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"Valiant Hearts" Walkthrough: Historical Item Locations, Chapter Three

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"Valiant Hearts" owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

"Valiant Hearts" owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

We're halfway done but still so far from the end. The historical items of chapter three of Valiant Hearts continue to ramp up in difficulty, and they're made all the worse to find when you bear in mind that many of them need to be located while you're on the run. Still, they can be found on your first playthrough if you're duly diligent . . . and, perhaps, aided by the handy list supplied below.

Chapter Three

Here is how to get through chapter three.

Prison Camp

  • Biscuit Box: Give the pipe to the chef in the kitchen. Once he moves you can grab the Box from his station.
  • Notebook: At the far left end of the rear pathway through the camp.
  • German Identification Tag: In the showers. Climb to the second floor, where the water pipe puzzle waits, and look down and to the left of the water tower.
  • Handkerchief: In the laundry building. Search the laundry bags on your left upon entering the building.
  • Letter from a Hungarian Soldier: In the sleeping quarters. Head left through the bunk beds and investigate the immediate area once you're blocked from going any further.


  • Flashlights: In the same debris pile where Anna's father is laying when the level begins.
  • Broken German Bayonet: In the room with the box of dynamite that's suspended on a moving platform. Check the locker next to the platform to find the Bayonet.
  • Dead Rat: After moving and leaving the tank for the first time, run back the way you came and look for an unopened locker. The Rat's inside.
  • German Coins: Near the end of the level you'll have to enter a small, second-floor office to pull a chain. Check the right side of the office for the Coins.
Emile explores Vaquois' Mines in "Valiant Hearts."

Emile explores Vaquois' Mines in "Valiant Hearts."

Vauquois' Mines

  • Listening Device: Proceed through the mines until you hit an explosion of chlorine gas that stops Emile from walking any further. There's a dirt pile beneath the gas that the dog can reach and unearth, revealing the Device.
  • Telephone Cable: Proceed through the level until you complete the puzzle requiring you to move a stick of dynamite on a suspended tray through gout of flame to blow up a wall of dirt. Perform the same process, throwing a stick of dynamite onto the tray and moving it through the flame, but this time send it to the far right. It will destroy a smaller clump of dirt and the Cable will drop onto the floor.
  • General Headquarters News Bulletin: After you set up a dynamite plunger and blow through a heap of debris, head right. You'll find a doorway leading deeper into the mine. To the right of this doorway is a dig point for the dog.
  • Throat Lozenges: Just after finding the Bulletin you'll discover a huge mound of diggable dirt. Burrow carefully down into it, staying close to the ramp on the left side. Unearth this area to find the Lozenges. Don't go too close to the right or you'll drop down and miss your chance to grab the Lozenges.
  • British Identification Tag 1915: After returning to HQ and receiving new orders, descend to the lowest level of the mine and go as far right as you can. Dig through the wall at the end to find the Tag.
  • Trench Lantern: Near the end of the level you'll have to use a wrench to raise a cart so you can push it to the right. Check the left side of the cart for the Lantern.

Reims Forest

  • Tent Canvas: Once you're dodging soldiers by slipping behind bushes, check behind the bushes in the foreground for the Canvas.
  • Army Internal Correspondence: Enter the building with the door that has to be wheeled open. Inside and to the right is a locker containing the Correspondence.
  • Goat Hide: Partway through the level you'll have to hide beneath a bridge. Look behind a bush to the left of the bottom of the ladder for the Goat Hide.
  • British Magazine: In the cornfield. You'll need to plan your scarecrow planting rather carefully to ensure that you can grab the Magazine without being seen by the soldiers in the background.
  • Braces: In the area that's lit only by the flash of distant flares. Run through the area until you arrive under a tall tree. The Braces are at the base of the tree.
Karl sneaks through Vaubecort in disguise in "Valiant Hearts."

Karl sneaks through Vaubecort in disguise in "Valiant Hearts."

The Somme

  • Valiant Stories Contest Memorabilia: Received by saving the first soldier in the platoon that follows your tank through the first section of the level. Speak to him and he'll drop the Memorabilia.
  • ANZAC Identification Disc: Received by saving the last soldier in the platoon that follows your tank through the first section of the level. Same as above.
  • Telegram from New Zealand: After stomping out the burning wick that threatens to set off a massive stockpile of dynamite, look on the left side of this small cave for the Telegram.


  • Phonograph: Once Karl is safely indoors and the homeowner is trying to cover for him, check the right side of her house for the Phonograph.
  • French Emergency Banknote: In the basement of the police department, in the furthest cell from the ladder. You'll have to be dressed as a police officer to get down here.
  • Sack of Bran: On the top floor of the police department, to the far left. You'll have to be dressed as a police officer to get to the Bran.
  • Postcard: On the army captain's balcony. Look for it after you've spilled wine on the fellow and driven him out.
  • French Gendarme's Cap: Buried beneath the wooden balcony on the right side of the police department, accessible via the courtyard at the side of the building.