"Valiant Hearts" Walkthrough, Chapter 1, Part 3: Labyrinth

Updated on July 15, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

"Valiant Hearts" owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
"Valiant Hearts" owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Chapter 1, Part 3: Labyrinth

Emile and Freddie have fled Ypres, courtesy of a young woman with a car, and they're blasting swiftly towards Reims. They have company, though, in the form of Baron Von Dorf's deadly zeppelin, and the mighty war machine is gunning for this unlikely band. Will their lovely little four-wheeler survive bombardment by the best the German army owns? Or is their crusade just too foolish to succeed?


After a quick cut scene in the wake of escaping Ypres, you'll wind up in a mad dash away from incoming enemy fire. The Germans don't want to let you go, and they'll try to smash your getaway vehicle with a combination of bombs, gunfire, and landmines. The bombs are familiar by now; gunfire sweeps from left to right and right to left slowly; landmines are given some small advance warning before you drive by. You need to avoid getting hit three times by a combination of the three hazards, lest they take out your ride.

Careful reaction time is necessary to survive here, but even greater is an attention to detail. Note the music playing in the background. The weaponry aimed at you is timed to the music. Whenever it hits an upsurge, something bad will happen. Mind the beat (helps if you know the song, of course—can anyone remind me what it's called? I've been digging through classical music with no success) and you'll dodge the bombs.

The Labyrinth: Emile

  • Jump to Emile again. Head left in the small trench and order the dog to grab a mortar round from the box on the edge of the screen. Grab it from him and use it to destroy the sandbag mound on the right. Slip by when the guard in the machine gun emplacement in the distance disappears from view.
  • Bash through the debris ahead and you'll find a trench tunnel. Go through to emerge in a trench patrolled by a small squad of German soldiers. If they see you, you're caught. You have to slip behind wooden barriers to avoid them as they rush back and forth through the trench.

Emile sneaks through the Labyrinth of trenches in "Valiant Hearts."
Emile sneaks through the Labyrinth of trenches in "Valiant Hearts."
  • Head left to start after the soldiers have run right. You'll hit a wall that your dog can slip beneath. Quickly order him to do so and he'll find a Periscope on the other side. Duck back into cover once you have it.
  • Now head right, still avoiding the soldiers. At the end of the trench, you'll hit barbed wire. Hide Emile, then order the dog to slip through the hole to the left of the hiding spot. He'll appear in the background.
  • Skulk back to the left. Halfway to the end, the dog will come across a pair of wire cutters. Have him pick them up, then return to the hole. Bring him through, grab the cutters, and use them on the barbed wire before the soldiers come plowing back. Go down the ladder on the other side and through the small tunnel beyond. Look for a dig spot in the left wall that leads to an Infantryman's Flask.
  • Creep along the trench, emerging only when the machine gunner in the distance has skulked away from his post. On the other side, once you see a soldier in the foreground, order the dog to create a distraction. Then sneak up behind the soldier and take him out.
  • Go through the passage here. You'll wind up in another trench. Start by pulling the injured soldier nearby out of the way of the hole. You can send the dog through this hole, and you will soon.
  • Head left. There's a dynamite plunger on the ground. Grab it and attach it to the mess of wires up the hill to the left.
  • Go back right and have Emile pick up the dynamite on the ground. Go all the way right and bash through the debris at the end to find a hidden room. You can see the dog in the background through a window in here. Order him to pick up the dynamite beside him. While you're in here, smack the stack of wood on the right to knock down a Vial of Nevrosthenine. You can't be standing right beside the thing—stand back a short ways before swinging.
  • Bring the dog back through the hole and head left. There's an open spot watched over by a gunner. Slip through when he's out of sight and attach dynamite to the wires beside the blocked passage ahead. Slip back right when it's safe and hit the plunger to blow the hole open. Head through.
  • You'll find a large open area in the next section of trench, watched over by a guard who won't move. Use the wheel on the left side of the gap to pull the mine cart on the opposite side over to you, then slowly walk behind it as it slides back to the right side.

Through the Tunnels

  • Dig through the ground on the other side. You'll fall down into a tunnel watched by a German guard. Slip behind the barriers to avoid him, and go right to find a tunnel behind one of the barriers. Go through. Look on the right side of this room, beside a few barrels, for a Letter from a German Soldier.
  • Dig through the left wall in here after moving the barrel out of the way to find a box of wine. Grab a bottle and return to the tunnel, heading right. You'll find a soldier at the far end; hurl the wine at the wall behind him to distract him, then rush up and knock him out. He's guarding a room that contains a lever handle on the left and a Tin of Sardines on the right.
  • Go back out into the tunnel and head left. There's a broken lever nearby that activates a basket. Order the dog into the basket and lower him down.
  • Skulk as far left as you can go, then order the dog through the small gap in the left wall. Here he can snag keys for the nearby door, as well as British Coins. Pop through the door with the red cross once you have the keys.
  • Another tunnel. Move the wardrobe on your left to get to another tunnel, then bash the debris on the right to find yet another. Go through the right tunnel.
  • Puzzle time. Turn the wheel on your right to move the hook above your head. Move it until it's as far left as it can go. Then pull the lever to your left to lower the hook. It will pick up a wheel. Haul it back as far right as it can go, then go through the left tunnel in the previous passage and have the dog pull the lever. This will lower the wheel so Emile can grab it.
  • Return to the passage. On your right is a spoke where you can fit the wheel and open the door. Beyond is a ladder; climb it.
  • At the top is a giant artillery emplacement. Use it to fire on the house in the distance. Cut scene follows, as does a change of scenery.


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  • MattWritesStuff profile imageAUTHOR

    Matt Bird 

    6 years ago from Canada

    It's been a few weeks since I last played, but I'm pretty sure the Can Can was the second driving section, not the first. The one where you're fleeing Paris.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    "helps if you know the song, of course - can anyone remind me what it's called? I've been digging through classical music with no success"

    It's the German/French Offenbach's - Can Can


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