Pokemon: Fire, Water and Grass. Which Region has the Strongest Starter?

Updated on May 5, 2017

Strongest of Them All

Throughout the 20 years of Pokémon, the player has travelled multiple regions to find the best team possible. In those multiple regions the player will encounter extremely powerful Pokémon. Those powerful Pokémon will range from the starters to the ones that can be found in the wild. From Pokémon Red to the most current addition to the franchise , the player can choose between three starters that possess unique powers that are predetermined by their type. Regardless of the game, those three starters will range from strongest to weakest and I will go on in great detail about which Pokémon I believe are the strongest for the game as well as the anime.

Charizard vs Blastoise

Powerful Originals

It is very hard to talk about which starter is the strongest without mentioning the original starters. Since the introduction of the first game back in 1996, choosing the initial starter could represent different level of difficulties for the player. Besides each Pokémon representing different levels of difficult, the player will come across the strongest starter for that particular region.

In the first region of the Pokémon series the player can choose between Charmander( the fire type), Squirtle(the water type) and Bulbasaur( the grass type). You may be asking yourself, how can I determine a strong starter among those three . The answer is very simple by trial and error. For instance, in my opinion Bulbasaur is the weakest out of the three but it has certain advantages towards certain gyms. The other two starters of the initial games also have weaknesses towards certain gyms, but they do possess a better selection of moves and their final evolution looks more intimidating than Bulbasaur's final look. I will breakdown the reasons why Squirtle and Charmander are better than their counterpart and determine which Pokémon is the strongest of the Kanto region.

Squirtle can come very hand when choosing as its initial starter especially If you are going to face the first gym in which Squirtle has the advantage. However, the following three initial gyms your Squirtle will have a rough time because it does have certain weaknesses. Once your Squirtle reaches its second evolution, the player will have an easier time navigating through the game. By the time your Squirtle reaches its final evolution and learn the ability to surf, the player will realize they made a smart choice on their initial starter. Learning the ability to surf is the main component on why Squirtle is stronger than Bulbasaur. However in my opinion Charmander is stronger than Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

When looking at the original starters, Charmander is the strongest of all the three because of its overall stats and also the capability of mega evolving twice in later generations. Even though selecting Charmander may present somewhat of a challenge for the player, it is fundamental to look at Charmander's stats prior to selecting the other starters. When looking at those stats Charmander is stronger in all attack categories in comparison to Squirtle and it is faster than Bulbasaur. Besides the overall stats of Charmander , another factor that is important to consider is the ability of mega evolving twice in the XY series. One would argue that both Squirtle and Bulbasaur are able to mega evolve, but Charmander is the only original starter that is able to do it twice which makes Charizard even more powerful.

The original starters of the Pokémon franchise are not the only starters to be considered powerful. In other regions of the Pokémon world, there are other starters that can give the original starters a run for their money.

Cool and Collected

In generation 3 of the Pokémon franchise , we were introduced to a whole new generation of Pokémon as well as new starters. The player travels through the Hoenn region in order to become a Pokémon master. Just like in previous generations the player has an option to choose between a fire , water and grass starter. In the following paragraphs I will break down on which starter can be considered to be the strongest.

Generation 3 is probably the hardest generation to break down in terms of Pokémon that can be considered to be the strongest. In order to accomplish this goal it is very fundamental to take a look at the stats of each starter. The first starter that we are going to take a look is Treecko. Treecko move pool is not the greatest, but better speed in comparison to its counterparts can be the deciding factor why a player will choose Treecko as a starter. However, other stats besides speed have to be considered when deciding which Pokémon is the strongest of the region.

When generation 3 was introduced the player was not aware that the creators of the game would include a second type to a Pokémon's evolution. For instance , if the player chooses the water or fire starters it will include a second element to their final evolutions. As I mention before I am firm believer that speed can be the deciding factor to win a battle, but if you can add a second type advantage on your starter Pokémon it can make winning battles easier. If I have to decide which starter is the strongest in this category it will be a tie between the fire and water starters since both Torchic and Mudkip are very powerful in their last evolution. With that being said generation 3 starters are very strong in their own way and it is hard to determine which is the strongest in this particular region. We will see if we can determine which Pokémon is the strongest in generation 4

Turtwig's Evolution

Fire vs Grass

Following the adventures of Hoenn, players of the Pokémon franchise embarked on a new journey and came across newer and stronger Pokémon. With the introduction of Diamond and Pearl in late 2006, the player once again had the option of choosing between a fire starter, grass starter and a water starter. Even though the original mechanics of the game was still intact the players came across a brand new set of starters. I will break down on what starters I believe can be considered the strongest.

When choosing a starter there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, which is no different when deciding on what starter to pick in the Sinnoh region. In the earlier generations of the game I was believed that grass Pokémon were considered to be the weakest, which I realized it was not the case for Generation 3 and 4. In generation 4 the player has the option of choosing Turtwig that will eventually will become a Torterra at level 32 which can be very useful in your journey. Once your Turtwig involves to Torterra it will include a ground type to its evolution which can make Turtwig the best starter for the region. Even though, Turtwig will become a dual type in its evolution chart, is it better than Chimchar the fire type.

There are a lot of reasons players may believe that Chimchar is the strongest starter of Generation 4. Going through Chimchar base stats, the player will notice some notable stats in speed, special attack and attack which is better than its counterparts and it will only get better as Chimchar evolves. Chimchar will become a dual type by its second evolution just like Turtwig, but if the player is not willing to have a fire/fighting combination then Turtwig might be the best option for you. By reaching that dual type Chimchar can be unstoppable just like Turtwig, but some of its defense stats will make Chimchar weaker to more types than Turtwig. In other words, Turtwig is stronger than Chimchar because there is a more of a balance in its base stats. There you have it Charizard is stronger in the Kanto region, Torchic and Treecko are equally powerful in the Hoenn region, and Turtwig is a more balanced powerful in the Sinnoh region. Thanks for reading.

Stronger Generation

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