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"Scribblenauts Unlimited" Walkthrough: Inkwell High and Grave Manor

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.


Inkwell High

The esteemed place of learning in Scribblenauts, Inkwell High seems to be a little short on problem-solving skills. Everyone's looking for you to do the dirty work. Roll up your sleeves and show the students a piece of your own edumacatin'.

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

There really should be something to salute at the top of this pole!

Teenager at the entrance

Anything fabric that blows in the wind works nicely. 'Underwear'!

Starite Shard

I want to make everyone laugh!

Student at the desk

The Student wants to amuse his friends. Give him the adjective 'funny' or 'clowny' to make his dream come true.

Starite Shard

I want to meet someone in the middle of their career!

Girl at the desk

Anybody with a profession will work. 'Accountant', 'boxer', 'vampire hunter' . . . use your imagination.

Starite Shard

Place a critter for the class in me!

Small Steel Cage at the entrance

So long as you use the adjective 'small' or 'tiny' (or pick a small animal) you can put any critter you like in this woeful cage.

Starite Shard

It's not safe for me to get out of this locker with the bully there! Don't hurt him!

Locker Room behind the class

There are numerous ways to get rid of the bully. Make him 'sleepy' or 'friendly', create a 'teacher' or 'principal' to scare him off, or make him 'tiny' to remove the threat.

Starite Shard; unlocks Poindexter

Protect me from the dodge balls!

Sweating Schoolboy in the gym

'Armor' will solve this problem. So will a 'helmet'.

Starite Shard

Place something in my pot to serve the students for lunch!

Lunch Lady in the kitchen

You can put virtually anything organic in the pot for the Lunch Lady to cook up. The result will be the same.

Starite Shard

This playground is lame! It needs some more interesting attractions!

Boy by the playground

How about a 'roller coaster'?

Starite Shard

Experiment in Mad Science!

Bunsen Burner in the classroom

Begin by feeding the Paramecium any kind of food. Give it some heat—why not the 'sun'?—to spur growth. After that is a body part—'legs' will do. Afterwards, make it 'friendly' or 'nice' to let it fit in, then give it a name by placing letters (just type the letter into the notebook) and hit the switch.



Grave Manor

A place where only the fearless tread, Grave Manor is the resting place of the nasties from the dark corners of the Earth. Expect the most frightening experience you'll ever get out of Scribblenauts (which isn't frightening at all) within these walls.

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TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

This coffin brings things to life!


This task lends itself to a 'corpse', but you can put any inanimate object in the coffin and watch it get angry as it comes to life.

Starite Shard

We would love something to play with!

Mix and Mox, inside the house

Lord knows why these two are in here, but they want a toy of some kind. A nice 'toy train' will appease them.

Starite Shard; unlocks Mix and Mox

Can you see your reflection?

Dirty Mirror in the house

It's dirty. Make it 'clean' or use a cleaning agent on the poor thing.

Starite Shard

Deliver me from evil!

Priest by the stairs

He's plagued by an Invisible Imp. Give him 'holy water' to even the odds.

Starite Shard

Let's do the mash!

Ball Room

Drop anybody—monster or person—into the ball room to get the party started.

Starite Shard

What's that behind me?

Armor on the second floor

Make it a 'living' suit of armor to get it out of the way—and open the path to the basement

Starite Shard

The flame keeps me trapped down here!

Shambler in the basement

Easy enough: just 'Turn off' the candle outside its den.

Starite Shard

I want to be more frightening!

Black Widow on the third floor

Make it 'big', make it 'scary', turn it into a 'zombie' or 'vampire'. Many ways to do this.

Starite Shard

Reanimate me!

Gargoyle on the roof

Give it the adjective 'animated' or 'living'.

Starite Shard

Make the attic a bit more spooky!

Crate in the attic

Anything from a horror movie will work. Why not a 'ghost'?

Starite Shard

Ghost Hunter!

Urn in the attic

Begin by giving yourself 'ghost goggles' so you can see the ghosts. Then head through the house and appease each ghost in each room. The one below the attic wants things to play with; anything with the adjective 'toy' will work. The woman in the ball room wants items related to a wedding; how about 'flowers', 'cake' and a 'groom'? The priest below the ball room wants holy relics—a 'cross', a 'bell' and a 'priest will satisfy him. Last is the knight in the living room, who wants knightly things. A 'sword', a 'king', a 'princess', 'armor', a 'horse', any three things will end the challenge.


Two more levels down. In the next fantastic article of Scribblenauts Unlimited: Metaforest and Majuscule Grotto!


Matt Bird (author) from Canada on January 13, 2013:

It's fun. Not terribly challenging, but the sheer number of ways you have to complete the tasks leaves a lot of room for replay and silliness.

Jake Ed from Canada on January 13, 2013:

Cute game, totally checking it out some time.

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