Pokemon: Fire, Water, and Grass. Water Starters.

Updated on June 6, 2018

Water Evolution


Different Styles

Throughout the 20 years of Pokémon, the player has encountered very distinct types of Pokémon from ground types to ghost types, fairy types to normal types and so forth. However, one of the most common types of Pokémon that can be found in all its regions are the water type. Within this blog I will mainly discuss the different water starters that the player can choose starting from the original games until the most current games. I will also discuss how significant that particular starter is to the franchise. In other words, I will discuss the impact the original starters had to the franchise in comparison to other starters. One thing to keep in mind when reading this blog is that it is my opinion only and I more than welcome others opinion.

Three Stages


Try to Stay Original

When the first games debuted in 1996, the player had the option of purchasing the Red version, Blue version of the game. Each version of the game contained different Pokémon available to catch with only variable remaining the same which was the option of choosing between a fire starter in this case Charmander, a grass starter that would be Bulbasaur, and the turtle looking starter Squirtle which would be the water starter. I will focus in depth on Squirtle the water starter and it is impact on establishing the success of the franchise.

When discussing the different water starters it is very hard not to include Squirtle. Just like its counterparts Squirtle played a very important role on the success of the earlier games and the anime. For instance, Squirtle is one of the first starters that Ash caught in the earlier episodes of the anime and made special appearances throughout the anime. Squirtle's level of importance to the franchise is very high because it played a crucial part on the development of the mega evolution storyline which was key to the success of the XY series. Now we will take a look on the importance of Squirtle to the earlier games of the Pokémon franchise.

As I previously stated Squirtle was the first water starter that was available for the player to choose in the Red and Blue version. Squirtle's level of importance to the Pokémon games is very high because unlike newer versions of the game Squirtle's last evolution it is featured on the cover of the game which is a big deal, because no other games of the franchise have their starters on the main cover of the game. In the XY series, the player has also the option of choosing Squirtle like you normally would do in the earlier versions of the game, which it will give you two starters on your lineup, which makes a total of at least six games in total that you can have a Squirtle.

Squirtle is one of the most formidable starters that you may encountered throughout your journey in the Pokémon universe and it plays an important part to the success of the franchise as a whole. However, how important is Squirtle in comparison to the likes of Totodile and Froakie. We will take a look in the following paragraphs.

Transitional Starter

Following the huge success of the Indigo League and the Orange Islands, the Pokémon Franchise felt there was a need for a new generation of Pokémon, which were introduced in the third season of the anime. Within that season viewers were introduced to a new region as well as new starters to be part of the player's journey. Those starters were Cyndanquil a rat looking Pokémon as the fire type, Chikorita the grass starter and Totodile the crocodile looking Pokémon as the water starter. Within the next paragraphs I will go in detail about Totodile's importance to the Pokémon franchise in terms of the game as well as the anime.

With the introduction of a whole new generation of Pokémon including new starters it was inevitable that Squirtle was going to departure the anime that is why there was a need for Ash to capture another water starter in this case Totodile that is why I call the transitional starter. Once that transitional phase was established Totodile become a more relevant part of the anime and also provided reasoning on why players should or should not choose him as a starter of the game.

After being introduced to the anime Totodile was playing a supporting role the same cannot being said when discussing Totodile's introduction to the Pokémon games. Just like previous and future generations the starter plays a huge part on the development of the game and it can be the deciding factor on what starter should the player choose. I can consider Totodile to be one of the stronger water starters of the game because it possess high defense and offense hitting points which can be useful for any player. Also the introduction of Totodile to the games continued with the trend of strong water starter Pokémon following the footsteps of Squirtle. However, does Totodile have the same impact to the franchise as Froakie does.

Mega Charizard vs Ash Greninja

A Starter's Bond

Following the lackluster Black and White series , there was a need for the Pokémon franchise to introduce new concepts as well as new generation of Pokémon. The XY series was introduced to fans and players alike with a brand new set of starters, in which I am going to focus on the water starter Froakie. I believe that Froakie played a more crucial role to the anime then its counterparts did and I will explain the reasons why.

The XY series I consider to be a re-birth of sorts for the Pokémon franchise because it gave fans the opportunity to relive their childhood by introducing new evolutions to previous generations as well as a brand new generation of Pokémon. The introduction of Froakie to viewers showed how important his part would be for the anime, because the viewers can see the type of bond Ash is going to have to this particular starter from the beginning as well as how it is going to become stronger as Ash progresses in his journey. Interesting enough Ash's bond with Froakie as well as its other evolutions cannot be matched by any protagonists of the show including the ones with mega stones. Froakie's level of importance to the show is tremendous but it does play a huge part on the Pokémon games as well.

Just like previous generations, choosing Froakie will come early on your journey of the Pokémon games because it is going to be one of three starters that can be selected. However, Froakie's level of relevance it is not just prominent on the XY series. Froakie's final evolution Greninja is a key member of Smash Bros franchise which is a boost for the Pokémon franchise and also increases the level of interest of viewers in watching the anime. In other words, Greninja's success is so huge that it reminds me a lot of how cool Charizard was when introduced to players and viewers alike.

There you have it, Froakie's level of importance is just greater or equal to Squirtle's importance or Froakie is just a transitional starter just like Totodile. I believe most of the water starters especially the ones I mentioned within this blog play huge parts to the success of the game as well as the anime. In your opinion , what water starters do you believe play a bigger part for the success of the franchise. Thanks for reading.

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