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"Valiant Hearts" Walkthrough: The Somme, Vaubecort

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This guide will help you navigate the next level of "Valiant Hearts".

This guide will help you navigate the next level of "Valiant Hearts".

The Somme: Freddie

The war is intensifying. Freddie has been called to the front lines to participate in the Battle of the Somme and is quite eager to test out new Allied technology against the best iron the Germans own. Meanwhile, Karl continues his laborious trip to Saint Mihiel, his energy fading fast ... though he's about to get some rather unexpected help along the way.

Back to the muscle man. Freddie has the opportunity to drive another tank in this level, at least for a little while. Climb in and lead the troops along the battlefield, rolling over any debris to clear the path. If you see any planes coming, aim the cannon as high as possible and fire once they're just about to pass over the top of the tank. Eventually, you'll get forced out of the thing and have to continue on foot, though it's fun while it lasts.

If you save the soldier in the front, you'll find an ANZAC Identification Disc on the ground when the tank rolls to a stop and you talk to the guy. Save the soldier in the back, and he'll drop a Valiant Stories Contest Memorabilia.

  • There's a hole in the ground a short jaunt to the right. (Don't go too far; a German gunner won't take kindly to your presence.) Climb down.
  • At the bottom, another German will set off a huge heap of dynamite. Quickly stomp the wick out before it hits the dynamite, then snag the Telegram from New Zealand to your left.
  • Head right. You wind up beneath the machine gun emplacement. Grab a grenade from a nearby box and throw it up and to the left. This will knock down a box on a ledge. Push the box to the right so you can get atop the roof of a container. From here, you can aim a second grenade up and into the emplacement, forcing the Germans inside to flee and clearing the way aboveground.
Karl struggles through the snow in "Valiant Hearts".

Karl struggles through the snow in "Valiant Hearts".

A second tank is waiting up top. The same rules apply as before when you climb in, though now you have to deal with gun emplacements as well. Not too difficult overall, though there are more planes. Be more trigger-happy and aim up most of the time to survive without a scratch.

What follows is, without spoilers, a quick game of matching the button movements on the screen, similar to the rhythm-based minigames of Anna. Pretty simple, really; just follow the prompts. (I don't want to spoil the moment, so the picture of what happens after this game is at the bottom of the walkthrough. Too awesome.)

Vaubecort: Karl

  • Switch back to the tortured son. Head to the right, hiding when police officers ride by on bikes. Keep going right until you find a house. Swiftly slip into the yard to avoid detection, then grab a log from the woodpile.
  • Backtrack a short way to a small back path. You'll find dogs that have penned a little girl up a tree. Throw the wood you found up and over the dogs to chase them away so she can flee. Follow after her.
  • A cut scene follows. Once it's done, check the right side of the house you're in for a Phonograph, then slip up the ladder on the left and onto the roof. From here you can reach the adjoining stable. Grab the outfit hanging near the horse to proceed undetected from here on in.
  • Keep walking to the right. Cut scene ... and ...
  • Yay! Saved. Still, stranded. You now have the dog on your side, which is always handy.
  • Karl gets to play dress-up in this level. You'll need a few different outfits to slip through the police officers and soldiers.
Karl sneaks past enemy soldiers while disguised in "Valiant Hearts".

Karl sneaks past enemy soldiers while disguised in "Valiant Hearts".

Police Uniform

Start with the police uniform. You'll find it in the building to the far right. Wait for the guard on the second floor and by the stairs to look left, then slip up and behind a bookcase. Creep over to the next one in line when he's not looking, then order the dog to grab a sausage from the crate across the room. This will distract the two officers and give you a chance to change.

Go back downstairs and into the basement. You can walk by the officers here and check the left side of the jail cells, where a French Emergency Banknote sits unattended on the ground. Then slip upstairs to the third floor, where there are more officers congregated. Check the left side of the room for a Sack of Bran.

Army Uniform

This one's pretty easy. Once you're on the third floor of the police department, go out the door on the right to emerge atop a balcony. You can climb down a semi-hidden ladder up here to get onto the balcony. Use the wheel to draw the army uniform over on the clothesline, then change. Undo the ladder to climb back down to ground level. Look beneath the balcony for a dig spot the dog can unearth to find a French Gendarme's Cap. While you're here, still wearing the army uniform, grab a bottle of wine from the soldiers to your right.

  • Change back into a police officer and approach the building guarded by an officer to the right. (If you try to go through as a soldier with wine, the bottle will be smashed.) You can get through with either disguise, though you need to be an army to bypass the soldiers inside. Use the clothesline to your left and on the roof to bring the other uniform over and change back into a soldier.
  • On the second floor are the captain's quarters. Knock on the door to bring him out. He'll want wine; you have wine. Send the dog through the hole in the door to muck things up for him once he has his wine, then pass through his quarters and check the balcony for a Postcard. Snag the captain's uniform (stained though it is) from the rack in the opposite room.
  • Head to the far right side of the screen. The soldiers will let you through, and you'll find a wheel waiting. Take it back to Anna to fix your car. A battle follows!
Karl and Anna flee from the Captain by taxi in "Valiant Hearts".

Karl and Anna flee from the Captain by taxi in "Valiant Hearts".

The Captain

That dude whose uniform you stole isn't happy. He wants your head. You'll have to both outchase him in his enormous, heavily-armoured combat vehicle and take him down with thrown dynamite.

As with other chase sequences, this is a multi-part battle. At first, you're pursued by smaller armoured cars. Avoid their shots from behind and wait for their tops to pop open. Hurl dynamite back at them once they do. Destroy enough of these, and the armoured carrier will show up. You need to do the same to it, though it seldom opens up to accept dynamite, and it will take more hits.

The captain's vehicle will dog you constantly, either firing on you with bullets, with shells, or, occasionally, with grenades lobbed from the side. Avoid as best you can, weaving back and forth while waiting for the top to pop open so you can hurl a grenade inside. Occasionally the captain will fall back and give smaller cars a try; deal with them as appropriate.

Partway through the chase, soldiers will start putting up barricades to try to stop you. Signs at the bottom of the screen will indicate where they are, but you can also follow the captain's lead and swerve in the same direction he's going. He never crashes.

Late in the battle, the captain will enter the extreme foreground and start hurling barrels at you. These constitute perhaps the most difficult part of the battle at first, as their hitboxes are a bit shaky. Slip between them and watch his positioning carefully, as he'll abruptly pull back and squash you if you're in the way. The same goes if he's in the rear and decides to jump out front again. Wait for his top to pop open, then hurl in that last piece of dynamite. The window for doing this is pretty small, so move quickly.

As ever, this chase sequence is set to recognizable music, this time Night on Bald Mountain. It's especially telling when you reach the barrels, and it makes surviving them a heck of a lot easier.

Escaping the captain will take you to Karl's destination: Saint Mihiel. Three chapters down, one to go.

And for those of you who waited so patiently ...