Scribblenauts Unlimited Walkthrough: Lost Kingdom of Parentheses and Abian Sea Front

Updated on February 2, 2017

Lost Kingdom of Parentheses

Ruled over by the mighty Poseidon, lord of the sea, the Lost Kingdom of Parentheses is a land of wonder, treasure, and, for some reason, mad scientists. Prepare for a bold journey underwater to solve the mysteries of this forgotten world!

Who gives the task?
The Ark of the Covenant must be found! Bring it to me!
Treasure Hunter near the entrance
The Ark is a little ways below and to the left of the Treasure Hunter. Pick it up and bring it to him.
Starite Shard
Remove the curse by returning the stones to their pillars!
Three Immovable Pillars by the entrance
You need to match the three stones up with their respective altars. The ruby is near the entrance; the diamond is in the bottom right corner of the area; the titanite is behind the Basilosaurus.
Starite Shard
Rock Bottom!
Swimmer trapped under a rock near the entrance
Make it a 'floating' rock to free the poor guy.
Starite Shard
I can't swim! Help me get to the surface!
Alien by the submarine
Another victim for 'floating' syndrome. 'Swimming' also works.
Starite Shard
I've outgrown my old residence! GIve me a larger place to live!
Hermit Crab near the escape pod
Give the little guy a 'house' to wear. Why not, eh? Looks good on him.
Starite Shard
My subarmine is too large to explore any further!
Submarine by the alien
A 'small' or 'tiny' Submarine is a much better fit.
Starite Shard
Cthulhu slept in! Wake him from his slumber!
Sleepy Cthulhu at the bottom of the area
He's now an 'awake' Cthulhu! What a terrible idea!
Starite Shard
Give me something to convince Poseidon that I lived a good life!
Admiral near the middle of the caves, beside Poseidon
'Wise' men always live good lives.
Starite Shard
Give me something to help rule the sea!
Poseidon, near the middle of the caves
Poseidon wouldn't be Poseidon without his 'trident'.
Starite Shard
Give me some gizmo from the world above the sea!
Mermaid, above Poseidon; have to solve the Pillars puzzle before she appears
Anything from the modern world will work. Why not introduce the peaceful Mermaids to 'guns'?
Starite Shard
Unsunken City
Skull beside the Pillars
Start by creating a 'hydra'. Then use 'wind' as an element. Put some 'robotic hay' in the Hamster Cage. Give Maxwell a 'lab coat', 'goggles' and the adjective 'insane' or 'mad' to get through the door. Make the Drain 'gone'. Then hit the switch to contain the Robot. Hit it again to get the Starite.
Sea Goats Gruff
Sea Goat at the bottom of the level
Each goat tastes like something unique that you must feed the Troll. Give it a 'berry', then 'salt', then 'chili' or something 'spicy'.

Abian Sea Front

Ever wondered where Santa hangs out when he's not delivering presents? It's not the North pole. Welcome to the Abian Sea Front, where snow beasts and researchers mix in surprising harmony.

Who gives the task?
Give me a zodiac to discover!
Fortune Teller
Any of the animals of the zodiac - for example, the bull - will appease this fellow.
Starite Shard
I want a new home!
Chilly, near the igloo
Chilly's chilly. Give him a 'mansion'.
Starite Shard; unlocks Chilly
Show me something in the solar system to observe!
Scientist by the observatory
Put the 'moon' in the sky to unlock a horde of planetary bodies for the woman.
Starite Shard
I want to be a snowman!
Large Snowball by the observatory
A 'hat', a 'scarf' or a 'carrot' will make its wish a reality.
Starite Shard
The water level has risen. Find a way to keep me from melting!
Glacier; jump in the water for this to start
Turn the sun into a 'cold' sun.
Starite Shard
I want to sculpt this ice block!
Sculptor on the right side of the level
A chisel will help the man, though he can just as easily use more formidable tools.
Starite Shard
Yeti by the Sculptor
Despite how it sounds, the Yeti wants its picture taken.
Starite Shard
I am all dressed up for a formal party!
Penguin by the Yeti
The Penguin wants a taste of the high life. Bring in a 'dancer' or 'ball room' or something similar to appease him.
Starite Shard
Santa's Flight!
North Pole sign by the Penguin
Santa needs prepping before he can head off. Start by placing three items for good kids - anything with 'toy' in front - in the sleigh. Put 'coal' in for a bad kid. Create a 'snowplow' to clear the runway, then apply the adjective 'sparkling' to the reindeer to get the ride underway.

The sea is yours to command, but the snows are another matter. Next time you'll master cold weather at Exclamation Point and Pilcrow Peaks.

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