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"Valiant Hearts" Walkthrough, Chapter Two, Part Five: Douaumont Fort

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"Valiant Hearts" is owned by Ubisoft. Images are used for educational purposes only.

"Valiant Hearts" is owned by Ubisoft. Images are used for educational purposes only.

Valiant Hearts: Douaumont Fort

Praised for their heroism and quick thinking, Emile and Freddie have been given a new, much more dangerous task: infiltrating and bringing low Douaumont Fort, the captured stronghold of the Germans in the region. Baron Von Dorf is commanding the stronghold, and he'll stop at nothing to prevent anyone from infiltrating the place—though his over-reliance on flame weaponry may well prove to be the Baron's downfall.

Douaumont Fort - Emile

  • Head right, Freddie following close behind. You'll soon reach a minefield. It's safe to cross normally, but don't dig anywhere. Mines will go off, and you'll die. You'll find a gunner on your right who will impede your progress; all you can do is order your dog into the hole near his emplacement and go back to the left.
  • Return to the minefield and look at the skull-painted signs. They point out the holes that contain mines. One of them does not. Dig into this dirt pile, and you'll find a tunnel deep in the earth.
  • You'll come across smoke vents as you dig down. Only proceed when the smoke has stopped venting. Make your way down until you hit bottom. From here, dig into the left wall to find a Trench Shovel, then dig up and to the right. This will put you at the base of Douaumont Fort.
  • The dog will join you down here. Order him to go through the wall and distract a soldier inside the fort. This will stop one of the smoke vents and allow you to dig down to the bottom of the fort and gain access. Dig out all of the dirt at the very bottom of this hole to find a hidden Concert Programme.
  • Slip beneath the soldier and order the dog to distract him in such a way that he's facing away from the ladder you have to climb. Then slip up and clock him one. Climb up the ladder on your left to find a locker containing an Empty Wooden Chest.
  • Also up the ladder is a lever. Pull it to redirect the smoke vent up and into the gunner's compartment.
  • Head right. You'll see a flamethrower soldier keeping watch above you. Pull the big cart full of sticks over to the elevator in front of his position, then put a dummy from the storage room to your right on the lift as well. Pull the lever to send it up. He'll set the sticks on fire. Yank the whole thing over to the stove on the left to smoke out the gunner.
  • Return to the elevator and send the dog up on it.
Emile sneaks into the depths of Douaumont Fort in Valiant Hearts.

Emile sneaks into the depths of Douaumont Fort in Valiant Hearts.

Douaumont Fort - Freddie

  • Head left once you have control of Freddie. Bash through the debris blocking the small room beyond, then order the dog through the hole in the wall to fetch a stick of dynamite.
  • Hurl the dynamite at the flamethrower soldier towards the nozzle of his flamethrower. This will send him running.
  • Head into the fort. At the top of a ramp, you'll come across a patrolling soldier. Hide and take him out from behind. Enter the room he's watching over, climb the ladder, and check the locker at the top to find a German Ring.
  • Slip into the room with the guard when he's facing the opposite direction. Knock him out, then check the locker on your right for a Gas Stove.
  • Once you've checked all of the rooms, go through the door at the right end of the hallway. It will close behind you. Ahead is a gout of flame erupting out of the ceiling; throw a stick of dynamite through it and at the door on the right to blow the door open.
  • Keep going. You're now in Von Dorf territory, and he'll activate another flame projector over your head. Run left to avoid it, wait until it turns off, and then run right to find a box of dynamite. Use the dynamite and the projector to blow open the door on the left.
  • Order the dog to push the lever in the next room. This will activate another flame projector above your head. Wait for the first moving projector to slide over, then hurl a stick of dynamite through the second projector and into the cup at the top of the first. Blowing it up will create a ramp. You need careful timing and aim to make this shot properly.
  • Head right. The Baron's assault continues. There are three more projectors ahead, two of which block off the passage and one of which moves up and down, trying to fry you. Send the dog through the hole in the wall to hit the lever on the far side of the area, then grab dynamite and clamber back up to the ledge when the path is clear. You need to time your throws so the dynamite soars up through the flame of the moving projector and into the two buckets above the stationary projectors. Wait for the moving projector to be in the higher position to hit the first target, then wait for it to lower to hit the second. Again, tricky—but not as dangerous as it looks.
  • Follow the Baron. He'll soon force you into a room. Close the door behind Freddie.
The Baron blazes a trail through Douaumont Fort in "Valiant Hearts."

The Baron blazes a trail through Douaumont Fort in "Valiant Hearts."

Douaumont Fort - Emile

  • Yep, he's been standing out here all this time. Send Emile inside.
  • Enter the first room in the fort's hallway. On the second floor, you'll find a dirt wall on the right. Dig through to get outside again. Head right, dig into the base of a gun emplacement and look for a door.
  • Indoors. Look to your immediate left for a Blueprint, then head right.

Baron Von Dorf

Yep, this guy again. You have a limited amount of time, so act quickly. Start by turning the wheel beside you, raising the box on the right and activating the flame projector. Then lower the box again, so it's right behind the gouting flame. Grab a stick of dynamite and hurl it at the box while Von Dorf, below in his tank, is pulling away from the door he's ramming. With proper timing, it will fall onto his tank. Keep doing this until you can get it to land in front of Van Dorf. This will drive him off and end the battle, as well as the chapter.