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"Valiant Hearts" Walkthrough, Chapter Four, Part Two: The Farm

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This guide will help you find and save Karl's family in "Valiant Hearts."

This guide will help you find and save Karl's family in "Valiant Hearts."

Saint Mihiel, The Farm: Karl

He's done it. Facing near insurmountable odds—as well as the entirety of the French army—Karl has returned home to Saint Mihiel. Unfortunately, his home is looking much the worse for wear, having suffered an intense gas attack from French forces. Karl must push through the debris and locate his family before the chlorine does its deadly work ...

  • Finally. Head to the right and into the barn. Smash debris out of your way beyond the entrance. Visibility is limited in here, so you have to work half-blind in many cases.
  • Climb the ladder on your right. To your left is a window. Smash it to increase visibility, then turn the wheel beside the window to lower a basket down to ground level. Tell the dog to hop in.
  • Pull the lever to the right of the wheel. It will raise an unseen obstacle down on the ground level out of your way.
  • Wade through the gas and look for a table down here. On it is a Ration Ticket. Grab it and return to the ladder.
Freddie navigates through a gas-filled barn in "Valiant Hearts."

Freddie navigates through a gas-filled barn in "Valiant Hearts."

  • Wheel the dog up and order him to pull the lever. Once the obstruction (the rear of a cart) is back on the ground, climb up it and onto the roof. Order the dog to pull the lever a second time, raising you up to a third level.
  • Head right to find a window that, when smashed, will clear more of the gas, then go through the nearby doorway. It leads to the second level.
  • Knock down the ladder here to return to the ground floor. Order the dog to lower the cart, slipping beneath it before it hits the ground again. Then push the cart to the left and order the dog to get on once it's in easy reach. Lug the cart back to the right.
  • The dog is now on the second floor. Order him to slip through the hole in the wall and retrieve the can outside the barn.
  • Grab it off him, go up to the third floor, and hurl the can at the board hanging just outside the window. The can will slide down and hit a bomb, destroying the wall on the second floor. Walk on through.
  • Run through to the next large building and all the way to the right. A quick-cut scene will impress the need for urgency. Grab a brick from the heap out here and hurry back into the previous building.
  • Climb the first ladder on your left as you reenter and smash the window to the right at the top to increase visibility. Turn the wheel up here to move the hook dangling to your left into the open air, then hit the lever to lower the hook.
  • Return to the ground floor and head left until you find a passage deeper into the building. Grab the basket off of the floor and take it back to the hook. Strap it on, then order the dog to hop into the basket.
Freddie walks along the roof of a farm in "Valiant Hearts."

Freddie walks along the roof of a farm in "Valiant Hearts."

  • Get back up the ladder, raise the basket/dog, and wheel both over to the left as far as they'll go. Then run out of the building's left exit and use the brick you grabbed earlier to smash the window, increasing visibility for the dog.
  • On this part of the second floor, he can grab Oil Lamps off of the ground.
  • Order the dog through the hole in the wall and have him pull the lever in the back room. This will raise a ramp blocking your way.
  • Run right and look for Coffee Beans sitting on some burlap bags, then order the dog to lower the ramp again. Climb up, raise the ramp one more time, and head right.
  • Climb up to the roof of the third building in this row, your destination. Run along it until you find a hole. Climb down into the house. Try to climb out again, and you'll fall to a more accessible area. Check beside the fireplace for a Pipe.
  • Pick your way through the house, bashing debris and pushing a desk until you fall down to ground level.
  • After a quick cut scene, start pulling the body on your left to the right. Bash through debris partway across and keep pulling. Eventually, the painful sequence will end.