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10 Free Android RPG Games

"Quests and Sorcery" is one of the best RPGs available on Android. See the rest of my top-10 list below!

"Quests and Sorcery" is one of the best RPGs available on Android. See the rest of my top-10 list below!

Great Android RPGs

Your favorite role-playing games may be available on Android devices. Several free RPGs have been designed exclusively for your Android-powered mobile phones and tablets. Some of them will remind you of old-school 8-bit role-playing titles, whereas others include different genres to make gameplay more interesting.

Here's a rundown of some of the top free role-playing games for Android. We include a few freemium titles that offer in-game purchases for special power-ups, but if you are a seasoned RPG gamer, you can choose to ignore these micro-transactions.

"SoulCraft" is constantly updated with new features, spells, and arenas.

"SoulCraft" is constantly updated with new features, spells, and arenas.

1. SoulCraft

SoulCraft is an amazing Diablo-like game for Android. Played from a top-down perspective, this hack-and-slash RPG continues with the angels vs. demons myth and lets you control a badass armored angel.

Game modes range from survivor battles to timer-based modes. The controls could be a bit smoother and easier, and the aim system is below average, making monster combat a bit frustrating. Thankfully, a variety of powerful weapons compensates to some extent, inflicting max damage upon contact.

SoulCraft’s selling point is its graphics. Few Android role-playing games have 3D visuals this good. Crisp animation, excellent sound effects, and music complement the game's graphics. The game is constantly updated with new features, spells, and arenas. Furthermore, the developers are planning to add more character classes, including a human class and a demon class, and a co-op multiplayer mode. Lots of exciting stuff coming up, so stay tuned.

In this free-to-play RPG, you will be controlling a bunch of do-gooders equipped with melee weapons, ranged attacks, and spells.

In this free-to-play RPG, you will be controlling a bunch of do-gooders equipped with melee weapons, ranged attacks, and spells.

2. Heroes of Destiny

Heroes of Destiny combines action role-playing elements with fun real-time strategy gameplay mechanics and packs them into a delightful, visually-impressive game for your Android device. In this free-to-play RPG, you will be controlling a bunch of do-gooders equipped with melee weapons, ranged attacks, and spells.

The tap and move/hit controls are simple and make team-based tactics effortless and engaging. You will need to tap and get your units moving, killing waves of enemies that infiltrate your area. Once it is cleared, you move on to the next level to battle even more challenging baddies.

Heroes of Destiny has a neat interface. The Torchlight-like 3D visuals are charming and designed exceptionally well. The environments are excellent, be they outdoor environments, cities, or dungeons. If you are fond of team-based real-time strategy/RPGs and have an Android-powered tablet PC, then you should download Heroes of Destiny.

"Inotia 3"

"Inotia 3"

3. Inotia: Children of Carnia

The gameplay and concept of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia will remind you of old-school role-playing games. It focuses on the epic adventures of Lucio and his ragged tag team of warriors. The game has a party system, allowing players to add up to six classes to their party.

The best part of Inotia 3 is the ability to control each character while exploring forests, dungeons, and other areas. You can also upgrade character skills for each class and equip it with unique weapons, apparel, and magical items. You can hire mercenaries to help them defeat enemies.

Gameplay is fairly linear and mainly consists of fetch quests and monster battles. The 2D world of Inotia is huge and includes over 120 maps and around 200 quests.

Disappointingly, there is no team-based tactical combat, and there are no good puzzles. The game is a pure hack-and-slash title, suitable for those looking for 20+ hours of non-stop questing and battles. The visuals are crisp, and the 16-bit sprites will remind you of popular anime role-playing games.

"Zenonia 3"

"Zenonia 3"

4. Zenonia 3

The Zenonia series of Android games is one of the best RPG series ever developed for the mobile platform. With cutesy, colorful anime-like visuals, a good solid skill and weapons system, and a fascinating world filled with traps and monsters, the series offers an amazing role-playing experience. The third game of the series is quest-based and has plenty of maps and over 200 monsters to battle.

Zenonia 3’s graphics are reminiscent of old top-down role-playing games. The character sprites are just too adorable. Its touch-based controls are smooth, but because of the hack-and-slash combat mechanic, you can’t get away with frequent button-mashing, which can get extremely tiresome after some time.

The game has a streamlined inventory system, where you can add items into slots and later combine them to form advanced items. There are three difficulty modes and a special PvP mode where you can battle friends. The best part of the game is the mechanical and inventory-based puzzles. Zenonia 3 is currently available for free, so do grab it before it switches again to a paid version.

"Quests and Sorcery" presents amazing cooperative battles in which you form a team to battle monsters and collect loot.

"Quests and Sorcery" presents amazing cooperative battles in which you form a team to battle monsters and collect loot.

5. Quests and Sorcery

Quests and Sorcery is a free Android RPG that combines role-playing with card battle elements and presents a deep and satisfying gameplay experience. Along with great visuals, the game offers top-notch animated battles. Take a look at the combat mode, where hand-drawn characters come alive and unleash their deadly weapons and magical powers.

The game's huge interactive world lets you choose three generic classes—warrior, mage, and rogue. As you progress through your campaign, you can team up with your friends and add more members to your party. The game also presents amazing cooperative battles in which you form a team to battle monsters and collect loot.

Quests and Sorcery has an in-depth skill and weapon system, allowing players to craft weapons, upgrade character skills, and use hundreds of items to equip their team players. Players can also explore a vast world, clicking on tiles and unearthing weapons, XP, treasures, and other secrets hidden within a large interactive map.

The game boasts plenty of dragons, elves, magicians, and an array of deadly monsters. I would recommend Quests and Sorcery to anybody who loves RPGs.

"Arel Wars" is a good RPG/strategy combo.

"Arel Wars" is a good RPG/strategy combo.

6. Arel Wars

Arel Wars is a mishmash of JRPG, tower defense, and RTS elements. Overall, it is pretty well designed. The graphics are quite similar to MapleStory. However, players can use strategy instead of brute force to defeat enemies.

The game offers a simple, no-nonsense class system. You can choose a character from three distinct hero classes: Warrior, Monk, and a sexy Elf. The game requires you to recruit hero units, with an option to include your main hero, who’s much stronger than other hero units.

Arel Wars focuses on lane-based tower-defense strategy, where you will need to control your hero units along a path. While escorting them to their objective, you will use their powers to kill enemy units. At the same time, enemies will try to infiltrate your base. Mission-based battles test your survival strategies, while others reward you for damaging enemy castles before the timer runs out.

Like other RPGs, this role-playing/tower defense hybrid allows players to upgrade their hero units after each battle. The game offers a freemium system for purchasing quick upgrades and more powerful items, but you can continue playing without it.

Arel Wars is a good RPG/strategy combo, and has great comic-book-style visuals. The mixed genre creates an immersive experience. And the best part is that it’s free.

"Dark Summoner"

"Dark Summoner"

7. Dark Summoner

Dark Summoner is a social role-playing game. Much like Facebook games, the game lets you battle enemies in an online arena. Completing quests earns you monster cards, which you can trade, and from which you can select the best to put forth into battle. Like any traditional card-collecting game, this game features rare cards, and it has its own rating system ranging from A+ to C.

Dark Summoner is set in a fantasy world, so expect some necromancy and crafting to keep you busy for hours. The gothic card artwork is beautifully designed. The gameplay depth is great, and a nice upgrade system works out really well to enhance card power. All in all, Dark Summoner is a good solid battle card game with RPG elements.

"Star Traders RPG" may appeal to pen-and-paper role-playing game fans.

"Star Traders RPG" may appeal to pen-and-paper role-playing game fans.

8. Star Traders RPG

Star Traders boasts features of a space RPG. You can trade and explore space as you complete quests and fight space pirates, alien races, and rival traders to survive the galaxy.

The game mechanics are inspired by old-school pen-and-paper style role-playing games, so everything is text-based. However, there are visual elements to keep you on the edge of your seat. Turn-based battles are visually appealing, with texts and stats thrown here and there to show which ship got damaged.

The text-based exploration system offers a detailed description of each star system, planet, and galaxy. While the lack of emphasis on visuals may make the game boring for some, it may appeal to pen-and-paper role-playing game fans.

"Third Blade"

"Third Blade"

9. Third Blade

Third Blade is one of the best free Android RPGs. It focuses more on combat than on exploration and so involves some weapon selection and tweaking before going out to battle monsters.

There are three deadly weapons to choose from. Make sure you check out the stats before choosing a weapon; I have never seen such massive weapons, and all of them look like cartoonish versions of weapons from Soulcalibur. There’s this amazing two-handed sword that unleashes maximum damage to monsters. The dual wield ensures you slice your enemies in seconds. All weapons can be enhanced and can help you achieve terrific combos.

Combat is fast-paced. Achieving combos and unleashing a final blow to your enemy can really become quite addicting. The graphics are impressive and have a very anime feel to them. The game’s different from other role-playing games. You can try it out, and I am sure you will love it.

"Gurk" screenshot

"Gurk" screenshot

10. Gurk the 8-Bit RPG

Gurk the 8-bit RPG reminds me of 8-bit role-playing games I used to play when I was a kid. The game's top-down visuals and proudly pixilated characters look fine on your Android mobile phone.

You start your campaign with your three-member party, exploring strange worlds, fighting demons, and collecting a wide variety of items, armor, and weapons.

This free Android RPG is only 100k in size and has many dungeon levels, but its sequel Gurk II requires you to spend money ($0.99) to play. If you are fond of 8-bit role-playing games, do check out Gurk.

All screenshots are courtesy of their respective game developers/publishers.


Jake Clawson from Kazakhstan on March 20, 2018:

There is a new RPG game coming; it is in "Early Access" on the Android store; its free to play and it looks great. Kinda like Grim Dawn on the phone; Heretic Gods. Developed by ONE GUY but it is an amazing game even my weak LG 4C runs smooth.

Anyman on June 12, 2015:

Do tjese games require a working Internet connection while playing?

Jade Griffin from Ohio on March 19, 2014:

I love how there are so many new RPG games. When I grew up consoles and computer games seldom found a spot in my life. But these apps have brought back one of my favorite activities.

Anurag Ghosh (author) on December 09, 2013:

Thank You.

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You're welcome!

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These are really cool selections. I'm an Android user, but my phone's RAM won't handle those games. I'll keep this for reference until I have a new phone. Thanks for posting. :)

lars on May 11, 2013:

zenonia is much more cooler

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I did not know that so many RPG's available for Android. This games must be big? I'll check all these games on my phone and tablet. Nice hub and useful info.

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Blood brothers is the best.

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