon, or send a predatory bird like a 'hawk' in to do the job.

Starite Shard

I'm trapped in the freezer! Help me out and warm me up!

Freezer in the basement

Empty' the Freezer, then create a 'fire' nearby to thaw its residents.

Starite Shard

We're looking for a suitable individual to join our club!

Minotaur in the basement

Create a generic 'monster' or go with something specific, like a 'siren' or 'demon' or 'Cthulhu'.

Starite Shard

The billboard needs to show what we sell here!

Chief Marketing Officer on the roof

Create a random food item and shove it on the billboard. (Heck, you don't even seem to need food. I used a 'saki', a sort of monkey, and it worked fine.)

Starite Shard

When will dinner arrive?

Dogs on the second floor

Either summon a 'waiter' to serve food or create some of your own.

Starite Shard

Oops! I forgot to fill the box with a gift!

Grandmother on the second floor

You can put anything - ANYTHING - in the box, and it seems to count as a gift.

Starite Shard

Feed the Hungry Guests!

Table near the entrance

Each guest wants something different. Give the school boy some kind of vegetable; the vampire could use a drink; the robot will want 'oil' or 'robotic' food; and the cannibal, er, will want a person. Any person. How grim.


Chef's Apprentice!

Chef in the kitchen

The chef will want different ingredients for each guest. Start with 'cheese', 'sauce' and 'dough' for the pizza, then add a secret ingredient (anything, really). Next, you need to make a Phoenix. 'Fire', 'feather', 'wings' and 'magic' will bring it to life. Last is a motorcycle: use a 'wheel', a 'horn' and an 'engine' to get rolling.


Completing these two levels will give you enough Starite stamina to make your way to the next group of levels - and perhaps beyond.

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