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The 10 Best PS3 Puzzle Games

Michael Kismet is a freelance writer and a committed gamer. Odds are he'll keel over one day with a video game controller in his hands.

Best Playstation 3 Puzzle Games

Although I love all genre of video games, puzzle games have always given me the most satisfaction when I'm victorious. I am a logically inclined person, the ability to break down a situation and figure it out after others have failed is quite the thrill. Judge me how you please, but keep in mind that games were meant to be competitive. Here's my summation of a true puzzle game addict:

If a certain puzzle stumps you for days or weeks, and you come to a point of just utter frustration and lose the will to continue. You might even have the impulse to use a cheat code, find a glitch, or just get answers with the walk-through guide. I think a real puzzle fan would vow to accept no assistance, and insist emphatically that they figure it out themselves. Here are top ten reviewed puzzle games on the PlayStation 3.



1. Peggle

Developed by PopCap Games, this network edition of Peggle can be conveniently downloaded through your PS3, and is packed with content. If you're not familiar with Peggle, I must genuinely warn you of its addictive gameplay. I have personally spent many sleepless nights playing Peggle. It's easily one of the best, yet simple puzzle games since the critically acclaimed Tetris.

The premise of Peggle seems very straightforward, hit the green, orange, and purple pegs with the ball, and you control where the ball is shot. It always reminds me of playing pinball machines during my childhood. If you don't mind getting lost in a game of hours on end, without too many elements going on, then Peggle is the right game for you.

It's a complete version of the game, identical gameplay to the one played in the original PC version of Peggle. Including 55 more levels of ball trajectory precision, ten discoverable "Peggle Masters," Duel mode, and 75 Challenge mode levels. If that isn't enough, it also comes with two multiplayer modes: two-player Duel mode or you can have up to four players challenge each other simultaneously. If you only download one puzzle game over the PS3, make it Peggle!

"Critter Crunch"

"Critter Crunch"

2. Critter Crunch

Developed by Player X, Critter Crunch is a reinterpretation of the classic and award-winning “food chain” puzzle mechanics. Don't let the cuddly pet theme of Critter Crunch fool you, it's very challenging and amazingly complex. It personally took me a full week of playing to feel like I was even improving. The game follows a jungle-dwelling animal (Biggs) that just so happens to be one of the best fathers ever!

Biggs will stop at nothing to keep his children fed. The actual gameplay in Critter Crunch is Biggs regurgitating into the mouths of his cute and growing offspring. The levels are designed to have the critters slowly work their way down towards vines, if they make it there, you lose. To finish the level, your goal is to feed your young to a predetermined girth.

It all sounds so easy, right? Before long you’ll be facing exploding bombs, which destroy any squares in the vicinity; poisoned monsters that will take points away from you, and many other challenging aspects that vary the gameplay and keep it difficult and engaging for any die-hard puzzle game fan.



3. Stacking

The story revolves around a land of Russian Matryoshka dolls, or better known as "nesting" dolls. Stacking follows the puzzling adventures of Charlie Blackmore. Charlie's family has been kidnapped by a wicked Baron and they are forced into a life of backbreaking labor. Charlie must dig deep and outwit the evil doers through his creative stacking abilities.

Stacking successfully proves that colorful characters and art designs, lively music, and clever writing are more important in making a solid puzzle game than simply adding more filler to extend the length of gameplay hours. Stacking mixes imaginative gameplay with an engrossing visual style to produce an extraordinary puzzle-adventure.

In the realm of creative game design, Stacking is a front-runner and the star of the game, Charlie Blackmore, is a puzzle game folk hero. In the way that it combines its charming atmosphere with its sharp mechanics, Stacking is surprisingly delightful and addictive.

"Bomberman Ultra"

"Bomberman Ultra"

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4. Bomberman Ultra

Bomberman Ultra is everything that we want from the Bomberman series. Super fun, greatly detailed game configuration and loads of emotions and yelling out of anger, in glee or simple frustration. One too many Bomberman games in the last few years have all been major disappointments. This one isn't one bit, It's definitively excellent.

Ultra doesn't waste any time with a whirlwind adventure or engrossing story. It makes a beeline right to what we all love about this timeless video game franchise: lightning-paced, thrilling multiplayer action. A solid update on the incredibly fun classic Bomberman series which utilizes online play aspect exceptionally well. Definitely worth the download, in my opinion.

Ultra provides an engaging multiplayer experience, there's really no reason you should be playing this game alone, it was meant to be a group endeavor. You can have up to four players running around on one PlayStation 3 locally, or a total of eight can get in a game online. Your local team can go head to head with another team of four, The fact that you can also game share Bomberman Ultra makes this choice a no-brainer and an obvious must-buy.

"Lumines Supernova"

"Lumines Supernova"

5. Lumines Supernova

Lumines Supernova is a solid game package that offers a good amount of variety, attributed to its numerous game modes. The lack of playing online is, unfortunately, the single issue in a game where the pro difficulty settings are the main challenge for all the veteran players. We've seen all this before, but this game still simply rocks.

Lumines Supernova is a superb addition to the PSN catalog. Additionally, Lumines is one of the best puzzle games developed in recent years, and this newest version retains all the qualities and quirks of the original. The replay value is just immense, and it’s not totally due to its addictive quality in gameplay.

This title for the PS3 is well worth playing if you have no prior experience with other versions for a while. Why mess with its perfection? This is an absolutely essential title if you’re a newcomer to the series.

"Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix"

"Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix"

6. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix downloads Capcom's massively popular Street Fighter-themed puzzle game into the new generation. This updated version of the game features newly created HD graphics, a few new game modes, all-new stage backgrounds and improved overall game mechanics from Udon Entertainment.

It plays well both off and online and has plenty of play options to keep you entertained for a good deal of time. After playing a significant number of competitors online, I only encountered a few matches that had bad connectivity lag to affect the quality of the game, but aside that, a solid online gaming experience.

I personally would have loved to list Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for the PS3 as number one or two, but felt compelled to list more widely acclaimed titles first. The one particular aspect of this puzzle game that I enjoyed, was that girls seem to love this game. I can remember all the times I've played the arcade version, it was more often with women.



7. Cuboid

The main attraction of Cuboid is it's less complicated nature. You're essentially a little block in a shape of a rectangle and using just the D-pad to flip onto one of its four faces, you'll shuffle around a series of puzzles. This is the brilliance of Cuboid's visuals and gameplay. It just seems so simple and yet some of the harder puzzles will feel nearly impossible to beat.

The trick to the game is being patient until that epiphany clonks you in the head, and you're so embarrassed that you couldn't figure it out earlier. Every spare thought you have will undoubtedly be committed to attempting to play out puzzles in your head just solidifies it all as one of the classic gems of a truly great puzzling epic.

If you're absolutely new to the game, I think you'll really enjoy Cuboid, especially if you're in search of a dynamic, new puzzle game, and I suggest you rent or try the demo version before making any purchases, but at $10 for a great mind-bending puzzler, you really can't go wrong.



8. Tetris

This is definitely a case of "an oldie, but a goody," and Metacritic still regards Tetris as one of the most wildly popular and timeless puzzle games of all time. The beloved Tetris, everyone has played it in on one platform or another over the last twenty years. You might be wondering what can a new version for the PS3 really improves upon? What makes the PSN version of Tetris so much different and worthwhile?

Tetris, over the decades, has stuck to its roots for a reason: its exciting and droll gameplay never produces a clear victory. It instead challenges you to try to beat your own high score. It is as addicting as ever and the beautiful crisp HD graphics give it greater polished and modern feel. Even the classic Tetris soundtrack is still intact, yet in this PSN edition, you can add your own music, how cool is that?

This is truly the best version of Tetris to date on any console. The game modes and new multiplayer modes make this game, even more, fun to play. After a while however like most games, you lose interest in playing the game, but when ever you're not in the mood for a shooter or any other genre of games Tetris is always there to rid you of boredom.



9. Zuma

In Zuma, a line of colored balls moves along a winding track towards a skull that's eager to eat the whole string of balls. You try and aim and fire one of your random generated colored balls at a time towards the string and if you match three or more like-colored balls, they will disappear and you'll earn points. It's pretty easy to learn.

The levels will also begin to increase the number of possible ball colors and substantially reduce the initial occurrence of corresponding balls of the same color being in the chain. When the difficulty really begins to increase you'll have to be faster, but also very cautious as well, a few mistimed shots can quickly lead to defeat.

Zuma is one of the best PopCap games out there, and it's certainly has taken its time debuting of the PS3, it was surely worth the wait. But just a little warning, if you start, you won't stop until you beat the entire game.

10. Bejeweled 2

The premise of Bejeweled 2 is straight forward; it's to match three, four, or five jeweled squares of similar color by moving a single jewel on the grid. Matching up the jewels clears them from the grid, replacing the cleared cubes by dropping in new gems from the top of the board. This goes on until there are no other moves to be made, or if playing in action mode, the player simply runs out of time.

While Bejeweled 2 is one of the easiest games to learn and play, that is its true appeal. Anyone can start the game and have a great time right on the spot, there are no complex mechanics or rules. It's definitely puzzle gaming at it's more genuine and casual. You'll get many hours of entertainment from this game than you will from many games with higher price tags.

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