5 Mistakes a Skyrim Noob Usually Makes

Updated on August 13, 2018

Skyrim: A World Within a Province

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is arguably one of the best, if not the greatest, open-world RPG's ever made. The game is stuffed with culture and lore of the world of Tamriel. There's so much information about this world that there are over two hundred readable books on the subject, not to mention all the notes you'll pick up through gameplay. Also, if you include the three DLC's, the game has a total game time of 100+ hours!

But if you're new to the game, follow these five tips to avoid playing like the noob you are.

1. Don't Pick up Anything and Everything

It's perfectly normal to think that a wooden bowl will earn you a few gold coins at a shop. After all, you need coins to buy armor and weapons to keep your butt alive. But keep in mind that the items you pick up won't sell for the same value it says it is. This is mostly because of your lack of the speech skill at this point, which influences the prices of goods. Yet the main reason you shouldn't pick up everything you see is to preserve your precious carrying capacity. You'll find out later in the game why it's important to conserve it when you have to decide between which items to drop and which to pick up.

2. Don't Go Around Trying to Pickpocket Guards (Yet)

I've had my fair share of run-ins with the local law enforcement in the beginning because I was over-confident with my meagre pickpocketing skills. This often cost me my hard "earned" items and money and resulted in a few trips to jail, which was not an ideal way to start the game.

3. Don't Make a Separate Save Every Time You Save the Game

Not only will you drown in saved game files, you'll increase the chances of corrupting your game and losing your progress. This especially applies for Xbox 360 players.

Quick Tip

If you're playing the game on Xbox 360, you should take care of it like it's a baby. Since the game is so huge, the game disc is prone to stop reading randomly because of how sensitive it is. If your game won't load or the disc won't read, you'll have to take it for a buff and shine to solve the problem. I'd recommend taking it to your local DVD shop for servicing.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Armor Rating

Are you wondering why you're having such a hard time surviving a duel against a skeever? Check your armor rating. In the beginning, your health will be extremely weak and a good set of somewhat cheap armor can remedy this. The higher the armor's rating, the better protection you have. If you're struggling to see which armor is the best, the game usually marks armor ratings with a small arrow on the right side of the item's name.

5. Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Don't think you can handle a six foot giant on your own or without a proper weapon! One hit and you'll be soaring through the sky. This advice comes from personal experience: if raiding a cave full of bandits turns out to be harder than you thought, it's better to just turn around and find something else to do. There's no point in being stubborn and wasting your time.

That concludes my top five tips for Skyrim newcomers. Think I missed something? Let me know in the comments down below.

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