Valiant Hearts Walkthrough, Chapter Two, Part Four: Verdun

Updated on October 16, 2014
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The action at Reims is over, and the Baron has escaped again. Punished for their seeming insubordination, Emile and Freddie have been moved to the trenches of Verdun to aid in the combat. Emile has little consolation out here - but a word from home brings him surprising amounts of joy. Now, if only he could respond to his daughter in kind...

Verdun - Emile

- After a lengthy cut scene, Emile will wind up by himself in the trench network of Verdun. Take a left to start and climb out of the trench. Look to your left to find a Card Game against a rock, then grab the dirty sock hanging on the barbed wire to your right.

- Head left and into the trench's supply depot. The man behind the desk at the far end has an ink bottle Emile can use to send a letter, but he wants a sock in exchange. The smelly sock will not do the trick. Look a short ways to the right of his desk for a Tobacco Case before leaving again.

- Wander right, through a small dish-cleaning tent. Wait for the two washers to look away from the central washing pot, then drop the sock inside. It will come out clean. Take it back to the officer in the supply depot for the ink bottle. You'll have to dry it on the stove in the depot before he'll accept the sock.

- Head back to the far left. You'll find an officer handing out loaves of bread. Order the dog to pick up one beside him.

- Head all the way right. You'll find an empty bowl. Take the bread from the dog and put it in the bowl. This will lure a carrier pigeon down from a nearby tree, though you have to move both yourself and the dog away from the tree (off the screen, more or less) before the pigeon will come down to feast. When it flutters back up it will drop a feather. Snag it.

- Once you have both items, the game immediately jumps...

Freddie stands atop a box at Verdun in Valiant Hearts.
Freddie stands atop a box at Verdun in Valiant Hearts.

Verdun - Freddie

- Bombs begin to drop once you have control of Freddie. Run left.

- You'll soon wind up in a tunnel, though it quickly begins to collapse. Look for a Brazier (a dome helmet) between several of the soldiers in here, then rush out the other side.

- Keep running and dodging artillery shells as necessary until you arrive at an impassable mound of dirt. Wait for shells to chew through the dirt, then run inside. Quickly wheel the elevator at the other end of this small tunnel up to ground level.

- Once the bombs stop Freddie will be followed by a bunch of soldiers. Check to the left of their small enclosure to find an Officer's Whistle on the ground, then charge back to the right.

- The soldiers will wait outside for you to clear the path. Move the box in the middle of the ground to the left, beside the wire that's connecting a mess of girders to the enclosure you just exited. Climb up onto the box and you can snip the wire. This will drop a pile of wood down to ground level. Grab a piece and hurl it at the bombs atop the dirt pile blocking your way to clear the path.

- As you run right you'll fall into a section of trench via a wobbly girder. Run left as soon as you enter this area and you'll find a Letter from a Tunisian Soldier sitting on the ground. Snag it, then bash through the debris behind it to find a wheel.

- Continue right. Through a barbed wire fence you'll find a cart of shells that's missing a wheel. Set the wheel on it, then pull the cart up the incline to the left. Let it go and the shells will hit the debris blocking the path and take it out.

- Ahead you'll find a heap of wood beside a pole. Atop the pole is a box of grenades. Knock the grenades down and grab one. Throw it up and into the small divet in the mound of dirt to your right. Do this until the hole reaches the cluster of bombs near the bottom of the dirt.

- Grab a second grenade and keep going. A gunner will open up on you a short ways away. Wait until he's done firing, then rush into the safe ground nearby. Another gunner past that will do the same; use the grenade you brought to blow up the dirt pile beyond and create another divet where you can hide between salvos.

- Beyond the second gunner you'll find a tree. Suspended in the tree is a cart. Throw logs from the wood pile at the tree's base into the cart, weighing it down so it falls to the ground. Use it as cover for the third gunner. Once there, grab one of the logs that fell out of the cart and hurl it at the bomb to your right to create yet more cover for your troops.

- Soon you'll wind up in a bunker of sorts. Check the basement for a Coloured Pennant, laying on a pile of debris, then limb to the second floor and peer outside. Freddie will send up a flare.

Freddie targets distant enemies in the VErdun section of Valiant Hearts.
Freddie targets distant enemies in the VErdun section of Valiant Hearts.

Verdun - Emile

- Back to Emile. Check to the right to find a box of grenades that only the dog can reach. Grab one, then head left.

- An explosion will hurl a large wheel into a tree. Use the grenade to blow up the branch supporting the wheel. Pick it up and take it to the left, attaching it to the base of a hook crane.

- Continue left. Up a hill you'll find the remains of a tent that's filled with dirt. Dig away the dirt to find a locker. Inside is a key. Grab it, then go back outside and push the nearby cart full of artillery shells down the hill to the right. Follow it.

- Position the shells beneath the left side of the crane. Use the wheel to move the hook over the shells, then use the lever to grab one. Wheel the shell over to the right side of the crane.

- Check the locked locker for a smaller wheel, then climb up to the base of the artillery gun. Set the wheel in place, then interact with the left wheel until the gun is loaded. Check the wheel you just set up to move the gun.

- You now have to fire at the German artillery based on Freddie's directions. He'll tell you to aim to the right of a windmill and up from a cluster of trees. The location you're looking for is between two plumes of rising smoke on the right side of the screen, appearing as a small cluster of buildings. (Don't worry, you get as many shots as you need. Don't have to reload.)

- Successfully wiping out the artillery will jump you to a cut scene. Huzzah!


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