"Valiant Hearts" Walkthrough: Historical Item Locations, Chapter Four

Updated on March 5, 2020
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"Valiant Hearts" is owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
"Valiant Hearts" is owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The end of the road. Chapter Four of Valiant Hearts has the lowest number of Historical Items, owing largely to its fewer levels, but that doesn't make it a cakewalk by any stretch. Some of the most insidious item locations are found in this climactic section of storytelling, and you may need a bit of help to locate them all.

(Looking for historical items in the other chapters? Chapter One is here, Chapter Two is here and Chapter Three is here.)

Chapter Four

Occupied Casern

German Identification Tag - 1916 Model: To the right of the changing screen where Karl re-dons his German uniform.

The "Gazette des Ardennes": Held by the medic at the rear of the Casern. Take him an apple when he's watching over his horse and he'll hand over the gazette.

Broken French Bayonet: In the locked room on the second floor where you find Karl's backpack. Check the floor.

Hip Flask: In the tunnels after you've escaped from the Casern. Once you see a gas mask resting on a ledge up and to the left of you, look on the ground to your right for the Flask.

Heavy German Helmet: After outfitting Karl and the dog with gas masks and returning to the surface of the trench, check the dead gunner on the far left.

Emile navigates the chaos of Vimy Ridge in Valiant Hearts.
Emile navigates the chaos of Vimy Ridge in Valiant Hearts.

Vimy Ridge

Brodie Helmet: Proceed through the level until you reach a rocket that requires precise calculations from a rangefinder in an adjacent section of the trench. Head left from the rangefinder to locate a small bunker. Check the body here.

Canadian Coins: Near the midpoint of the level you'll have to aim a large artillery gun at a distant target. Check a table near the base of the gun for these Coins.

Crest Model: Proceed through the level until you capture a large bunker. Before going out the rear of the bunker, check the second floor, near a map on the wall, for the Model.

The Farm

Ration Ticket: Check on the right side of the first barn, after lifting the heavy wooden cart out of the way. The Ticket is sitting on a table in the gas.

Oil Lamps: Proceed to the second building and get the dog up onto the second floor. Oil Lamps is up here near a window that Karl can smash from outside. Only the dog can grab this one.

Coffee Beans: Also in the second building. Near the exit you'll find a ramp that you can raise and lower by ordering the dog to pull a lever. The Beans are sitting on a bunch of sacks to your right after the dog raises the platform.

Pipe: Found in the final house in this level. After trying to climb back to the roof and falling through the floor you'll wind up near a fireplace. The Pipe is on the fireplace.

Karl struggles to remain alive while Anna searches for medical aid in "Valiant Hearts."
Karl struggles to remain alive while Anna searches for medical aid in "Valiant Hearts."

Chemin des Dames

It's a Long Way to Tipperary Lyrics: Found in the first tent in the mission. After ordering three soldiers off to their commanding officer, look at the far left end of the tent for the Lyrics.

Letter from a Russian Officer: Early in the mad dash you'll wind up pushing a box of shells off of a metal lift. Push the box as far right as it can go. On the ground beside it sits the Letter.

Russian Identification Tag: Halfway through the stage, you'll reach a wooden barricade that will slowly get eaten away by gunfire. The Tag is sitting in front of this barricade. Grab it quickly.

"Le Singe" Tin Opener: Found in the first digging section in this area, one that's comparatively peaceful. Before digging down and to the right, sift through the shallow dirt on the left to find the Tin Opener.

Soldier's Ring: Late in the level you'll face a mad dash through the trenches, avoiding bombs that drop from above. Keep your eyes focused on the ground so you don't miss the Soldier's Ring on your way through the trenches.

Papakha: Near the end, you'll wind up on a cart that Emile can control by pulling the brakes. Halfway down this cart's incline, you'll find the Papakha sitting on the tracks, safely out of enemy fire.

Saint Mihiel

Glass Syringe: One floor up from Karl's room in the clinic, in a cupboard.

Dentist's Basin: In the basement, not far from where you find the medical kit. Search the lockers on the left side of the basement.

Bar of Soap: On the left side of the clinic you'll find a path to a small outdoor courtyard. The Soap is sitting behind a bush.

X-Ray Equipment: Partway through the clinic you'll pass a line of windows. The Equipment is in a locker near these windows.


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