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"Valiant Hearts" Walkthrough: Chapter Three, Prison Camp

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

Things are not going well. Emile's mission has failed, Freddie is MIA, the dog's no better off, and Karl is in a prison camp. Karl, at least, has no intention of letting his condition stand, and he must get back to his suffering wife and son. This means busting out of the POW camp just a few years shy of his normal release date...

POW Camp - Karl

  • Surprise! It's Karl's turn to run around. You're trapped in a POW camp and you need to get out somehow. No easy task.
  • Head left to the first alley between buildings, then go through. Run as far left as you can go along this row of buildings and you'll find a Notebook at the far end of the camp.
  • Backtrack one building to find a building for showering. The man inside wants running water. Grab a piece of coal and go back outside, then climb onto the toilets beside the building. From here you can hurl the coal at the water pipe on the side of the building and push it back into place.
Karl works on a water puzzle in the Prison Camp of Valiant Hearts.

Karl works on a water puzzle in the Prison Camp of Valiant Hearts.

  • Go back inside and climb to the second floor. Check beside the lever for a German Identification Tag, then turn your attention to the pipes above your head. You need to connect the pipes so the water flows from the barrel on the left side of the screen, all the way around to the pipe that disappears into the ground, also on the left. (Bad plumbers here.) First, pull the lever until the straight pipe juncton in the middle of the cluster of five is horizontal. You also want the junction on the far left to be facing up and to the left. You can do this by fiddling with the left wheel. Second, turn the left wheel until the junction up and to the right of the wheel is facing down and right. You'll have to mess with this and the lever a few times to make sure that it and the next junction to the left are in their proper positions. Third, turn the right wheel until the other junctions are guiding water up, out through the wall, and back over to the left. Simple enough. (Confused? Just get your pipes looking like the picture above.)
  • Go back downstairs once the pipes are aligned and pull the chain by the showers to turn them on. You'll find some suspenders on the bench near the showers. Pick 'em up.
  • Leave the showers and return to the first line of buildings via one of the three paths. Look to the right for a building with a sausage sign above its door. Head inside, then climb to the kitchen's second floor, to the right. Up here is a cabinet that you can pull aside, revealing a doorway to the attic. Beyond you'll find a basket on a chain that can be wheeled to an adjacent building, where a man is waiting. Plop the suspenders in the basket and wheel it over to him. He'll send you a medical kit in return.
  • Leave the kitchens and head left one building, looking for a sign with a bag. Inside you'll see a man who wants a medical kit. Plop it into the dangling basket and wheel it up to him. In return he'll drop laundry bags down to you. Move the cart to your right beneath the man and he'll drop the bags down. The second one has a bandana. (You'll get an achievement if you're kind enough to accept all three bags before ditching.) Check behind the laundry bags on the right for a Handkerchief before leaving.
Karl explores the Prison Camp of Valiant Hearts.

Karl explores the Prison Camp of Valiant Hearts.

  • Head to the upper line of buildings and look for one with a sign bearing a picture of a cot. You'll find tons of people asleep in the building. Take a left and run as far that direction as you can. Once you're stopped, investigate the area to find a Letter from a Hungarian Prisoner. That done, head right until you see a guy guarding a ladder. With the bandana on he'll let you by. Crawl up and grab the pipe sitting beside the guys playing cards.
  • Return to the kitchen and give the pipe to the chef. He'll move out of your way. Grab the Biscuit Box from the shelf where he was standing, then pick up a piece of fruit from the pile and hurl it at the bum leg of one of the shelves above you. Do this to all three shelves to create a series of slopes that will drop the hunk of meat up there down to ground level.
  • Take the meat out of the kitchen and one building to your right. A dog out here wants it. Drop the meat in the dog's bowl to move it - and its owner - away from the medical building they're guarding.
  • Grab the wire cutters on the desk. This will spark a small cut scene.
  • Jump to night. Now you have to escape. Creep right, along with the searchlight. Once you can hide and it moves past you, continue right to get at the barbed fence. Snip through to escape the camp.