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The Impossible Quiz Answers: Part 1 (Questions 1-30)

Updated on December 29, 2016

The Impossible Quiz is a baffling and infuriating online game that's extremely famous around the internet. It can be played for free on various online free game websites such as AddictingGames and NotDoppler.

The Impossible Quiz isn't impossible, but it's described as "not impossible, but you might dig for your brains through your ear. Give it your best shot and try not to get shot."

This is a list of all the answers (although it's much more fun to try it yourself) plus an explanation for the answers where possible. Some of the answers just seem to be random and meaningless.

How far did you get in the Impossible Quiz before consulting a walkthrough?

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Answers 1 - 5

Question 1: How many holes in a Polo?
Answer: Four

A POLO has four holes - one in "A", one in "P" and one each in the "O"s. Kind of silly, but that's the answer.

Question 2: Can a matchbox?

No, but a tin can
Yes, one beat Mike Tyson
Answer: No, but a tin can

This is one of those play on words, the kind of joke your dad would tell you before cracking himself up.

Question 3: .sdrawkcab noitseuq siht rewsna

I don't understand
Tennis elbow
Answer: K.O

The question is, simply, written backwards, so the answer is also "OK" backwards.

Question 4: Click the answer

Out of order
Out of order
Out of order
Out of order
Answer: The answer

To get to the next question you must click the question itself - more specifically, the part that says "the answer".

Question 5: Put the mouse... on here... now don't touch blue!

Answer: put your mouse on the specified point. After that, most of the game's screen will turn blue and it will warn you not to touch the blue with your mouse. Now move your cursor outside the game's screen, around it and to the red button stating 'next question'. (See the picture below.)

Question 5 answer
Question 5 answer | Source

Answers 6 - 10

Question 6: The square root of onion (see picture)

Answer: Shallots

A shallot is a type of onion, and an onion has roots... something along those lines.

Question 7: The answer is really big

Really big
An elephant
Answer: An elephant

All of the answers, except 'an elephant' are clever and fit with the question. This question catches you out for trying to be too clever - instead, the most stupid answer is the right one.

Question 8: Search!

For this question, you have to hover your mouse over the correct point to find a green tick symbol and the word 'yes!'. It's located just under the E in 'Search'. A picture is included for if you're too lazy to find it yourself.

Question 9: What was the answer to question 2?

That one (arrow pointing to 2)
That one (arrow pointing to 3)
That one (arrow pointing to 1)
That one (no arrow)
Answer: That one (arrow pointing to 3) [or the second answer]

The answer to question 2 was the third answer, therefore, the answer to this one is the second 'that one' - pointing to the third answer.

Question 10: Choose food

Answer: Teeth

When you hover over one of the pictures, they become a coloured silhouette. The eyeball goes green and looks like a pea, although there is a deliberate white part in it, possibly to catch you out. When you hover over the teeth, it goes yellow, looking a little like melting butter.

Answers 11 - 15

Question 11: What follows December 2nd?

December 3rd
A question mark
142 dwarves
Answer: n

This explanation is a guess, but it may be that sometimes December 2nd is written as 'December 2', and the 'n' in 'nd' comes after.

Question 12: Click the smallest. (You are presented with several blue circles)

Answer: the dot above the 'i' in 'click'.


Question 13: What sound does a bell make?

Blip-blop-bloop-banga-o-langa-woof, nubby-frrph 120,000 eckleck-ooo-looo-a scap-babble-de booble wop
Answer: F'Taan

Because that's the sound a bell makes, I guess.

Question 14: What can you put in a bucket to make it lighter?

A hole
Canned laughter
Answer: Torch

Get it? Lighter? Another terrible dad joke that hurts a little when you laugh.

Question 15: Neigh! Whinny! (You're presented with a picture of a horse standing on top of a keyboard)

Answer: HORSE

Click H, O, R, S and E. The picture and question are the hint.

Just s

Questions 16 - 20

Question 16: What is the 7th letter of the alphabet?

Answer: H

You might have guessed the theme here - 'h' is the seveth letter of the actual phrase 'THE ALPHABET'.

Question 17: 24 - 7 = ?

Answer: 17

17 isn't on the possible answers - click the question number.

Question 18: Stop... (you are presented with a picture of a clock with a bucket where '12' should be, a banana on '3', a house on '6' and a hammer on '9'.

Answer: Click the hammer

"Stop! Hammer time!"
...Did I just hear you groan?

Question 19: Colour in the correct order... (You are presented with various paint colours and a black and white picture of a cartoon character named Boggy)

Answer: Light blue, orange, green, green, yellow

I don't think Boggy exists outside the Impossible Quiz. B = Blue, O = Orange, G = Green, Y = Yellow.

Question 20: Deal or no deal?

No deal!
No seal!
Answer: Seal!

No explanation for this one. Sorry!

Answers 21 - 25

Question 21: Watch carefully... Now choose! (The four answer boxes are blank for a moment, before three flash red and one flashes green.)

Answer: the first box (the green one)

No explanation needed, really - green is correct, red is incorrect.

Question 22: The choice is yours

+1 life
-1 life
+1 skip
Answer: +1 skip

'+1 skip' is actually the only answer that works - '+1 life' will just count as an incorrect answer.

Question 23: Save changes to 'untitled'?

Answer: Bran

No explanation for this one. Sorry!

Question 24: (You are presented with five colours inside a black box, which when you hover over them different letters appear.)

Answer: the 'V' in 'Lives' at the bottom of the screen.

If you work out what the letters say when they're all put together in the same order that they appear, the answer is given: 'CLICK THE V IN LIVES'.

Question 25: How do you kill a werewolf?

Shoe polish
Gravy granules
Black pudding
Cillit bang
Answer: Shoe polish

No explanation for this one. Sorry!

Answers 26 - 30

Question 26: Which of these place names doesn't exist?

Brown Willy
Budd's Titson Twatt
Answer: Arsefacey

No secret meaning - it's an actual real question with a real answer!

Question ?: I hope you've been paying attention to the question numbers!

Go to 21
Go to 26
Go to 24
Go to 28
Answer: Go to 28

This is question number 27.

Question 28: What is this? (You are shown a picture of a fairy cake dressed in a tutu.)

Ballet bun
Fairy cake
Answer: Abundance

A-bun-dance. Ha.

Question 29: What flavour is cardboard?

Pork scratchings
Egg mayonnaise
Answer: Egg mayonnaise

*Shrugs*. I've never eaten cardboard, so I wouldn't know.

Question 30: Put your mouse here... now don't touch green!

Answer: Just follow the instructions. No trick this time, although I was expecting one.

They're answers 1-30 in the Impossible Quiz - click here for part 2!


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    • Jacobb9205 profile image

      Jacob Barnard 23 months ago from Gloucestershire

      Great idea for a hub! It'll be very helpful for people stuck on this quiz.

    • profile image

      Friend 10 months ago

      The answer to question 10 is actually the teeth because they "chew food", it's a play on words. The answer to question 11 is n because it is asking what comes after december second, as in the second thing to come after december. Which is the n. Question 20 is (probably) seal because you "seal the deal". Question 23 is "bran" because you need to give a name to a document before saving. For Question 25, shoe polish has silver in it, and silver is known to kill werewolves. And the question about cardboard simply has to do with the game developer's opinion about certain foods.

    • profile image

      Angela 9 months ago

      Actually, for number 10, it's not because the hover looks like butter. Choose food/Chews food. Teeth chew food.

    • profile image

      William 41 hours ago

      Also a great Android quiz like the Impossible Quiz but less crazy:

      The Mad Quiz by LDK-Productions

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