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"Valiant Hearts" Walkthrough: Ypres and Anna

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Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

Heading to Ypres

The flashback continues. Anna is a central figure in the war effort, helping allies and enemies alike, and her medical bag has saved many lives. Now she's headed to Ypres, the residence of her brilliant father, where she hopes to locate and reunite with him; though, unfortunately, that is not destined to be a likely reunion ...

Ypres: Anna

  • Not a pleasant sight. Once you regain control of Anna, head to the right until you find a building. Go inside, then go through the wall to your left to the adjoining courtyard. Smash the debris on your far left to find a Letter from a Scottish Soldier.
  • Climb the tree out here and smash through the window to get to the second floor of the building. Perform first aid on her to save her. She'll give you a Wooden Top in exchange.
  • Exit the building and continue right. At the far right is a cloud of chlorine dense enough to kill you. Creep just close enough that you can safely grab the key off of the belt of the fallen soldier beside the cloud. Double back and enter the locked building on your left.
Anna surveys the devastation wrought in Ypres, part of "Valiant Hearts."

Anna surveys the devastation wrought in Ypres, part of "Valiant Hearts."

  • There are more people to save inside. Cross the rickety bridge to the right and check the two cupboards to find a gear. Go through the door near the entrance with the gear in hand.
  • You're now on an upper floor. Climb the nearby ladders, and you'll discover you're in a bell tower. Place the gear you just found in one of the two middle slots beneath the bell, then move the other smaller gear in the right slot to the other middle slot.
  • Pick up the large gear to the right of the bell and stick it in one of the remaining outer slots. Then climb up beside the bell and give it two whacks. The vibrations will drop the gear atop the bell tower down to the reachable ground. Grab it and shove it in the remaining slot.
  • Pull the chain to the left of the gears. This will bring the bell down. Descend back into the interior of the building to find a new path into the underground.
  • A man above is trapped by gas. Pull the switch to the far right to vent the gas, then climb up to ground level and administer first aid. He'll give you a Broken Walking Stick as thanks.
  • Leave through the right exit. Run like crazy when the bombs start to fall. Soon you'll wind up in front of a building; head inside.
  • Go up to the second floor of the building, then the third. There's a Bed Pan in a cabinet up here. You'll find a conspicuous painting in the room on the right; knock it down to find a key.
  • Return to the first floor and push the cabinet in the hallway all the way right. This will allow you to get outside. Look in the shed at the rear of the building for a locked door to pop open. Check the gap behind the hanging painting just beyond the door for a Stereoscopic Camera.
  • Climb down the ladder in here. At the bottom and to the left, you'll find a combination door. The three-number code corresponds to the numbers on the three paintings in the vicinity, namely, 4, 6, 8. Enter it as you would a combination lock, twisting right to reach the 4, left to get the 6, and back right for the 8.
The Baron's airship crashes in "Valiant Hearts."

The Baron's airship crashes in "Valiant Hearts."

  • Beyond is a small lab. Check the first cabinet in here for a Chemical Formula and the second for a lever handle. Grab the handle.
  • Hoof it back upstairs and through the house. Return to the front courtyard and use the lever handle on the broken lever. This will pull a box full of grenades up and out of the well beside the lever. Grab one and run back into the house.
  • Run back inside and out to the right side of the house. Hurl the grenade up, and through the busted wall on your left so it lands beside the rubble blocking off the second floor. Go upstairs.
  • Save the woman who needs first aid. This is the most complex rhythm game yet, but it's still not that difficult. Helping her will bring the segment to a close and shunt you back to the present, where Anna is desperate to save her father in Reims.